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So, I had my photoshoot at #NPR yesterday - the photo intern crushed it; I feel like a model!#nprinterns

This is my view every morning when I walk past the Code Switch intern @amewicka (AKA Ericka Guevarra). Some fun facts about Ericka: 1. Her dream is to be summoned for jury duty. 2. She's never seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off and she doesn't think she regrets it. 3. She eats apple cinnamon oatmeal every morning. ❤️ @rubywallau #NPRLife #NPRInterns

Illustration Intern @chelseabeck.psd and News App @britrenee_ star pretend to be the hosts of a podcast about post-internship life titled "Poor01k" from inside of the visuals studio. Chelsea is excellent at riding the unicycle and is disappointed by the lack of mom and pop scoop shops in D.C. Brittany is wearing a sweatshirt that says "Team Natural" and has been rocking natural hair for six years now. ❤️ @rubywallau #NPRLife #NPRInterns

That's all folks! ✌🏽I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of NPR Berlin intern life. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram: @AmeetaG 📸: @mariancaa #NPRinterns #NPRlife .
From NPR in Washington, I'm Ameeta Ganatra.
:micdrop: (JK not really because they're expensive 😬)

From NPR in Washington, this is the the 2017 Winter/Spring Intern Class: Freshman vs. Senior year. I've had many memories with these wonderful human beings. You're looking at a group of intelligent, ambitious, creative, and determined individuals. I've learned so much being around them. Okay, I'll stop now before I start crying. 😭 Much love to everyone! ❤️#NPRinterns #NPRlife #NPR

Today was a cloudy and rainy day in DC. This was posted in our kitchen area today and it made my day. Clearly, we take pride in our mugs. ☕️ My favorite is a Leslie Knope mug that lives somewhere on the third floor. One of our education reporters has a Dr. Who mug. Can you guess who? -@maylinares #nprlife #nprinterns

So much art. So happy. - @girl.fiend 📸✨🎨 #nprinterns #nprlife #thingstodoindc #nationalgallery

Happy Friday! 👻 Watch Steve Mullis host @NPR's Snapchat quiz 'Know Your Stuff' as @laurarom95 and @hugorojo compete for this weeks title 🏆. -- @pollyirungu, SM desk intern. 🤳🏾 #NPRInterns #NPRLife

👋🏼 @laurenzill takeover: One project I work on is the 'Faces Of NPR' articles for @NPRExtra. Tat'yana (the corporate comms intern) and I produce one article every week that gives a behind the scenes look of what people do at NPR. I love this project because I get to meet people from all different departments, learn about what they do, how they keep NPR going, and their favorite #nprlife moments. I also get to use my photography skills 📸 check out our newest article: *link in bio* #NPRinterns #nprlife


Live from NPR...

Upside: I have really great posture now #nprinterns #howdoyousitonthis

Thanks for following along! That's it for me — I'm going to make room for another intern to take over the account next week. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @thealexhanson and reach out if you have any questions about the internship program.

Also! Deadline for the Fall internship program is this Sunday. Apply if you want a great opportunity in Washington!

#nprinterns #NPRlife

Unfortunately, my desk isn't quite as decorated as other interns, but you can always find these things laying around somewhere:
-Dr. Pepper
-Wallet and Keys thrown somewhere
-An old school Sony Walkman AM/FM radio
-That wonderful NPR badge

#NPRlife #nprinterns

I may prefer my much smaller college town in Iowa, but so much to do during the summer in Washington! Just a few highlights: 2017 Congressional Baseball Game, exploring museums and monuments and the Washington Memorial Day parade from May.

You can follow my personal account for more - @thealexhanson
#nprinterns #nprlife #washingtondc

Welcome to my workstation! I spend a big chunk of my day editing audio – mostly daily and weekly show promos that air on our Sirius XM channel. I take promos for a ton of shows (Here & Now, Fresh Air, Marketplace, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! to name a few), adjust levels and add a local tag. You've probably heard this on your member station promoting a national show with a local air time or host.

I also have a hand in creating other promotional material that airs on our channels – here I'm creating a promo from scratch that highlights NPR's top of the hour newscasts.

Any questions on how these come together or other questions about things you hear on NPR? Let me know! - @thealexhanson
#nprinterns #nprlife #publicradio

Howdy, folks! I’m Alex, an NPR programming intern. I'm taking control of @nprinterns for the next two days!
A bit about my internship: Each day I do work to support NPR’s satellite radio channel on Sirius XM, NPR Worldwide and NPR on the Armed Forces Network. Most days I do a lot of production and help manage an automation system. Throughout the summer I've also helped update a lot of the underwriting and promos that air on our streams.

TL;DR - I help run three radio stations.

Also a little about me: I'm originally from Bettendorf, Iowa. I go to Iowa State University and moved to Washington, D.C. for the summer after several years working at Iowa Public Radio.

I hope you can follow along while I show you some of the work I do each day. Feel free to ask any questions along the way! - @thealexhanson

#nprinterns #nprlife #publicradio #washingtondc

Christianna Silva here - cat obsessed digital news intern from rural Arizona. 😻I just graduated from @uarizona (#BearDown and #BeatASU) where I spent four years eating Mexican food and hanging out at @hotelcongress. I'll be taking over the instagram for the next two days, but follow me @christianna_j for a regular supply of memes and up-close-and-personal pics of my bangs. ✨ #wemakenpr #nprlife #nprinterns

Good morning! ☀️ Starting my day off right with a cup of G Street coffee ☕️ (courtesy of NPR) and a full inbox ✉️ Looking forward to a busy & exciting week ahead! #nprlife #nprinterns

Hello!! 👋🏼 My name is Grace, and I'll be taking over the Instagram through Monday! At NPR, you can find me in the Marketing, Branding, & Communications Division or leading tour groups around the building ✨ I also give college tours and spend the rest of my free time producing theatrical productions and attempting to double major in two completely unrelated subjects! I grew up listening to NPR on family road trips, and I can't wait to share my NPR experience with all of you 🎙#nprinterns #nprlife

It's not all fun and games and puppets at ATC. At the end of each work day, I get to hear the final product of some of my research, booking and mixing on our program. Here's just a small part of our team (peep our host Kelly McEvers on the monitor in the upper left. Did you know she does her job all the way from Culver City, California?) Anyways, that's all I got for y'all! Be sure to tune in to All Things Considered on your local member station and feel free to follow me on Twitter @ lee_mengi! 👋🏾 --@leemengi #nprlife #nprinterns

Good afternoon, friends! Today's motivation comes from Weekend All Things Considered host Michel Martin, quoting the late politician Shirley Chisholm. I pass this sign multiple times a day and it always reminds me who I do this for: you! --@leemengi #nprinterns #nprlife

👋🏾Hey there! I'm Lee, one of the @npratc interns. I'm Virginia-born (703 forever), Kentucky-raised (just graduated from UK--go Cats 👌🏾) and California-bound (heading to UC Berkeley for my master's in journalism). When I'm not at work you can catch me sleepily watching documentaries in bed (have y'all seen the GLOW doc on Netflix?) or driving around D.C. with the other interns looking for parking. And as you can probably tell, I love parentheses. Follow me on twitter @ lee_mengi and hit these DMs with some Qs! #NPRLife #nprinterns

#NPRlife means watching fireworks from our fourth floor terrace 🎆 Happy 4th of July, everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing holiday 🇺🇸 this is @liamjamesphoto signing off ✌🏻 thanks for following along ✨ #nprinterns

Another way I've been enjoying D.C. during my internship is just exploring my own neighborhood on foot. I've been trying to take a walk every other day in the evenings! Here are some neighborhood scenes I've come across - @liamjamesphoto #nprlife #nprinterns

Being a summer intern means using your weekends to explore all that D.C. has to offer! One of my roommates dropped some true ~wisdom~ on me & suggested I check out the national monuments at night, so this past weekend I hopped on my bike and did just that. Less people + not as hot = highly recommend ✨ omg #JustTouristThings ✨- @liamjamesphoto #nprlife #nprinterns

DESK TOUR ! This is where the magic happens folks, welcome. As the Photo Editing Intern, it is my job to help out the NPR Visuals Team, working together and collaborating with other parts of the newsroom to coordinate all of the visuals you see populated on NPR’s digital platforms. My days are also spent doing an eclectic variety of tasks, such as shooting the Tiny Desk Concerts, photographing the covers of books that are being reviewed, and sometimes I even have the opportunity to shoot assignments local to D.C. Here are some details of my workspace decorations/clutter, which I definitely did NOT clean and stylize for this Instagram post 👀 - @liamjamesphoto #nprinterns #nprlife

Hello friends 👋🏻 !! Liam here (@liamjamesphoto) – I’m the current Photo Editing Intern at @npr + a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota’s journalism school. I am born, raised, educated, all that, in glorious Minnesota, which means I say things like “you betcha!” and call soda, “pop” 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ideally, you will find me either frolicking around a National Park with my camera, or in line at Chipotle. Things I’m really into right now: my bike, the 🤔emoji, French Bulldogs and the new @sup3rfruit EP. Wanna go on a road trip? ok. I’ll be taking over this Instagram account today & tomorrow and am excited to give ya’ll a lil slice of what a day in the life at NPR is like ✨ I’ll be responding to comments & DMs, so feel free to ask questions, say hey, whatever ya want ✌🏻#nprlife #nprinterns

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