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💁🏼‍♀️: @atnadiamondx

Photographer @spiderfly.go

“Tied Up”
Photography & Digital Imaging
-This is my modeling but not my photography or digital imaging. I went to a professional lighting & photography studio with a fellow student and did a shoot with her. It was fun but strange because there were people walking around the place working, it was in a warehouse type building with several areas like this set up, no dividers or modesty curtains. That type of setup might have made a person back out. If nude modeling for your peers were a course requirement I’d have gotten an A for active participation. She gave me this matted & framed image as a thank you.
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Emoji nudes 🙃

Model: @molly_paisley

So the instagram police have been out and deleted a few of my photos so let’s see if this works

Model: @molly_paisley

Vegan booty dimples 🍑 I love nude modeling so much. I always feel free and liberated every time I shoot nude or pose for a figure drawing class. Believe it or not, nude modeling has helped me get more comfortable and confident in my body. I've got stretch marks, one boob is wayyyyy bigger than the other (I know most women have the same experience, but mine is quite strikingly obvious and noticeable lol) and I have so so so so many scars and dark marks it's not even funny. But I learned to accept all that through forcing myself to bare it all. Id recommend nude modeling especially in drawing classes, for anyone who wants to break out of their shell & try something new ❤️
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