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The height which great men attain
Doesn't come by lucky flight
Life in NOVENA

Lol It's Friday & We'd love to show you the prettiest of pretties😁 in Nu!

Look at somebody's face.. 🤤Ho mai gowwdd!! Meet the pretty girl @__errma @__errma ( Ermma Medua❤ ) A Fine One!! Follow With Conscience 🙄

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About The Perfect Today🙂 "BBQ & CHILLS"
Make sure you don't miss out.. Start A Perfect Weekend! And So you know! all work and no chill makes you act cranky af 😂 & noone likes that.. Let's do this 😎 | Time is 6pm ( gates locks at 8pm ) ANINZE WAY TONITE! (Around Novena Uni)
•Official partners @b.l.a.ck_ | @saintdodi
| House Of Grey | TV Boy 🔥Musiz Disk Jockey @_osbert ➡️Stay tune for more.😎 #tgif

For more inquiries dm/call @_osbert
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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.❤ Meet Susan! @cc_susan @cc_susan ikr She's cute! Yeah!! She's a Novenite! 🙂I dunno or can't tell if she'd like you tho but you could follow lol | H A P P Y W E E K E N D ❤ !

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What's up fam?! Happy Sunday!! 😇 Been a while yeah?! Sorry!! Busy lately.. Heard of the new chill?

"BBQ Chills"
Dare not to miss it.. All work and no thrills😁 makes you a b*tch lol sorry!! Y'all need check this out this FriDAY "26" 😎 Music Policy By The Wickedest Turn Table Wiz @_osbert. Performing Live @official_davis_
Hype : Nerd_Daniel
Tips Of This Chill: •Get a casket of drinks (Champagne) worth 30k & Get 3 Free Garnished BBQ Fish 🔥
& A Free Room.
•Get a casket of drinks worth 15k & Get 2 Free Garnished BBQ Fish 🔥
•Get drinks worth 4k & Get A Free BBQ Fish 💯
What say you?
Time:6pm (Gate Locks At 8pm)
Venue: Aninze Motel ( Around Novena University )

Proudly Supported By @b.l.a.ck_ | @saintdodi | Trill Village | House Of Grey 💯 For more inquiries dm/call/text @_osbert ( O.T.T )
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Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. S/O to our Girl Crush Wednesday {ELLA} @shugah_ella @shugah_ella
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Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being.. S/O to this Novena Finest Squad (Ogun Corpers) || More Grace ✨ || Finish Strong 💯 @_ngini with the juice & @papoose__goose #LifeOfANovenite #JoinTheMovement ▶StayInformed ▶StayConnnected #NovenaFinest

Picture perfect 👌|| Sunday Crush Goes To This Beauty (Sharon 😘) @_____sharon_xo #LifeOfANovenite #JoinTheMovement ▶StayInformed ▶StayConnnected #NovenaFinest

Destiny can only be delayed but can never be denied.. S/O to One Of Novena's finest Corper @bellekisss || More Grace 👏 #JoinTheMovement ▶StayInformed ▶StayConnnected #NovenaFinest

When the Homie at the back fuck up your IG post
The blinded justice bitch hips tho 😕 #novenauniversity #novenaamebo #novenafinest 💯

Sunshine mixed with a little Hurricane .. Yeahh!! She's thick like that. 🍑 Meet the Hottie PRECIOUS @__preciousako #TheGraduate 🎓'17 One of favorite follower wishing you the very best of luck out there 💙 #StayClassy #JoinTheMovement ▶StayInformed ▶StayConnnected #NovenaFinest 🔵

We just created a Snapchat account which will show the coolest kids,entrepreneurs,fashion guys and girls,slay queens and show you the latest happening in schoolevery week🔥🔥🔥🔥 so better go and add up👍🏾 and if you want to takeover over the snapchat account you can send a DM #Snapchat #LifeOfANovenite #NovenaFinest

BABY BOY 'Osbert' || Happy Birthday to this |Madman
|DeeJay Only you 🤥 More Grace Gee 😁!!! Bills On You 💰 ➡Stay Informed ➡Stay Connected #NovenaFinest

Million Dollar Man💰💵💰 || Happy Birthday to this birthday boy @daddy.ooy 🌸 Age with Grace Brother, More Money ,More success. Bills on you today!! 😀😁 ➡Stay Informed ➡Stay Connected #NovenaFinest

From Delta State To Benin. 🙌🙌From The Kings Of NightLife In South South @jokerbenincity @teflonboss007 @mrkarter1 @jon.doe.d.stealth.assassin Congrats to all graduating Novena students '17.. Come Tomorrow (Friday) & And Experience A Night With South South Very Own Finest DJ @Djwalzee @Djwalzee
28| 07| 2017
For More Info Meet Philp @philz3 & Karel @mhiz_karel
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Osheeey!!Oya Let's Play A Game Of "Casted" || This should be FUN.😂😂 Tag A Em .. For Us @_Osbert @kingchessy @mc_bolt @iamking_vi @philz3 (All Of Em A Friend 😀) || Comment Yours... ➡StayInformed ➡StayConnected ➡JoinTheMovement #NOVENAFINEST

And they say we cannot have fine girls in Novena again #DiaDaddy 😀 Issa fine girl there ,Y'all meet the beautiful Miss Emmanuella @_lord.ella__ @_lord.ella__ #EllaElla 😻💖 || Trust My Guys Sharp Following 🙌🙌 #LifeOfANovenite Keep Tagging We Seeing ➡StayInformed ➡StayConnected ➡JoinTheMovement #NOVENAFINEST

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