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Good Morning Friends 🤗 I just wanted to thank you all for all of your support. Not sure how often people do this on here but you should all know! :) you guys are amazing!!! Have a great week! #summerchallenge #summer #thankyou #femalemotivation #bikini #npc2017 #npc #bikiniprep #bikinigirls #shredzwomen #shredzambassador #shredz #teamjordanke #joinmychallenge #linkinbio

I dare you to sleep @mrolympiallc #12weeksout

I'm proud and honored to lead so many women world wide especially the strong women from the Middle East who decided to change their lives with a stronger body and mind. I'm proud of every single woman with discipline who badly wants to change her life. This is one of my client's progress in 10 weeks ❤️#onlinetrainer #personaltrainer #coach #trainer #progress
من به تجربه و علم بدنسازيم با وجدان كاري بالا براي هدايت شاگردان خصوصيم اعتقاد قلبي دارم، چون بيش از بيست سال مشغول مربي گري خصوصي و بيش از ده سال به صورت بين المللي، و تجربه كار با خانواده سلطنتي و افراد سرشناس و معروف رو دارم. به تك تك شاگردان عزيزم كه با دقت و جديت برنامه تمريني من رو دنبال مي كنند و مدام تقلب و بهانه جويي نمي كنند افتخار مي كنم. اين افراد با پشتكار و سختكوشي روزانه و هدايت بنده نتيجه بالاي ذهني، سلامتي و فيزيكي رو دارن به خوبي مي بينن.
اين تصوير نتيجه ١٠ هفته اي يكي از شاگردانم در لوس أنجلس آمریکا هست كه اخيراً تصميم به مسابقه بدنسازي در شاخه بكيني دارن .
خود دوست و مثبت انديش باشيد، همه چيز در ذهن شماست❤️
👉🏽Jarrahhoda@gmail.com 📩💌 لطفا فقط به بنده ايميل بفرستيد، متاسفانه زمان ديدن دايركت ندارم. با سپاس🌹

Amando el verano y mi bronceado☀️😍

Made it home safe n' sound with a 2nd place finish from the @wingsofstrength #greatergulfstates show! Big thanks to everyone who took part in the show, competitors, staff and audience alike. The opportunity to grace the stage is always an honor! Quick clip of my Individual pre-judging presentation, still waiting on pics but ya'll know I'll be posting as soon as they surface! 😘☺️🙏🏽_____________________

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💪🏼Tag your workout partner

I know I post a lot of bicep workouts but that's mainly just because I constantly get asked how to make them grow. Here is a highlight of my arm workout this past weekend. Give it a try during your next arm day! #vegunz ➡️Incline DB curls
➡️EZ bar spider curls
➡️Single arm cable curls
➡️Rope curls
➡️3 sets of 10-15
➡️1 drop set

✨Happy Monday you beautiful people! ✨
Felt so good to reach my goal of being photoshoot ready. I chose not to compete this year so I could put ALL of my focus into business growth, but I figured setting a goal of being ready for a shoot would help keep me motivated ☺️💕I'm so happy I did this, I proved to myself I could maintain balance, push myself and still enjoy life.🌼SO MUCH so I ALMOST got some serious Stage FOMO and half contemplated hitting NA's because of how happy I was with this whole process.😬BUT I snapped out of it quickly lol. No means NO Mindy😜
•More of my journey on finding balance on YT 🎥Mindy Harley
• 👻MindyKaruk
Photographer || @paulbuceta || HMUA @monicakalra || Location The Woodlands TX ||
BTS @lacybrownfit || ___
#bunfuckwithable #iamrocksolid #findyourselfapaul

#Repost @johnbradleys_bb_npc (@get_repost)
#throwback , since this pic I have had two back to back bicep surgeries and been out of the gym for a year ! As of two weeks ago I have started back and according to the scale I didn't lose much so I should be getting bigger than ever especially on my coaches @armonadibi83 diet! Watch out NPC I'm coming for you again ...will 2018 be my year ? #npc #texas #ifbb #ifbb212 #nationals #procard

Client Progress💪🏼
So proud of this girl right here! 2.5 weeks ago Erica came to me after just competing looking to improve her physique going into Nationals 3.5 weeks later.
Here is her progress a couple weeks into our time working together! She had good muscle size, and needed to tighten up her lower body and pull in the conditioning. Our focus has been on tightening up her hamstrings and bringing more defined, fuller glutes. I increased her food intake and created a workout program to take emphasis off her quads and keep the focus on her glutes/hamstrings. So excited to see her final look next weekend!🙌🏼
Yes, I coach competition clients but I also coach lifestyle clients. Whether you're looking step on stage or just want to be confident/feel good for everyday life - I would love to create a plan to get the results you're looking for. Email me to get started on your best self!


Had a great weekend hanging out with my two kids lol #bikini #annalevel #workhard #pose #npc #ifbb #westpalmbeach #muscle #gettingitin

My journey will always continue, there is no end! The greatest feeling is waking up everyday with a new beginning and knowing everything i want is there for the taking.
#striveforgreatness #classicphysique #ifbb #npc #pittsburghkid #masswithclass #aestheticsovereverything #myjourney

Filtered because pale bodybuilders in the offseason look like shit #fitfam #muscle #npc #bodybuilder #fitness #ifbb #powerlifter #powerlifting #bodybuilding

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#EXCLUSIVE from @ant_woodz and he's #5daysOut from the @musclesportproduction #SanJosePro ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
For the latest on the IFBB Pro athletes
FOLLOW 👉🏻 @mensphysiquenews
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#MondayMotivation we don't always get the result we want, or felt as though we have earned. But thats what fuels a champion to get right back to the drawing board and hit it even harder than before. Although I earned my Nationals Qualification, I was far from satisfied with a 2nd place finish. Been working harder and staying more focused than ever rebounding off of this show, so by this time next year, all of the adjustments that need to be made have been dealt with, and there will be no doubt who the last man standing will be. Back to work.

It's a well known fact that all you need to take over the 🌎 is... @bpi_sports_uk on your side and Superman trainers... 🤓 I don't care how old you are... Superhero trainers will make you feel invincible! 💪🏽💙 for 40% off and Free delivery use code 'CAN40' at the checkout! 💙💙💙

Win.Each.Day #MotivationMonday
110% Dedication 😩 3 Hours Out from Stage
75% Dedication 🙄Yesterday
Talked with a guy as i was changing after cardio and he said "Man I'm working to look like you man, very inspiring bro"
I wanted to be like mannnn i been lazy, off my diet, blahhh blah blah, but for once i was able to simply say "Thanks Man" and gave some motivation and tips.
Whenever us as competitors complain about weight gain, not liking current physique, its not a knock to others, but mentally we only, at times, think looking good for us is the left pic. I like my 210 Frame, but of course that 185lbs frame have me feeling myself 😂🤣
At the end of the day, just love the person in the mirror, the difference between the 2 is enjoying abs with asparagus and lean white meats or enjoying IHOP Krispy Kreme and Five Daughters, thats true happiness 😂🤣
#UntamedFitness #MeVsMe #EarnedNotGiven #Dedication #Disipline #Motivation #Hardwork #BestIsYetToCome #npc #Mensphysique #npcbikini #GorillaWarfareFitness #CompleteNutritionMurfreesboro #WhyNot #HustleHart #MoveWithHart #ImprovementSeason #Progress

It's Monday!! Start your week off with us!! We have class at 6pm & 7pm! If you love it then become a member!! See you soon!!

When I was interviewed for the @npcnewsonlineofficialpage I was asked about my legs. They were amazed on 1st, it being my first bodybuilding competition and 2nd, the MF'N Wheels!! Lol. Even though they're my strong point, I'm not going to back off on giving them that Work! Oh, And More MF'N Work Got Done!
#legday #wheels #motivationmonday #fitnessmotivation #liftheavy #fuckaverage #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #fitfam #npc #sandiegofitness

While I am struggling accepting how I look these days, the booty gains are the one thing I'm appreciating.
I've had a horrible cold since last Wednesday. I'm still getting over it, but yesterday I got back in the gym.
Today I did hamstrings and cardio. I forgot my Bluetooth headphones...I won't lie, I struggled 😂 those babies are a life saver. Tomorrow I'll push myself harder with cardio when I don't have the pesky cord in the way. But still I got a good burn and sweat on.
Today is the start of my last week of my first summer class. Big push to finish strong 👊🏻
Let's make this a good week people

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