My previous post was deleted by Instagram, even though I had covered my nipples and followed the instagram rules, so I covered them even more with a "loving you" sticker. Are you happy now instagram? Anyway in my previous post, I wrote that I can honest tell everyone that I dont have any sex life and I dont give my body to any man. The reason for this is because I am super aware of the energies of others, and I am consciousness, so I can’t exchange energies with someone who is not in the same dimension as me and I dont feel like a human. I am very spritual of me and this is just how I am, and I love nudity in a artistic way, not sexual 🌸

Elegance and style ...intuitive model #body_soul_love

🇮🇹 Bye Italy 🇮🇹 ✈️ #newmodeladventures

Slinky sexy sensual soft ....an eye for detail...before it gets lost

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