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When I think back I remember the times with the three of us, and so it was a profound moment sitting next to @ohitzlawrence and watching our old friend in her gown dance with her dad and then with her husband. It was such a dazzling intimate wedding. Congratulations @tesiahsieh & David! #hsiehkimbake #wedding #imsick #noyourenot

If your not wearing a bucket hat are you really fishing? #noyourenot #buckethatsforthefish

Am I still in Cali? #noyourenot

I'm learning to be a "go with the flow" kind of person. You know, the kind that just laughs at everything. The kind that get out of the car when you get it stuck in a ditch and picks some wildflowers and laughs about it all in the moment. And it makes life so much more fun!!! (Full disclosure: I still am not a go with the flow person most of the time but this week I tried it on and I liked it so I'm working on making that a more permanent thing by the grace of God. Will keep you posted.) #MoreWildflowers #AreYouShocked? #NoYoureNot

Someone's turning the handle to the faucet in your eyes

My face when bae says he's leaving tomorrow #noyourenot

Stella Rose❤️🌹

- T H E P A N G G A N G  T R O O P E R S -

About 10 days ago, I started a journey with other volunteers to Panggang Island, one of islands in Kepulauan Seribu for about 5 days (21-25 October)

These are just a few of snapshots captured during the moments

The next us, is there.

Doctor, police, nurse, firefighter, writer, singer, geologist, biologist, designer, journalist, professor, inventor, manager, CEO, pilot, IT developer, artist, athlete, director, content creator, vlogger, cinematography, instrumentalist, musician, and every role that you live now, it could be in them.

Then who are we?
a bounce of people, united in differences. Too much differences till I can't mention it one by one. Ages, religion, educational background, jobs, even city and home. Till time goes by, and proceed us into a journey. Not long, not too though, but surely memorable.

And BOOM! We're bound! I don't know how and why, we're kind of attached easily. At least that's what we feel.

Various kind of reasons bring us there. Some said it's their call of duty. Some said it's their job, and passion to be the social practitioner , some said they want to continue and expand from previous similar activities. And in other hands they just looking for experiences.
Me? I'm just nothing compared to those big reasons.

Besides I love kids (hahahaha 'so basic' ceunah XD ), I love traveling, I just randomly try and let myself drown and stream into anything that could bring me, in the beginning.

I never teached anything before.
I never went to any island before.
And I'm not that big musician that deserve to called as music teacher.
And as the time goes by, especially on the d-day, I must admit, that I'm impressed. I'm surprised. Or how should I call it? Inspired?
I'm inspired by their personality, by their point of view, their efforts, creativities.
I'm inspired by the children.
By the community.
By the nature.
I'm inspired by us.

We are not inspirators.
We are not motivators.
We are not the experts.
We just giving hearts and try to encourage those kids, not for us, but for the better living.
We are the panggang troopers.
We are KIJP🌱

Thank you everyone.Let's do it again :)


I am the walruss
#noyourenot #gugugachu

Am I still in Cali? #noyourenot

Are you ready for it?

Hump day ✌️

My children are amazing. #thanksgiving #noyourenot

Happy T👅T furiends! Hope you all had a great day so far!! 😜😜😜
💚#tucker #tot #tongueouttuesday #imcuterthansassy #noyourenot #siblingrivalry #shihpoo #ilovemyshihtzus #adoptdontshop #woofpackbros 🥓
🍖 Pawtners tagged~@peanutthederpdog @kmc.dogandcats @skythefloof

"Look I'm helping you do laundry." #noyourenot #givethoseback #howiseepc

You know what, Susan, if you're going to complain about the restaurant I chose then we'll just go home #imupforanything #noyourenot #☺️📸:@twilightbarkuk Shopping >>> https://www.sunfrog.com/Poise/dachshundloverspage
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