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Drinking plenty of water regularly throughout the day is not just about replenishing the body after exercise, we need water to regulate temperature, eliminate waste and cushion spinal cord and joints!
I always recommend a glass of water as soon as you wake up, even before breakfast and even in winter.
Drink bottles are good as they are portable, but you tend to sip small amounts rather than having a good drink.
How much water is enough? Children 5-8 years old need 5 glasses or 1litre, up to 12Years old 7 glasses 1.5litres. 13years+ or over 50kg need 2litres, more if very active. Water is nourishing, it doesn’t need the added sugars or bubbles, the energy contribution should be from wholefoods, rather empty calories from juices and soft drinks.
If you struggle with getting you or your family to drink water and need some ideas we can cover this in your Nutritional Consultation with me .

Learning to love and appreciate healthy food for requires changing some habits. To change eating habits, we change one thing at a time, a bite at a time if necessary…once you get the sense of wellness that comes from eating good healthy food the memories are set and can be built on. Patience is essential for fussy and difficult eaters, and so worth the effort when you see the changes in mood, energy and overall wellbeing.

Difficult eating behaviours become established over time. The time it takes to modify or improve these eating habits will depend on the age, the severity and complexity of the behaviour and the individual’s willingness to change. Improvement and development is achievable, when you first identify why the behaviour exists. This is clarified in the first stage of Food Lovers Nutrition's “Resolving fussy and Difficult eaters program”. Following the link to find out more. https://mailchi.mp/f81e0180f790/resolving-fussy-and-difficult-eating-behaviours
NDIS Self and Plan Managed Participants welcome.

I'm not gonna lie. I've gotten a little off track this year. I forgot my focus, got lead astray and at a couple moments just said "fuck it. I can't do it." But the second I go to quit on myself I have to remember to choose me. The choice is ours and always, always, always Choose You. Your life, your happiness, your dreams, matter. It's never too late to choose you. Be brave and keep going, darling.

If you feel like you have lost sight of your goals, have no motivation and are wondering what the next step is for you, Nourish Your Year (online workshop and mini program) is your opportunity to start fresh. It's a way to refocus, recommit and stay accountable. Let's finish this year out strong shall we?? Link in bio💓

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Nourish bowl from @vutiebeets for lunch today 😋 they were kind enough to do me a mini portion as a takeaway 🙌🏻 so yummy! .
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When you think of fussy eating do you think of asthma and oranges?
Symptoms of asthma can be triggered by food allergies and intolerances. Food intolerances are a significant underlying cause of both asthma and fussy eating. Knowing which foods are likely to trigger the symptoms may minimise the impact and assist with fussy eating behaviours.
A Yale University study recently found that people who consumed a high dose of vitamin C had less shortness of breath and wheezing after exercising. Oranges are renowned for their vitamin C content and are beautifully in season now, which means there is no excuse for not getting your dose of natural vitamin C to help fight your asthma.
Some people do get a histamine reaction from oranges, alternative sources for vitamin C are capsicum, broccoli, kiwi, strawberries, parsley and sweet potato.

My morning ritual, after my daughter is on her bus I pick off my greedy green friends. Having an organic garden necessitates a little sharing but i do have limits!!

Delicious impromptu lunch @limetreecafedubai
Health and deliciousness all (literally and figuratively) rolled into one!
Continuing to breakdown old routines and barriers this week! Feels soooooooo good 😜
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Are you worried that your child’s eating behaviour may be putting them at risk of not getting all their essential nutrients? Nutrient deficiency or insufficiencies have the potential to impact physical and intellectual development, compound further eating behaviours and affect general mood and wellbeing.
Nutritional Therapy with Food Lovers Nutrition will help identify and resolve the fussy and difficult eating behaviours that may be blocking eating a variety of healthy foods, by first identifying underlying causes and addressing the triggers, then mentoring with strategies to gradually expand the variety of nutritious healthy foods.
For more information about our Resolving fussy and difficult eating behaviours program give me a call

Fussy eaters with food selectivity eating behaviours often have other restrictive and ritualistic behaviours. Food will be refused without negotiation, and there may be a high frequency of a single food (colour or texture) and an overall limited food repertoire.
One way to support them is to encourage them and their peers/family to be involved in meal preparation. This may appear counter intuitive, but it can relieve meal time stress. I know meal preparation is often done in a hurry, and it can be quicker to do it yourself, so choose tasks that gradually build confidence.
Start with taking them shopping for fruit and vegetables and selecting the vegetables to buy. Have them wash foods while you chop, or set the table.
Research shows that children who are involved in the preparing meals have a more positive attitude towards foods and are more likely to eat the food they have been involved with.
For more information on how to resolve fussy and difficult earing behaviours give me a call or make an appointment to see me in clinic🍴

Have you listened to and read the well intentioned general advice on how to get your child to eat better and it has not helped!!. If so it is time for individualused advice.
Nutritional therapy with Food Lovers Nutrtion will help to identify and resolve the fussy and difficult eating behaviours that may be blocking the eating of a variety of healthy foods. First by identifying underlying causes and addressing the triggers, then mentoring with strategies to gradually expand the variety of nutritious healthy foods.
Call if you want more information about the Food Lovers Nutrtition "Resolving fussy and difficult eating behaviours program".

My after-work pre-dinner snack. Smoothie bowl made with banana, blueberries, chocolate @happywayau and topped with homemade granola and coconut. Served up in @cocobowlzau So simple and so delicious 😋 .
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I LOVE adding essential oils to my smoothies!
Shakeology has a great flavor on it's own, but I need variety in my food routine! It's easy to add a drop of oil to spice up a smoothie! Citus fresh is my newest favorite! It tastes like summer 🌼

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About last night! Another successful, informative Whole Foods tour in the books! We love educating and laughing with our clients. Check out our website www.merylb.com for upcoming dates and events! @nikkiwellness .
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Nature can teach us so many things if we take time to disconnect. Lately, I won’t even bring my phone on hikes because I don’t want to be distracted. How many times do we forget to pay attention to the people and things around us because we’re looking at our phone? 🙋🏼‍♀️Gulity! •

Looking for some time to be in nature to get back to your roots?Message me for details on the Sedona Yoga/ Wellness Retreat.
@yoginilei @tracyunfolded 🧘🏼‍♀️

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Avocado toast with hot smoked salmon.
High in protein, good fats, fibre and eye appeal. I have been seeing a few clients of late who have tested to be incompatible with eggs so needing to avoid eggs. A travesty for some as this is a big change to their diet.
There are alternatives. I love this for breakfast or lunch. I don't eat bread much so when I do it has to be a good quality sour dough rye.

I may have left picking some of my Chinese broccoli a little late! I have planted 4 different cruciferous vegetables (boccoli and cauliflowers) that will hopefully gradually be ready to provide plenty of vitamins, fibres and disease fighting phytochemicals. These ones caught me by surprise one day they were little and the next in flower, so pretty tho.
They still tasted great, just needed to slice the stalks a little thinner. I sauteed them in a little garlic, ginger and soy sauce, along with some Silverbeet.
#foodasmedicine $foodnotlawn

Sharing my Sunday morning. So grateful to live here and be able to spend time on the beach any day, particularly Sunday

Loads of veges in this rather simplified fish curry, on cauliflower rice. Completely nourishing.
Not quite enough left overs for lunch tomorrow so i will either need to add some spinach or chop up and add an egg and brown rice flour to turn into patties...mmm

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