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Happy birthday boo 🎉❤️️
#girlfriend #birthday #noyolo

#TBT to when I spent my Saturdays helping teach EMT students by pretending to be stabbed. #AlwaysAVictim #NOYOLO #IHaveDiedSoManyTimes #EMT

Mine ❤️️
#mylove #noyolo

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
‭‭John‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ #eternity, #noyolo, #life, #Jesus

Sometimes Los Angeles breaks my heart. #notblessed #notgrateful #noyolo

In my next life I want to be reborn as Mariah #mariahcarey #willsmith #reincarnation #noyolo


…A rare selfie. I took this shot right after I cried.. a beautifully painful, blissful cry of several emotions converging and making love, wanting to surface with such sweet surrender and acceptance. Why do I post this? With always a strong pull in my heart to be more real with people, I increasingly allow myself to do so. A quick explanation of my nature before explaining further: Being a Pisces is a dream come true. I love experiencing emotions to this depth, feeling such curiosity in the deeper meaning of life, exploring the ends and beginnings and everything in between of spiritual existence and celebrating and fighting for the freedom and favorability of doing so, desiring and appreciating the absolute perfection in diversity and uniqueness of every single soul and expression of ethnicity and gender and will and viewpoint, immersing myself in the constant stream of music always playing in my mind, having a passionate love of love for the sake of its euphoria, and constantly revolting against modern society because of my desire for humanity to continually realize its greater purpose. I feel like being a Pisces is the greatest way I could ever encounter all that life offers. I feel like Id never want any other Zodiac immersion in my future lives, and yet I realize that this archetype is within us all, just as all experiences are… Ive been finding that allowing more of myself out not only feels relieving and releasing, but it encourages me to dive deeper into myself, opening up places once unimaginable. I find that the basic fears of reserved and condensed, irrational limit are like little knots, that when explored with non-judgment and unraveled, free up channels that lead toward unprecedented spaces within. Places of novel, chilling, and adventurous areas of unexplored territory in my soul and in others. The more I can jolt myself into spontaneity through random acts like posting a picture of myself crying, the more I tend to find myself unexpectedly journeying into rivers of complete bliss and inspiration. And in the end, I believe that I truly give myself a bit further into the art of it all, the expression of the music of my existence (continued below)

We have been warned. Nah I'm not risking for some cool photos. #noyolo

Wanted to go drone with the homie, but this weather blows. #nodronelife #noyolo #thisweathersucks

This is why in this day n age. It ain't about being around everybody. Especially if u don't have ur shit lined up in life the way u desire too. It ain't about all that wack shit. That matrix pumping shit. It's probably fun and all but only on earth. I don't think earth is this last level thou. #noyolo bc u don't know shit. How do u know? Have u graduate 👨‍🎓 yet. No!! Ur still here. Chilling on earth. Ppl r uninformed n not reliable on being trusted. Know ur angels and know ur demons. Oh n it gets tricky too. Not every angel is good n not every demon is bad. Always look for the motivative. U will find ur bread crumbs. #grandrising everyone!!

Sometimes Los Angeles breaks my heart. #notblessed #notgrateful #noyolo

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