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Sometimes you just have to give yourself the pep talk like....”Hello you bad ass, confident, capable, amazing human being, don’t get down. You’re doing fucking great. You got this. 💪🏻🙌🏻👌🏻💁🏼‍♀️#work #school #kids #hobbies #family #friends #northerncaliforniagirlatheart #ladyballs #morepersonalityinonefingerthanmost #notsorryboutit #goals

#TFW you’re looking for new shampoo/conditioner in Duane Reade and you see, “for frizzy, unruly hair.” And you’re like 🙋‍♀️ YES! *I* have frizzy, unruly hair. So you buy it, and the moment it touches your hair and the scent of vanilla hits your nostrils, you’re immediately transported back to that one party in college where you drank 10x more vanilla vodka than any human should in a lifetime, as well as the spectacular unpleasantness that followed, and you think you might just faint. But you’re not going to walk into Duane Reade and try to get a refund on used products with this story, so you commit to gag every time you wash your hair until the bottle’s empty. 🤢 No disrespect to @mauimoisture, as this was a monster of my own creation. My hair actually feels amazing. 8/10, would recommend to someone who will not die at the scent of vanilla. #twistending #longstory #notsorryboutit

Holistic health...what the heck is that? Health that encompasses the entire person: physical, mental, spiritual. This is SO important.
Physically I lift and do cardio and occasionally attempt yoga. (Let me make that clear, on RARE occasions). If you haven’t tried yoga, do it. I dare you. It is SO much harder than anyone makes it look :-). Mentally I also lift (to relieve stress), but I also love spending time reading a good book. I have also started to journal a bit and every day come up with things I am thankful for!
Spiritually, I read my bible and attend church. God is number 1 in my life, and I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t find Him. Plus look at His beautiful creations! (Pic 2&3)

So! My point for this whole rant is to find what works for you and DO IT! We get one life, and one body, use them right ❤️ #doublepost #notsorryboutit #holistichealth #beyourbestyou

🐕only good thing about losing your insta is getting to post your dog pictures again.... #lifeisbetterwithadog #notsorryboutit #goodestboy

Was feelin myself the other day so 🤷🏼‍♀️ #SelfiesForDayz #NotSorryBoutIt

i have no shame I am forever doing this, n still wont take the blame. They think I am psycho anyways so why ruin my reputation by apologizing 😂😂😂😂 #noshame #notsorryboutit

I want to dedicate an early #mcm post to my dreamboat husband who doesn’t let being a bazillion miles away stop him from being the most supportive partner ever. He encouraged me every day I was training (it took me a very long time to work up to running 13.1 miles LOL) and, despite the time difference and his hectic work schedule, still made himself available to call me after my race yesterday.
In sum, he’s the best. And the puppygirls and I miss him. That is all. #sappy #notsorryboutit

Look what the hubby found for me 🙌🤭. #truth #guilty #notsorryboutit

can i just appreciate for a minute??? cause like 😍😍😍😍😍😍 #appreciationpost #obsessed #notsorryboutit #husbandandwife #marriedlife

☘ T H A S J U S T H O W I T I S 🍀 #stpattys #patmccrotch #notsorryboutit

Hey Best friend✨🌟 #Joels21❣️ #notsorryboutit

juck funiors #notsorryboutit #snrszn

Did you know we are on Facebook too? Add me on Facebook so you can keep up to date no matter which platform you’re on. #yourdaleyessentials #facebookplug #selfpromotion #notsorryboutit

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