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Thanks @nprinterns for attending RAD training sessions. You’re off to an excellent start! If you didn’t make it to an intern-specific session, have no fear⛔️😱! We offer periodic training sessions for @NPR employees, covering topics such as navigating our in-house digital archive of audio and transcripts 🏹, searching public records 🔍, locating historic newspaper articles 📰, figuring out how to pronounce a name 🗣, and more. We look forward to working with you!✨
#nprinterns #nprtraining #RADartemis #researchtools #informationliteracy #nprrad #nprlife 📷/ Wanyu Zhang

It's only day one, but a girl can dream #NPRinterns

Someone pinch me. #nprinterns

After hosting ‘All Things Considered’ for 30 years, and spending 40 years at NPR overall, Robert Siegel is retiring. I photographed a segment about a specialty cocktail that was created in honor of his send-off! Check it out at npr.org 🙂🍸 #nprinterns #npr #whypublicradio #jennasternerphoto #jennasternerart #photography #washingtondc #dcphotography #makeart

Mitch Clem, audio reformatting intern: “My biggest takeaways from my internship with @npr RAD are to be open and not doubt myself, because you never know what you might learn. I’m seriously amazed at how much I learned during my time here.” 📷 @wanyuohyeah #nprinterns #nprlife #audiophile #audiovisual #beasponge

Mackenzie Roberts, audio reformatting intern: "The best takeaways from my internship with the @npr RAD team have been helping to preserve NPR history, being a part of an innovative team and the copious amount of free flowing coffee. I also loved hearing voices of the past tell their stories again.” 📷 by Shelby Burns #nprinterns #nprlife #nprhistory #audiovisual #coffee

Sarah Wilson, public history intern: “My best takeaway from my internship @npr RAD is the realization that coming to work everyday is easy when you work with people who truly care about what they do. I knew I would love conducting oral history interviews with journalists in the most incredible recording studio I’ve ever seen, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy going to meetings, collaborating on social media projects and sharing research discoveries with everyone on the RAD team. Here’s me with Julie Rogers, the NPR Historian, on the way to visit the NPR collection @hornbakelibrary @univofmaryland !” 📷 @wanyuohyeah #nprinterns #nprlife #nprhistory #oralhistory #publicradio

Last might was magical ✨The NPR Music 10th Anniversary Concert was filled with stunning acts including @tankandthebangas @gaby_moreno @missmargoprice @bilalmusic and @blackthought who filled the stage with their boundless energy and talent! I am so grateful that I shared this night with many wonderful #nprinterns many of whom worked so hard putting this night together! #nprmusic #nprmusic10

I really believe in the power of building relationships. Earlier in the internship, I reached out to Tom Gjelten, the Religion & Belief Correspondent at NPR. We had an immensely engaging conversation, and I ended up helping him produce a piece on the Museum of the Bible that just opened in D.C. He also designated a section of his bookshelf as his "Rachel Shelf," and every once in a while I come by his desk and pick up books he puts there that he thinks I'd find interesting. #nprlife #nprinterns

So...what exactly do I do as an Institutional Giving intern? To be honest, it can vary based on the needs of the front-line fundraisers. I've done everything from reviewing grants and proposals to adding details to our donor database. Some highlights have been researching funders for an NPR Books initiative and one of NPR's acquired podcasts, and actually producing a podcast about development with two members of the team! #nprinterns #nprlife

One of my favorite parts of NPR? The gym! Exercise is a great opportunity for a break in my day or rejuvenation after work! #nprinterns #nprlife

There are about 2 million U.S. military veteran who are women. @issybellmarie and I spoke to a handful about their experiences in service. For @npr / @nprviz #veteransday #nprinterns #nprlife

alright so I’ve successfully bothered all of my coworkers at the arts desk with this post! I’m off y’all- thanks for sticking with me & getting to know a little bit about our incredibly talented arts desk!! you can catch a listen of me playing piano on the next hidden brain podcast coming out on Monday or catch me at work at @blackcatdc tonight or even @craftybastards this weekend. later, nerds! -@soholyithurts #nprlife #nprinterns

former arts desk intern, Sydnee Monday, busy at work! she’s now temping for NPR and doing great things- she’s taught me everything I know and I am so grateful to have her around the office. she’s currently working on a digital build about annotated African American folk tales and transforming it from a radio piece to a digital web piece! @sydneemonday meanwhile, I’m working on the digital builds for our movie reviews coming out next week - btw check out my bday wish to Neil Gaiman on nprbooks.tumblr.com! -@soholyithurts #nprlife #nprinterns

yesterday’s tiny desk concert reduced me to tears. John Prine’s music has been a part of my life since I can remember (shoutout to my mama!) and it was such an honor to see him perform so intimately and with such humor. unpopular opinion but my favorite album is fair & square from 2005. look out for his new album coming in 2018!! I called my mom during the performance so she could listen ... 😭💕 thank you @miss_ctan_ for the photo! -@soholyithurts #nprlife #nprinterns #nprtinydesk

Andrew Limbong (arts desk producer) and who is that? It’s Susan Stamberg! the arts desk intern actually spends a lot of time with Susan. today we edited and tracked a piece with her today: her famous cranberry relish! just in time for thanksgiving. I’m currently working producing the piece and I promise it’s completely adorable. it comes out next week. inside scoop: before tracking commenced we had to make sure Susan took off her earrings because the mic was picking up the sound of them moving!! -@soholyithurts #nprlife #nprinterns

what a mess! this is what our table has liked about a month (until I cleared it off just recently! yikes!) but we get a huge shipment of books every day and I need to make sure I organize them by month and then relinquish them to their correct shelf. we tend to get multiple copies of books which means we get a LOT of free books- we scatter these around the building, spreading the joy, so everyone can check out what’s happening in book news. -@soholyithurts #nprlife #nprinterns

here’s my desk! I brought a bunch of photos of my family to make my desk seem a little more like home. also, working the arts desk I come across a lot of books meaning my collection is huge! my house (& even under my desk) is scattered with all kinds of books. call me the book wench! 🕸🌛📚-@soholyithurts #nprlife #nprinterns

hey, hey, hey! Arts Desk intern here. my name is Holly Herzfeld and I’m taking over our Instagram for the rest of the week! (I love hacking into the mainframe) I’m a native of dc, studied dance & psych at bard college, and now I’m here at the arts desk! & if you’re wondering how the heck I ended up at NPR, I was the general director of my college radio station - shoutout WXBC !! plus I just love public radio bc it truly is the eighth wonder of the world. anyway, follow me around for a couple days and be sure to check out my horribly curated personal account @soholyithurts. feel free to send questions & queries, I’m here for ya! #nprinterns #nprlife

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