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@sandralambeck is #notyoursub. Get your shirt on #linkinbio

Still #notyoursub.

do not underestimate me because I'm petite. do not underestimate me because I'm a woman. I'm independent, determined, successful and strong and I'm #notyoursub.

everyone should be free with their sexual preferences that's why I appreciate #thefiftyshadesofgrey. but it should not be generalized that women take the submissive role.

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since 2008 @desifare and me kept on following our passion and dreams, being on our own and not knowing how things turn out at the end. we were part of shaping a new business where a lot of other passionate women now can follow their dreams as well 🙌 #notyoursub shirt from @amorelie {link in bio} *advertisement/werbung

We can't seem to find anyone who knows who he is? The lovely @metakognitiva in one of our #notyoursub t-shirts. Post a pic with yours, tagging @amorelie and #notyoursub, for a chance to be featured.


Back to the roots

🚴☀️👌🏻 #berlin #Zehlendorf #berlinblossom

@sandralambeck is #notyoursub. Get your shirt on #linkinbio

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