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— Будь тим, ким хочеш бути, а не тим, ким інші хочуть тебе бачити

Glaube niemals, du würdest das Leben eines anderen kennen. Du weißt immer nur das, was er dich wissen lässt.

#bewhatyouwanttobe #notwhatotherswanttosee 💁🏼


It's October!

Last month was pretty incredible- especially with our annual conference in Glasgow as I'm sure you've seen all over Facebook! Some amazing new products were launched and our Christmas range is just out of this world.
There has been a lot to process and if I am totally honest with myself I have't done nearly enough of what I could be doing!

But this month is different... My month ahead is FULL of events and business presentations and workshops! 2 things I love about my job. I forgot how much I love sharing the business and changing lives as I go- because it sure has changed mine! I've decided to tell it to you all- I'll be uploading a video on Tuesday 3rd sharing my story before Arbonne came into my life, the journey it has lead me on and where I am going with it.

Have a great month everyone! "Don't be like the rest of them, darling" - Coco Chanel <3

#arbonne #lifegoals #bewhoyouwanttobe #notwhatotherswanttosee



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