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This is a picture of my sister and I. I was off to my year ten dinner dance and we weren't allowed to bring dates. So my sister dressed up and this was one of our many photos that night. There's so many photos I could choose of the two of us (but not many I have access to while travelling). They show so much about our relationship. Like this picture, she was always there for me, for whatever I needed, at any given time. She looked out for me better than anyone has ever looked out for anyone. I was not an easy person to look out for! She always had my best interests at heart, was so protective and wise and also my best friend. I was always happiest when I was with her. She was my big sister, my idol, my confidante, my first friend ever, she loved me so unconditionally. She was my soulmate and she definitely took a piece of my soul and my heart to heaven. But then a piece of her still resides here in my heart and soul. She had two massive travel dreams. To go to New York and to go to an eco community in Scotland. I'm headed to that eco community in Scotland tomorrow and will be there for her birthday. At the end of the year I will go to New York and be there for when she left this world. It's almost unbelievable for me. I know we all lose people close to us. It's a definite part of life. Many of us lose people before their time. I think the grief then changes. Most days you just go on and you live life normally. But there are days, still now, where I can't breathe and the pain is overwhelming. I don't view it as an entirely negative thing. For me, it reminds me how important the people are that you love, and how deeply you can love in life. The memory of my sister also reminds there are so many beautiful people here on earth. My sister had a mental illness and she committed suicide. When I travel, sometimes I'm too open, some would say. But a majority of people out there are really good people. I try never judge a book by its cover. Anyway, story over. The moral is, I miss my sister, but travelling has opened me up to realising some of her dreams and also made me appreciate the beauty of people all over the globe ❤️ 🌎✌️

Haven't played with a landscape for a while. It's time methinks. I'll share the nuance of the dance., and paint it entirely with #freeflow #exploreacrylicpainting #nuance #nowisallthereis @explore.acrylic.painting

So simple just to be. We don't need to do anything. Just to be in this present joy. Thanks for the reminders today! #acim #bepresent #nowisallthereis #love

"☆Great things have no fear of time" - @drwaynedyer 💋 #nowoclock #loveyourcellf #nowisallthereis

Ain't that the #truth, Waylon! @thelizcarey #nowisallthereis #reconize

Ashes to ashes... Today I witnessed a double cremation. The images are so powerful and such a reminder of impermanence. Beautiful, natural and moving.... #celebratelife #today #nowisallthereis #sheroesjourney

Portrait of Kevin O'Hare, Director of The Royal Ballet. The All Seeing Eye!
#roh #hospitalclub ##nowisallthereis #rickguestphoto @vivapomp @nationalportraitgallery @AshleyWoodfield


I'm gonna enjoy the right here and now. Living consciously in the Now. #liveLIFE #bepresent #nowisnow #nowisallthereis #nowwearehere #beherenow #center #enjoythelittlethings #enjoylife

No one can see you, no one can hear you, no one can touch you or see you that does not come from love. Profess it. 💫❤️🙏 #nowisallthereis #bethelight #vibratehigher #fridayvibes

#inverness scenes... #scotland... leaving this beautiful place today... I'm totally that creep now that likes cemeteries 😂 they're just so historical and picturesque here in the uk compared to Australia 😍

The cutest little thing on the boat today #love #inverness #scotland ❤️ @lochnessbyjacobite sorry had to steal a pic of this it's gorgeous ✌️

#gratitude #blessedbe #nowisallthereis #lovethismoment #beautyisallaround #beyourself #messagesfromtheuniverse On the ferry to town, got this lil message, needed the reminder.... I am beautiful inside and out, I am loved and loving and I am enough!!💗🐬💗

#pashmina #meditation #sittingunderanappletree #lovinglife❤ #gifts #beautyisallaround #lovethismoment #nowisallthereis #blessedbe #gratitude A moment to sit under an apple tree, wrapped in the most lovely gift of a pashmina from a friend who just got back from Argentina... it's sooo beautiful and colourful!! She said she knew I loved bright things!!! What a sweetheart!! Thank you Valeria!! I adore it and am very touched!! Life is such a beautiful, sweet transient gift!! Fill it with love peeps and make today count!!💗🦄🌈✨🌍🐬🙏🦋😊💗

Spiritual Awakening 🍃 #NowisAllThereIs #EckhartTolle #iShareQuotes

Sunshine and Saturdays, celebrating birthdays! 🎈

www.eaglesnestint.org - This orphanage was started by a husband and a wife with so much love, passion and vision that there was no room for doubt. This sign hangs in the school in this orphanage. I dig it: "True generosity, regarding the future, means giving your all in the present." ****************************
I cried when I heard a story they told me before meeting these kids. I won't share it. It's too painful and the consequences are not isolated. In a broken justice system places like this are the only sanctuary these kids have. I am so grateful to have seen all of these things here. I am determined, we are determined, however long it takes, to find a way to build an international non-profit that supports justice and brings hope where it's fading. It's not up to the government. It's not up to the "they." There is no more room for blame or doubt. People have power because we give it to them, because we believe they have power. I'm done worshipping broken systems. It's up to us. We have power. @playboldorg #bold #BeyondOurselvesLoveDoes #playbold #livebold #lovebold #believeinsomething #buildit #nowisallthereis #onelife #oneworld #dosomething

Cause you never think the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don't.
#donttakelifeforgranted #everydayisagift #findyourself #happinessislove #nowisallthereis #tomorrowisnotpromised #begratefulalways #loveeeeee #beallhere ✌️

The Illusion of Someday—Without question, I have mastered the neurotic art of worrying about "someday."

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