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Hit 100kg on the #squat for the first time today! Let's see how far I can take this. BW:73kg

#gym #progress #sweat #nsuns

450 going up, working my way up to repping out my PRs shout out to @its_twells for the new program that I've been absolutely loving. #NSuns #531 #fitness #for #life

52.5kg x 3.5. Back on the OHP grind after a couple weeks of elbow tendinitis and a recovering wrist injury. ‼️🏋️‍♀️

2013 to 2017... Been a long while
#531 #nsuns #wendler531

Inspired by @tryellup to post a deadlift video. 315x5. 3rd set of 9, last set was a fun 215x18.

#deadlifts #531 #nsuns

405 lbs deadlift AMRAP = 5 #deadlift #nSuns

Arigatou #MasashiKisimoto & friends. Eps. 500, Finally its THE END of #NarutoShippuden (khatam #Naruto)
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Strom 4 juga sudah tamat saya mainin 😂
Thank you for everything 😭, dari naruto kecil sampai menikah tak pernah bolong saya follow this story 😆 total episode : 720 😂
Lepas saya lulus kuliah nanti, saya nak kawin, biar sama seperti naruto 😂 (Gat kowe rung duwe pakwe -_-)
#Boruto ? Ich warte auf diese Erzählung 😂 The #NextGeneration !

#nsuns #ps4 #game #gamer #theend #congratulation #ending #happyending #anime #series #animeseries #uzumakinaruto #hyugahinata #animeending #generation #episode #500 #tamat


Leg day complete! 120lb on deadlift and 70lb front squat 💪

Today, for the first time I'm seeing actual results on my body. I took this photo just because and I was blown away at the progress I've made. I have definition in my arm, shoulder and trap. This has never happened before. It goes to show you what dedication and hard work can do. Almost finished my 6th week straight of nsuns and I'm so excited to see what the next 6 will bring.

YES I FINALLY PRESSED 65 POUNDS!! i look v uncomfortable but it actually wasn't as much of a grind as i thought it would have been. definitely unexpected too.

Another Monday in the bag and day 1 of the xxfitchallenge •
I struggled with my 70lb bench today but made each of the sets. I finished off the workout with another round of C25K and worked up one hell of a sweat.

Very happy with my progress so far! Im confident enough to wear a bikini to the pool or the lake and to take this picture and post it for hundreds of people to see! Do I have stretch marks? You bet! Am I embarrassed by them? No way! If guys can walk around shirtless with beer guts with no shame, then I have nothing to worry about regarding my stripes! .
#progressnotperfection #progresspic #crushinggoals #setgoalsnotlimits #liftingweights #liftheavy #strongmom #trainhard #onerepatatime #workforchange #hstlmade @hstlmade #wearehstlemade #mombodnomore #mombod #sabrinasfitlife #womenwholift #nsuns #strongnotskinny #strongisthenewskinny #muscles

On Sundays we deadlift.... We actually new routine next week puts it on a Friday. Back to double body weight with 162.5Kg for 6. #workout #sunday #weightlossjourney #weekend

a very lopsided 85x2 bench today. i failed this last week, so this makes me happy. sucks because i dumbbell press twice per week, and my left side is noticeably much stronger. this felt really smooth though!

I've become one of those people... ya know , the people that wake up before it's light outside to go to the gym? That was me today! Woke up at 6:30am and got a great workout in before out busy day ahead! I'm not a morning workout person, but I made it happen today because otherwise it would have been a missed day in my lifting program. Gotta make them gains!!! Now a day to enjoy with family!
#morningworkout #amworkout #workout #workoutmotivation #overheadpress #inclinepress #nsuns #gains #muscle #buildmuscle #strongnotskinny #chasinggoals #crushyourgoals #gettingthere #momswithmuscle #strongmom #pushyourself #hstlmade #wearehstlemade @hstlmade

Happy #flexfriday everybody!!
This morning did NOT go as planned, BUT! I had a backup plan and even though there was a little obstacle thrown in the way (a good one, my new @toneitup yoga mat came in super early, which means I get to use it this weekend ☺️) I still got my butt to the gym, did my first official day of #nsuns to get some of my lifts a bit stronger and hold me more accountable (excluding deadlifts because of my back injury)
Felt a great pump after bench press and close grip bench followed by some #curls to get the gunshow growing 💪🏼😉
Love feeling strong and how it mentally makes me feel as well -
Note to self: create a backup plan in case your original plan fails, so that way you still crush your day and finish the day feeling accomplished!! ✨

190x4 today! VERY ugly first rep, but i think i did a slightly better job in the final 3 reps at staying tighter. still trying to fix that slight lower back rounding. im learning how to properly brace, and i think that has made a difference here. i think this is a lifetime rep pr.

Today's workout was full of discover. I discovered my quads, my shoulder and biceps, and that I know what I'm doing. I felt confident in each lift today that I could crush it. •
Deadlifted 110lbs today and front squatted 60lbs 💪

Seeing results is amazing and very inspiring. I'm excited to see what else my body is capable of!

Living so close to the border can definitely have some perks. First time purchasing Halo Top and I'm already in love 😍

Had a great shoulders and back workout today, again, with the beautiful @aliciafitnessjourney My arms are jello and definitely protested as I rode the motorcycle home. •
Looking forward to another powerful and tough workout tomorrow!

Anyone with shorter legs wanna trade? Lol. 95# x4 front squats from today. This was my third set with varying reps at the same weight. I want this to be not as heavy anymore because it's not even 100 lbs kthx. Weight on the bars is going up slowly but surely though.. it's just a matter of time and MOAR FRONT SQUATS.

#frontsquats #allthefrontsquats #squats #girlswholift #deathbyfrontsquats #meep #nsuns

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