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A little early #transformationtuesday post.. here's to not being sloppy anymore woooooh 🙌🏻👏🏻🏋🏻‍♀️ #wellproportioned #Nowaisttraining #Noteas #Allnatural

Snapback coming slowly but surely #allrealoverhere #nowaisttraining

Happy Sunday people...
This picture I took today reminds me that the when u put in work..be patient for results.. For they'll surely come😊😊😊😊😊😊#applecidervinegar #nowaisttraining #beautiful #eathealthy #homemadebodycleanser 😎😎😎

When The Gym Treating You GOOD 💪🏽 #NoWaistGang #NoWaistTraining #JustHardWork&;Dedication 🤘🏾

cool but far from comfortable #aboutaweekago #nowaisttraining #justwaitonme

#Breakfast on the go 🍊🍋🍎🍑 Day 12 #vegetariandetox #assmaintenance #nowaisttraining 🙅🏿😇 #shelifts fit-girl

Trini Girls Do It Best 😏 #NoWaistTraining #GreenEating #OffToClass

#tbt from one of my struggles to one of my best outcomes. if someone doesn't get you or your journey, that is not your problem. I embarked on my weightloss journey back in 2011 after gaining over 100 lbs during my 1st pregnancy. I was determined to get my body/health back & I did. I regained my health losing 100 lbs in 10 months naturally while recovering from a csection, nursing & caring for my newborn baby girl. I simply utilized my background in dietetics & nutrition, created meal plans, alongside performing various forms of training. in 2013 I joined Ig to share my progress showing how I bounced back with time and consistency. and I'm looking forward to doing the exact same after I deliver and recover with my current pregnancy. no matter the obstacles, keep doing you no matter how long it takes. do your research. get creative. just keep working for it. don't focus on how long it'll take you. and stop looking for a quick fix. if you're serious about your goals, time shouldn't be a factor. and please do not compare yourself to others. it's one thing to be inspired, but to aspire to be like or to have a body like someone else is another thing. embrace yourself. embrace your body. embrace your journey. we all are unique in our own way. we all struggle. we're all flawed. trust yourself. trust & enjoy your process. results will come. but keep in mind, they won't come for free. tap into your mental strength & work for it. prove to no one but yourself that you were able to accomplish your goals. boost your own confidence. be your own motivation. looking at my past progress makes me look forward to my next snapback. fyi, having cellulite does not mean you're unhealthy. and just bcz u don't have it doesn't mean ur healthy either. Ht: 5'7" 💪😤 #cellulite #stretchmarks #stillfabulous #teamnatural #naturalweightloss #fitmom #kekkeish #trustingmyprocess #forlife #motiweightion #motivation #nosleeve #nosurgeries #nolipo #nosteroids #nopills #notummytuck #nowaisttraining #nogimmicks #hardwork #allnatural #toeachtheirown #myjourney #mystory


When it fits like a glove #littleblackdress 😏#nofilter #nowaisttraining needed B!

It's been about a year since I've done any running.
Ran 2 miles, felt as good as it could considering how much I hate running😩. Two weeks in, down 5 pounds and 3.1% body fat.
#checkin #accountability #cardio #nowaisttraining #feelsgood #focused #nostarvingyourself #eatclean

Snapback coming slowly but surely #allrealoverhere #nowaisttraining

@kek_keish #Repost · · · #tbt de uma das minhas lutas para um dos meus melhores resultados. se alguém não te ou sua viagem, que não é o seu problema. Embarquei em minha jornada de perda de peso de volta em 2011 depois de ganhar mais de 45 kg Durante a minha primeira gravidez. Eu estava determinada em chegar ao meu corpo e ter minha saúde. Eu recuperei minha saúde emagrecendo 45 kg em 10 meses, enquanto naturalmente Recuperando-se de uma gestação , dando carinho para o meu bebé recém-nascido. Eu simplesmente utilizando minha formação em dietética e nutrição, planos de refeição criado, várias formas de apresentar ao lado de treinamento. Em 2013 entrei para compartilhar o meu progresso mostrando como se recuperou e consistência com o tempo. e eu estou ansiosa para fazer exatamente o mesmo depois que eu entregar e recuperar com a minha gravidez atual. não importa os obstáculos, continuar fazendo você, não importa quanto tempo leva. faça sua pesquisa. Seja criativo. apenas continuar a trabalhar para ele. não se concentrar em quanto tempo ele vai levá-lo! pare de procurar uma solução rápida. se você é sério sobre a preparar seus objetivos, o tempo não deve ser um fator. e por favor não se comparar aos outros. é uma coisa para ser inspirado, mas para aspirar a ser como ou para ter um corpo como outra pessoa é outra coisa. Abraçar-se. abraçar seu corpo. abraçar a sua viagem. todos nós somos únicos em nossa própria maneira. nós todo o esforço. estamos todos falho. Confie em si mesmo. confiar e desfrutar do seu processo. resultados virão. mas tenha em mente, eles não vêm de graça. Bater em sua força de espírito e trabalho para ele. provar para ninguém, mas a si mesmo que você fosse capaz de realizar seus objetivos. aumentar sua própria confiança. ser a sua própria motivação. olhando para meu passado me faz olhar para a frente . Ter celulite não significa que você não está saudável. e se você não tem celulite , não significa que você é saudável também.

#BacksideStories loving @kek_keish!!! #Inspiration
#transformationtuesday 😉 nothing or no one in this world could ruin my happiness. Believe that. I'm sooo slaying my weightloss goals after many setbacks and sacrifices. Living in a society of instant gratification, it can be hard for some to grasp that true sustainable results simply take time. I have no problem reiterating the fact... No, I do not wear corsets, waist trainers or had a tummy tuck. No surgeries, no pills, no wraps... nada! To each their own. For me, my progress and results are a direct reflection of my grind, in and out of the gym. First pregnancy 2011, I lost 100 lbs in 10 months... 34 months to lose 114 lbs in total. Second pregnancy 2015, 41lbs in 5 months. Both achieved by eating efficiently and exercising effectively and consistently. Both transformations are on this progress page along with resourceful tips I use(d) showing that results can be achieved all on your own by being productive on a consistent basis. You've got to hold yourself accountable and make room for flexibility and failure. Every day isn't going to be perfect. But just as long as you genuinely try to do the very best that you can each and every day, that's what matters most. I'm not out here trying to sell dreams or convince otherwise. I created this page to show how I went about reclaiming my health and body after experiencing pregnancy. I'm so very thankful that my story has been made aware helping others. And I hope this page continues to serve as motivation and inspiration to those in need whenever in need. Your motivating comments and remarks inspire me so much in return. 😉 You can personally interact with me, get a meal plan or workout plan simply by heading over to my site Motiweightion.com (I reply to serious inquiries) ... Ht:5'7 Wt:Happy&Healthy✌ #squatsnoshots #nowaisttraining #notummytuck #nosleeve #nolipo #nosurgeries #nopills #nopreservatives #authentic #teamnatural #willpower #trainandtransform #csection #fitmom #kekkeish #nutritionist #rawandreal2016 #motiweightion #motivation

I wanted to try and do 6 miles today on my bike. I accomplished it and more. I was pulling the trailer with the boys in it about 80lbs extra. I did 8.5 miles of hill filled routes. So sweaty, but a good sweat. Shower, yes please! 😥 #fitmama #bikeislife #ooohshestrong #fitmama #nobackfattobeseen #tummyalmostflat #weworkingonit #6kidsandwhat #healthiswealth #nowaisttraining #traintransverseabs #nasm #mamasofboys #sisepuede #nothingseasy #blackhouse #elliots #girlboss

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