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Thanks to the #evolvingandemergingeconomiesjam I finally feel ready to embody this photo (mis-buttoned jacket and fashion feaux pas included). Time to spread the #nourishlove from my stretch zone rather than my panic zone

The University of Miami and the University of Central Florida are partnering with AVODEC to support the economic empowerment of women in northern Nicaragua through the construction of a small pig farm and business training sessions. This project aims to ensure a sustainable and productive future for women in the local community and their families, while also improving the region’s food security and nutrition.

Please click the link in our bio to find out how you can make a positive impact on the lives of others! 💙 #NourishLove

🎉WOW! 🎉 Our incredible chapters have earned over $51,000 in Venture revenue for their Partners so far this school year. Way to go, Nourishers! We are so proud of our movement. ❤️ #NourishLove #Celebrate #Nourish #FriYAY #SimonRocks

#Repost @nourishsdsu with @repostapp.
Our friends from ASU came out to #nourishtheknot. #nourishsdsu #nourishlove Selling bracelets today 1-4.

Had a blast at our first Nourish social cooking out and getting to know each other. We're so excited to get the year started! #NourishLove

#nourishlove CLASSES THAT LASt FOEVER, THE DEAL WILL NOT #getit #readynow #findthehotpinkdrop @triciadonegan @bikramyogales

Schools back and so is sangria Wednesday 🍷🍹#nourishlove #Drakeandcake

shout out to the nourish #SI2015 homies for a dope ass institute, can't wait to do it all again next summer 💘 😎 #squad #nourishlove #nourishinternational


O que nós alimentamos é o que cresce ❤️🌱 #nourishlove #goodthingsonly #morelove #bepositive

We love our wonderful Nourish Team!! We appreciate all that you do! Thank you for choosing us and thank you for being you!
#nourishnoho #nourishwellnesscafe #nourishlove #love #appreciate #yourock

das Bild ist von der Wand aus dem “Mädchen“-WC in der Trompete (da war ich doch neulich, vor 2 Wochen oder so, bei der “Mädchenmusik“).. als ich das sah, hatte ich sofort das Bedürfnis dieses “hate“ zu streichen. Eigentlich müsste man das nächste Mal eine Spraydose mitnehmen und das auch an der Wand tun!!! Hehe :P wie kann man sowas Negatives an eine Wand bringen? mmmh.. auch wenn man schon enttäuscht wurde, was Liebe betrifft, so sollte man doch immer daran festhalten und daran glauben.. #nomatterwhat #keineandereoption #PROMOTELOVE #love #hate #nourishlove #liebeistalles #vibes #drunkinlove #streetstyle #streetart #berlin #lifestyle #style #art

Hold that thought, Me: Marriage is for two loving persons who commits to do what ever it takes to work it out no matter how bittersweet life will lead them. Perhaps im hopeless romantic who believes in a fairytale 😜 brainstorming about love and commitment with a colleague after a long day of work! Ha 😉 Salute to the awesome married couples!! #justsaying #nourishlove #lovetolove #spreadthelove #fightforyourlove #nevergiveup #believeinthepoweroflove #beawesome #behappy #beinspired #emome #travelwithme 😍😘

((⬆️ SWIPE ⬆️for more)) Love grows when well nourished, and your love flourishes when you nourish this seed inside you. So activiate your love! Water your love daily with gratitude, and nurture yourself and others with positive, genuine words of encouragement, inspiration and support. Give your love a safe space to grow and flourish. 🌱❤🌹🌞 Many of you know a dear friend of mine, Carol, who unfortunately needed to step away from IG for health reasons, but I remember her beautiful advice and wisdom when she said: if you are successful in love, nourish it, treasure it, allow it to bless you and grow with it in strength. So cheers to growing and treasuring a strong, active and well nourished love in yourself and with others.
May you be filled with healthy, hearty love as you grow, nurture and share this love inside of you in an active and fruitful way everyday! •
❤🌱❤ [You Matter Here] ❤🌱❤

Thanks to the #evolvingandemergingeconomiesjam I finally feel ready to embody this photo (mis-buttoned jacket and fashion feaux pas included). Time to spread the #nourishlove from my stretch zone rather than my panic zone

Spring Farmal was a hit, and we'd like to thank our passionate, dedicated Nourish members for representing Nourish AU and our sustainability goals yesterday! ---------------------------------
Special thank you to @thegreenau and @americanu_communitygarden for hosting the event! Hugs to AU's Beekeeping Society & @fossilfreeau for tabling! 🌿♻️
#NourishWeek17 #nourishlove

on evolving + emerging economies :: we slow down for velocity. just a little midnight movement-building over the @kendricklamar #damnalbum with the heads of #1shineyouth + #nourishlove ... @kingteebeez @duane.james #evolvingandemergingeconomiesjam

The feeling you get when you're surrounded by passionate individuals who validate and affirm your experiences and existence 🙌 Come out to Ward 4 TODAY at 8PM for a relaxed movie night/menstruation discussion/homework session/meaningful dialogue. #NourishWeek17 #NourishLove

NOURISH WEEK IS ABOUT TO START! Are you ready?! We're kicking off with our info session tomorrow from 11-2PM on the Quad! Drop by to learn more about what Nourish AU does in the grand scheme of things and how you can support!
For more info, be sure to visit our Nourish AU Facebook page to RSVP for all the great events in store for this week! #NourishWeek17 #NW17 #NourishLove

Good morning wishing you all love and kindness. Reading through #howtolove #learningtolove #nourishyourself #nourishlove #nourishyourhappiness #lovegrows 🌱🌸 💗

COOLERS, COOLERS, GET YA COOLERS! ❄️💃🏽 Got invited to dance your night away at formal? Don't know how to buy and sand your own cooler? 🤷‍♀️Nourish AU is here to save you time ⏰ & money 💰; just think about the costs of buying a cooler AND a sander! 🙅A quick click to bit.ly/CoolerCause and you'll be well on your way to ensuring a great night at formal and a substantial contribution to our Nourish cause of community engagement, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship. #nourishlove

"La liberación de las mujeres será la obra de las mujeres mismas" | "The liberation of women will be the work of the women themselves" - Magda Portal, Peruvian poet, writer, political activist, and one of the founders of the American Popular Revolutionary Alliance movement.
#beboldforchange #internationalwomensday #nourishlove

Our chapter leader Daniela and a treasured, furry companion Rudy wish you all a wonderful Thursday! Stay tuned for our next chapter meeting next Tuesday at 8PM in Ward 113! #NourishLove 🌎💓

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