And they were fast asleep...... #mommyandbaby#nowhereelseidratherbe

We may argue, we don’t always agree but at the end of the day you belong to me💕 #nowhereelseidratherbe #myotherhalf

Storm is here. #nowhereelseidratherbe

YouTube videos and cuddles with my sweet boy! 😍💙 #nowhereelseidratherbe

I hardy ever talk about my husband. I never really say how much he has always supported me. I don’t boast when he sends me motivational messages or calls me to make sure I’m doing okay. He’s blessed to have a super high metabolism and won’t gain a single pound after having a huge binge of junk. Men. 🤷🏽‍♀️ And even though he doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle with the ups and downs of my weight, he doesn’t know what it’s like to be constantly battling the reflection in the mirror, he doesn’t know the amount of will it takes for me to say no to something unhealthy, what he does know is that he has undoubtedly been there for me since day one, Since my first journey. He’s been through my relapse. He’s been through my fad diets. He’s been there at 170 and he’s been there at 240. Not once has he put me down. Not once has he made me feel like I can’t. He’s the best support system I could ever ask for and I will be forever grateful to God for putting him in my life. He puts up with my crazy ideas. He’s the more laid back kind and I’m the strong willed one, yet we complete each other. I’m not saying our relationship is perfect cause who’s is? What I do know is that he has been through it all with me and this wild roller coaster of changes doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Thanks for riding it out with me amor! #appreciationpost #ilovemyhusband #mybackbone #therealestthereeverwas #lifejourney #nowhereelseidratherbe

Perk Alert ! Perk Alert! New perk partner offering Portico residents 10% discount all services !! #portico #sunrisefl #nowhereelseidratherbe #porticohasmore #timetosparkle

Stop waiting. There’s never the perfect time. Take action now. Now is the perfect time!!!

Lunch break! We might as well move in to the studio the next 20 days 🙀 #struttnation #struttfamily #nowhereelseidratherbe (it’s too hot to do anything but dance anyway!)

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