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Still #notyoursub.

do not underestimate me because I'm petite. do not underestimate me because I'm a woman. I'm independent, determined, successful and strong and I'm #notyoursub.

everyone should be free with their sexual preferences that's why I appreciate #thefiftyshadesofgrey. but it should not be generalized that women take the submissive role.

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since 2008 @desifare and me kept on following our passion and dreams, being on our own and not knowing how things turn out at the end. we were part of shaping a new business where a lot of other passionate women now can follow their dreams as well 🙌 #notyoursub shirt from @amorelie {link in bio} *advertisement/werbung

Heute wird o'geschmiert mit der Gang 😄👙 #notyoursub #amorelie

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Lina is #notyoursub. "After my breakup I had to come up with a new game plan. All of a sudden I was without a boyfriend, without an apartment. But I soon realized I wasn't alone. It were my peers that tried to convince me that I was lonely and helpless. Often it was forgotten that I had made the decision to start a new, independent life - without boyfriend and a shared apartment - all on my own. And now? I feel far from lonely in my very first own apartment and in life. Quite the contrary, I'm proud to be independent, to take care of myself and to be able to decide when I really want to be alone."


Back to the roots

🚴☀️👌🏻 #berlin #Zehlendorf #berlinblossom

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