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Hello guys! 💕
This morning I am having therapy (uhh don't want to leave the house, it's so cold outside!) that's why I am making this post so early.
I just wanted to say thank you again for all the support and lovely words I received during the last 3 weeks on this platform. ❤️ I had the pleasure to talk to so many nice people that understand my feelings and helped me a lot when I had bad days. It's so nice to talk to someone who can relate to your problems. Sometimes it's hard to speak to your parents or friends because some issues might appear small in their opinion but are actually huge for someone with an eating disorder.
I wish all of you (over 400) lovely people a wonderful day and all the best for your own recovery!
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Don’t fall for pretty little boxes and packaging. 9 times out of 10, it is riddled with artificial sugar, additives and a whole load of rubbish! Instead, opt for fresh produce as a little pick me up #eatrealfood

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Our bodies are really, really smart. They know when they need to eat, drink, use the bathroom, get more of a certain nutrient (cravings, anyone?), rest, or move. They know so much more than we can intellectually comprehend.
When we try to force our bodies into a certain size and manipulate them through dieting or disordered behaviors with food, we're interfering with their natural processes. We're getting in the way of our bodies figuring things out for themselves. But if we take a step back and let them do their job, they'll get to exactly where they need to be.
Maybe the size your body naturally settles at is larger than you'd like. But the answer isn’t to try to shrink yourself, because that will only result in negative mental and physical health outcomes for you. The answer is to fight back against the internalized fatphobic ideas you have about bodies—ideas you inherited from a system that’s designed to make you feel bad about yourself so that it can profit off of selling you the “solution"—and to let go of attempts at weight management. Your weight manages itself.
If you want to hear more about HAES, intuitive eating, and body liberation, head on over to wherever you get your podcasts and download the latest episode of Food Psych today!
And if you’re ready for a deeper dive into all things anti-diet, come check out my intuitive eating online course at christyharrison.com/course ❤️
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This has to be the tastiest plant based lunch I’ve ever had. Dad’s recipe for Bulgar Wheat Pilaf with Kidney Beans is pure delight. I just feasted on this along with natural yoghurt (by natural I mean only milk and cultures. NOTHING else) steamed zucchini dressed in garlic x virgin olive oil, mint & parsley and spinach sautéed with garlic #plantbased#dadsrecipe#delightful

N E W P O S T - - Check out todays new blog post from @barrelonecoffeeroasters all about broccoli sprouts 🥦Why you should know about them, eat them and grow them! Perfect activity for kids (who remembers growing watercress at school?) and so simple you’ll wonder why you kept buying sprouts at crazy prices! Save your money for treats, like our bars of course 😁😘 link in bio to the blog

I made tofu scramble for a late lunch. Super yummy! I added black salt to the tofu to make it eggy and my avocado didn't fan out like I wanted it to because halfway through getting it out of the skin I had to take a phone call and ruined it..
Have a lovely day 🌟

Good morning! ☀️ Hope everyone had a good night sleep! I apparently didn’t because I went to sleep late 😴 But anyways, there is my breakfast today! Usual oats with chia, milk, cinnamon, nana and nuts along with a butter croissant and unpictured caffe latte ☕️
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Cheerful Cheesecake 🍒 My idea of wellness is intuitive eating, eating whatever my body wants and tonight Brittany wants cheesecake! #nofoodrules
1 cup (120 g) raw cashews
1 cup (240 g) coconut cream
8 ounces cream cheese
1 Tbsp (7 g) cornstarch
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2/3 cup (160 ml) maple syrup
2 tsp lemon zest
1-2 Tbsp (15-30 ml) lemon juice
1/8th tsp sea salt

3/4 cup (67 g) gluten-free rolled oats
3/4 cup (84 g) raw almonds
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 Tbsp (24 g) coconut sugar
4 Tbsp (60 g) coconut oil, melted

My favorite way to end my nights are with soothing face masks. This one is avocado oatmeal 🥑 😊 anyone else love face masks and towels to dry your hair?? 😃

Anyways, I try to pamper myself a little on nights when my mind and heart feel heavy and uneasy. Sending love your way 💕 •

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Hey all! It’s been a hot sec since I’ve really updated you on anything. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
The past few weeks have been going really well. I’ve completed 100% of my meal plan. I meet with my dietician and therapist every week and my sessions are super helpful. I’ve been working a lot for my dad which is super boring but it keeps me busy (and I get paid). • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Today I ate lunch with my dietician and we talked about mindful eating. We ate super slowly in three sections and really analyzed the whole experience. It’s supposed to help identify my hunger/fullness levels and make sure that I enjoy what I’m eating. Although it was kind of a weird concept, I do think it was super helpful. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Is it possible to love yourself and still lose weight?
It's the burning question you are dying to know because I bang on about the importance of self love but does that just mean I stay where I am???
The answer is that you can have EVERYTHING you desire. If you have a desire, you get to have it. The question is, will you take the action required to do it. Whether or not you take action, depends on your mindset.
Succeeding in anything in life, including weight loss, requires mindset + action.
Like I've said in the past, action stems from mindset. So without planting the seed, watering it and taking care of it the plant won't grow.
Mindset is like planting the seed and watering it. Loving yourself means you take care of your emotions so that you don't give up at the first sign of failure or weight fluctuation or over eating episode. Loving yourself means that you don't beat yourself up about where you are right now. -
Loving yourself means that you know there is more to you than your physical body, so you don't let your physical body be the source of your happiness and self-esteem. Loving yourself means you are connected with yourself. -
It's like me saying "Hey there Barb, I care about you and we are on the same team", Instead of constantly pushing yourself to follow meal plans you don't want to and resisting your cravings.
Staying where you are because you fear change isn't love, it's simply wanting to stay comfortable. People sometimes confuse self love with staying comfortable. -
It doesn't mean you flip your lifesytle and eating upside down and push yourself to lose weight quickly without addressing why you feel bad about your body in the first place.
But challenging your mind and body in a way where you are connected to yourself and your emotions is how you create long lasting change whilst maintaining the energy of loving yourself.
Get the ultimate transformation by teaming mindset + action, overcome self-sabotage, cravings and emotional eating in one comprehensive system that I created, join me and the other women taking part --> link in BIO under the No Diet Babe Academy

I wasn’t always a fan of salads.
I saw them as gross and as something not tasty that I wanted nothing to do with.
While living life in a diet mindset, I saw this as the ‘better’ option that I should choose because what I really wanted to eat was ‘bad’ or it was going ultimately lead to me gaining weight.
However, since I’ve focused on building an intimate and strong connection with my body and have learned to eat intuitively and ditch diet culture, i eat a salad when a salad sounds good to me. And eating this for dinner wasn’t a punishment or didn’t leave me feel like I was missing out.
It’s moment like this that really remind me how far I’ve come in my relationship with food. For so long I didn’t trust that my body had the right answers, and now I see that when I gave it a chance and gave it time it always had the best answers for me. (P.s. yes those are crumbled tortilla chips on my salad 😏😋)
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👗 #onwednesdayswewearpink, or at least #drinkpink and #thinkpink.
My #watermelonsmoothie is a #liquidbreakfast for an #earlystart.
#watermelon is not only hydrating but a great source of #bvitamins to #energise you.
#yoghurt is good for adding #protein and #calcium, along with #chiaseeds and #oats.
I like to do my #smoothie in two stages, adding some #herbs like #mint at the end. #sofresh.

Trying one of these @cadburyuk caramel eggs because I know Taylor @foodfaithfit loves the cream ones. This one is 😋. I split it with my sister on top of some icecream with @thedatelady syrup and Pb. Dinner was some slow cooked pork. It was smelling sooo good all day! And some cinnamon raisin bread with butter and @stonewallkitchen strawberry 🍓 jam.
I’m thinking about a blog post on conquering my most major food fears for tomorrow! Excited 😆 to write because the more I think about it the more I can think about so many food fears God has enabled me to conquer. What are some of the biggest food fears you’ve overcome? #morethanconquerors #fromfoodfearstofoodfreedom

Ayyyeee @kitkat you’re delicious 😉 And to think that 2 years ago I didn’t even know what you tasted like! 😭
Can we try this relationship again please 🙏 I’m ready to make up for lost time! 😏
#FoodFreedom tastes soooo amazing, don’t ya think?! 😋

Make your year one filled with 535600 minutes of positive strides on your recovery journey, 8760 hours of self love, 365 days of eating and enjoying it, 52 weeks of nourishing your body and soul & 12 months of a happier, healthier you. A year from now, you may have wished you started today 💕

Late breakfast + Morning tea blended together?
2 weetbix
1/2 a plum
1/2 a banana
Almonds, hazelnuts, grapes and seeds!
With a little bit of Manuka honey!
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