Tried to run a 5k at the gym, but then I remembered its #legday eve! 🤣🤣🤣 Made it 2.86 miles! 🏃‍♀️
Shout out to Fred Meyer for the best $14 bra a girl could get! 👙
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Embracing me in all my sizes.
#TransformationTuesday to all my shapes and #TransformationTuesday to all my mindsets.
Still loving me in all my seasons.
Take it from me, hating your body gets you nowhere.
Need to talk? I'm here.

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“She wore her troubled past
like scars-
she had been through battle
and though no one could see her demons
they could see the face that conquered them.” ~Atticus 🏹I’m still facing demons but getting better at conquering them before they get out of hand🏹 You got this warrior! 🏹 @recovrywarriors #recoverywarriors #faceyourdemons #recoveryispossible #grrrlarmy #notyourcompetition #occupyspace #itsoktonotbeok

If you learn NOTHING other than this today, I hope you absorb these 3 little statements:
-Nobody will ever care about your goals as much as you do.
-Do NOT give yourself permission to quit.
-People only give up on their goals because they become hard or it’s taking too long.
Simple statements, right?! But HOW true they are! I know what it’s like to get started and feel like you’re not making progress. Folks, you didn’t gain that 100 lbs overnight and you won’t lose it that quickly either! Break that goal into smaller chunks and make the mountain goal into something that keeps you motivated, but yet not overwhelmed by the whole task. I remind my clients on a daily basis that you have to lose your first pound , first. One day at a time, one pound at a time.
And when those hard days set in (and you WILL have them), remind yourself how bad you want this! This is something that other people can’t want or do for you. You have to want it and you have to do the work! Stumble, cry, fail, do whatever you have to do along the way. But never ever give yourself permission to fail! Remember how bad you want this and how far you’ve come!
I TOO get frustrated. I want things and I want them now. But having it handed to me will teach me nothing. I’ve loved myself so much through this journey because I’ve fought so hard to overcome my serious obstacles AND break all my limiting beliefs. I know that you TOO have that same spirit in you and can’t wait to cheer you on along the way ❤️

For me, it’s not *entirely* about weight loss, body fat percentages, lean body mass, inches lost, etc....
It’s about being stronger than I was yesterday.
It’s about creating a lifestyle plan.
It’s about doing things I never thought I could do.
It’s about smashing goals and making new ones.
It’s about paying it forward.
It’s about showing people that they can do and achieve every little thing their heart desires! #youcantoo

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✨Most people believe that the way people perceive them matters, but in reality the only thing that matters is how you perceive yourself. ✨
. .
. .
I know you’re constantly worrying about what others are thinking about you. You hesitate to do the things you really want to do because you allow the judgments of others to paralyze you. You may have even given up on your dreams because someone in your life told you it wasn’t possible for you. ❌
. .
. .
I get it. Trust me, I get it. I let the fear of what others would think of me rule my entire life. I became so good at being the person I thought others wanted me to be that I completely lost myself. At one point I even wanted to end my own life because I felt as though I would never escape the trap of worrying what others thought about me. 💔
. .
. .
And then I discovered this incredible truth: we will never know how others are perceiving us. We can act and try to pretend as though we are the person we want others to see us as, but the reality is that people will never perceive us the way we want them to. We have no control over their perceptions. So why do we place so much value in what others think of us? Shouldn’t the real question be what do you think about yourself? ✨
. .
. .
If I hadn’t overcome this fear of what others thought of me and continued to allow this to hold me back, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have started my own business. I wouldn’t have applied to be a speaker at the Women’s Speak Festival in front of hundred of women. And I wouldn’t be living my BEST LIFE. 🌟
. . . .
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Stay tuned until next week on “@_jac_attack_ pushes nat off objects” 😂
Graceful as fuck dismount 💁‍♂️

In the interest of not presenting a highlight reel: enjoy me pull at this sub-max deadlift, cramp up, and limp off dejectedly stage left 👋😂 My body feels a mess at the minute, which always wreaks havoc with my deadlift in particular. Fatigue is inevitable, but I'm trying to focus on consistent and good quality sleep (lol - trying), keeping on top of my mobility work and LISS, and fuelling my body with good food. This lifting lark is no joke. Pray 4 Helen.

Well today is #transformationtuesday and its been a minute so here we go.
Take a hard look at that still on the left. That’s me just a little over 2 years ago, just beginning to take lifting seriously. 2 years, people. So when you see me posting my routine stuff like on the right, please don’t put me on some crazy pedestal or compare yourself to me. I was self taught before @krissymacintosh started coaching me and helping me learn more about the sport and lifting form. I had no idea what I was doing and to this day, I am still learning. I’m shaped a bit more like a powerlifter now but I’m still very much new to a lot of things about this activity. So if you’re a new lifter and following me, please know that no matter where you are on your journey, you are right where you’re supposed to be.
Any fitness IG person you follow started somewhere and I can 100% guarantee I am not doing everything right and that I am nowhere close to knowing it all. In all honesty, I never want to be in a position where I have nothing left to learn. How else can you grow?
Today I got the opportunity to help some ladies at uni get started with lifting basics and it honestly makes me so happy to see more women wanting to learn about lifting. It made me think back to how I found the sport and all the amazing people I’ve met (or not actually met yet!) that helped me get started and have kept me going over my short time as a powerlifter.
It’s crazy because a couple women I really love (@aheartlikeastonecottage and @bamaburr) were obviously on the same page as me and posted similar things today.
Reflection is such a great gift along with gratitude. If you’re somebody who’s followed me since 2016, thank you for the love and support! And if you’re new to my IG, get ready for my love and support right back! 💜💪🏼☺️

Squats because it helps me stay sane 🎯
Coach/program @_daniel_ishii

Oh those Frogs has us like 😱🔥😱
Legs were on FIRE!!! And thanks Lisa for all the Frogs in our Pick A Move finisher 🐸🤣🐸
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Gym therapy in motion 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Get your workout tank
@grrrl_clothing 🍉Code: Empower to save 15%

Yesterday was my first day on my new programme from @litchfit 70kg naked knee box squats for 10 sets of 2! Followed by 97.5kg deadlifts for 9! My poor legs feel it today but I don’t think I’ve enjoyed training so much in ages!! Thanks mat (@xclusive_fitness_ ) for the spot and for buying my short butt a squat box 😂😂 @grrrl_clothing #grrrlarmy #notyourcompetition #togetherwerise #strengthshop

2x1 @ 70
2x4 @ 62.5
Slingshot: 3x6 @ 70
Conditioning // Thank you @chloe.bee @buffbella_ for perfect handouts & @tworedoneblonde on butt patrol. Had some issues coming off the bench last session but none today👌

Socks of Wonder from @_miss_jadey_strong_lady_ 🙏💕 // @_jac_attack_ @618barbell @strengthsocietyadelaide

Still healing the knees, so that means ALL the deadlifts! Worked my way up to doubles at 210#. That is more than my 1 rep max just a few months ago. That is 2X my body weight. And please don't come at me with any talk about sumo, because I can also destroy this weight at conventional 🤷😆 (sumo and straight leg feels good on my knees...and sumo is fun AF)
#crossfit #girlswholift #deadlift #strong #fitness @grrrl_clothing #notyourcompetition @lotusbell.mind.body

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