Size of that Mother!!!! #tomatogoals #notsurewhattodowithit #omg

We sort of have a cat now.... well, it’s decided it’s ours and guilted us into feeding it 🤔 #straycat #catsofinstagram #notsurewhattodowithit

You don't even have to drive your project car for it to reward you with broken shit. Also, Pecan trees are the devil. #Volvo #240 #turbobricks #itsNA #M47 #swedishbrick #notsurewhattodowithit #buttheradioworks

My backyard used to be nice, I swear. Because I’m so embarrassed at the state of neglect, I’m not good at taking “before” pics. The second pic is the best I could find of this area recently. I’ve been slowly hacking away at Black Locust suckers that end up forming almost a hedge against this wall. .
The wall is the back of the neighbors pool house (or something). We’ve been in this house 18 years and there was a BEAUTIFUL, big, old Arbutus there. There are several in the neighborhood that must have been planted either when the homes were built (ours was 1947) or were part of the landscaping for the original old home that had the land before subdividing. The tree did block our view a bit but it gave wonderful shade and was teeming with birds. Probably 8-10 years ago the neighbors asked if they could have some work done on the back of the pool house from our side (moisture barrier) and we’re pretty sure the workers cut our roots. Tree lost a major limb/trunk shortly thereafter and had to be taken down. .
The little ‘peninsula ‘ I made (which includes a new Arbutus which as been the same size for the 4 years since I planted it) and the area behind it used to be shaded by the big tree so it’s not on the irrigation with the lawn. I had those 4 beds full of nectarines and peaches but as usual I plant without first worrying about irrigation and it’s survival of the fittest (hence 1 out of 12 survives). And my young aussies and my lack of watering caused all the other plants in the peninsula to die (except the one Cassia) and I’ve realized that as I move ahead I need to keep the dogs oval running track in mind (I’m cutting a path through the peninsula and will change the sprinkler patterns.) .
But long story to say I don’t know what I’ll do behind the peninsula. I have a whole mother area that HAD been my raised bed veggie garden (also abandoned.) This is closer to the house and visible from my office and the living room. Still have to get the stumps etc. from the suckers out. But I’ve made a lot of progress considering the heat and the crazy-big thorns on the things.
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Why yes I'll hold down the carpet for you. The cat seems to scared to do anything. (The weirdo) #elephant #cat #decor #notsurewhattodowithit

Blueberry ... friend or foe? 🤔💙#itsfuntoplaywithfood #notsurewhattodowithit #blueberryfun #justeatit #chocolatelabpuppy .
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My first try at Tunisian crochet and crocheting a picture. A lot of mistakes but practice makes better! #crochet #geek #zelda #tunisiancrochet #NotSureWhatToDoWithIt #binIt?

New ceramic piece — a stubborn little one that came out pretty well in the end. #ceramics #notsurewhattodowithit

Sent my hair to the grave last night. •

#change #thenewnew #newhair #shorthair #notsurewhattodowithit #howdoyoustyleshorthair

Well, that yarn became a flower coaster? Fancy washcloth? Thing? "Blocking" it with hydrolator, haha!

Can sadly confirm that while awesome, the travel keychain hooks hurt your hand.

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Saved this little guy from the evil Poppy! #babyrobin #evilcat #notsurewhattodowithit

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