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When you just need a chair 😍#loveelephants ❤️❤️❤️#notoivory #notoivorytrade #moreworthalive

2016 was an amazing year for VETPAW. We were on the ground both assisting and training the Rangers to protect the majestic animals of Africa from poachers.
Our Veterans utilize the skills they learned in the military to optimize the efforts of those brave Rangers.
We need your help to expand VETPAW's force in the field and to keep boots on the ground in 2017. Please Click our DONATE Button on our FB page or visit our website to make a kind donation.
Thank you so very much! #elephant #rhino #rangers #notoivory #nopoaching

Lets save these amazing creatures #notopoachingofelephants #notoivory #savetheanimals

Not sure who did thìs, but I think it's gorgeous, doesn't matter how these wonderful Animals are depicted, there is always something amazing about these Pachyderms.

#arteforelephants Christmas cards!! Just need to be printed and scanned!! #saveelephants #notoivory #etsyseller #veganforlife

They've been around for 50 million years and human greed could wipe them out in less than 10 years if poaching is not ended soon. @Regrann from @bambilicious06 - Rhinos first walked this Earth 50 million years ago, that fact alone says they deserve to live on it-forever, and this is a pic of a Woolly Rhino, a thick mat of curls, imagine having to groom him! #savetherhino #notoextinction #protectwildlife #notohorn #notoivory

So happy to share the elephant world experience with the Chu family! Such a great feeling giving a little TLC back to these beautiful elephants 🐘! The whole Elephant World cause will touch your heart like you wouldn't believe! #savingelephants #notoivory #feelingproud

Legal ivory sale drove dramatic increase in elephant poaching, study shows!

https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jun/13/legal-ivory-sale-drove-dramatic-increase-in-elephant-poaching-study-shows?CMP=share_btn_tw #tpwf #theguardian #notoivory #worthmorealive

Repost from @tpw_foundation

#iworry - meeting these #gentlegiants in #tanzania was an incredible experience. Say #notoivory


One of the most beautiful animals in the world...#saynotopoaching or else this herd will be something we will never see again #elephants #notoivory #savetheelepants #masaaimara #safari #kenya #africa #bigfive

Not sure who did thìs, but I think it's gorgeous, doesn't matter how these wonderful Animals are depicted, there is always something amazing about these Pachyderms.

Colours of Ostrava? Colours of elephants! Come and get one and support our fight for elephants! Přijďte, kupte si svého slona a podpořte nás v boji za slony! #colours2017 #czechrepublic #saveelephantscz #saveelephants #stopthekillingnow #elephant #elephants #loxodonta #ngo #pickyours #stoppoaching #notoivory #fightnow

From @peta I usually don't post such graphic videos but my heart bleeds every time I see these barbaric acts done. Think again if your next fashion accessory is worth an innocent animals painful and torturous ending. Something that poor soul never asked for. I hate all those who think this is OK! Anything that promotes Cruelty can never ever be OK. This is one of the millions of videos that you might have not seen or refuse to see but it's happening everyday everywhere. Next time when you buy your next fur or down jacket , leather, snake or alligator skin bags stop for a second and feel what that animal went through before he or she died a slow tortuous and painful death. #humansarebarbarians #notofur#notoivory #notoleather #nototorture #animalsarenotentertainment #saynototorture #animalsdeservejustice #myheartbleeds #standupfortheinnocent.#

Happy birthday to my precious Bomani! 😍 I know you love to play with your friends but stop poking them! 😅😉 I'll try to run for you next year again at the #enormouselephantrun ! 🐘🐘🐘 #runforelephants #london @dswt @dswtfosterparents #iloveelephants #iworry #dswtfosterparents #fosterparent #elephants #raiseawareness #HappyBirthday #bomani #proudandloud #notoivory #fil #thebiggestthingyoucansay #animallovers #africanwinds

"I wish that people would realize that animals are totally dependant on us, helpless, like children, a trust that is put upon all of us." ~ James Herriot quote ● All Creatures, Great and Small #jamesherriot #jamesherriotquote
@Regrann from @bambilicious06 - There speaks the truth 🦏

#savebigcats - #regrann

Drew some #BlueSteel inspiration from #Zoolander for the Elephants. Grab a pair of these @theelephantpants and help save some pachyderms!

#SaveTheElephants #NoToIvory #Conservation #Environment #Elephants #ElephantPants #Wildlife #CrueltyFree #OOTD #Pachyderm #Comfortable #Clothes #Fashion

AWF celebrates Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten for its decision to end all sales of elephant ivory. The comprehensive policy change to ensure the protection of elephants from ivory trade became effective this month. This decision came following mounting international criticism of the trade and sweeping public support for a policy change – whereby over 36,500 advocates sent letters to Rakuten's president urging the closure of the platform's ivory sales as part of an AWF campaign. "The announcement by Rakuten is a good gesture to ending illegal wildlife trade and protecting these iconic species, and we urge other online ivory retailers to follow suit," said AWF President Kaddu Sebunya. Proof that contact and petitions work!! Onwards and upwards for the Elephants #notoivory #theworldiswakingup #savethemall

Travel companies Asia Transpacific Journeys, Classic Journeys, Grand Circle Travel, SITA World Tours, and Travel Holdings, Inc., continue to offer elephant rides as part of their tours, despite learning of the cruelty and human safety risks involved. Please help PETA urge these businesses to join the list ofdozens of compassionate companies that have committed to not offering activities that exploit Elephants, including Alexander+Roberts, Butterfield & Robinson, Collette, Group Voyagers, Road Scholar, STA Travel, TripAdvisor, VegVoyages, and others. Cruel training sessions—during which elephants are often deprived of even their most basic necessities, including food and water—can last for days and leave animals injured and traumatized. Those who survive the training will spend the rest of their lives in servitude, lugging tourists on their backs—even in sweltering heat or when they're exhausted and often while draped in chains—all while being jabbed and pulled with weapons. These gentle, intelligent animals are damned to a life of abuse so that travelers can have a few fleeting moments of entertainment.
Elephant rides are unpredictable and pose a significant danger to the public, too. Please, speak up for abused, exploited elephants today by urging Asia Transpacific Journeys, Classic Journeys, Grand Circle Travel, SITA World Tours, and Travel Holdings, Inc., to catch up to their competitors and stop offering elephant rides! Compassionate- there's a word! Some "humans" wouldn't understand compassion if it got up and slapped them in the face!! If I was standing next to some people who were discussing their holiday, and mentioned Elephant rides,I couldn't stay quiet, offer me a £1,000 and I still couldn't stay quiet. I have learnt a lot on here about Wildlife, and with extra research know much more about these magnificent, beautiful, caring Animals, enough to explain to someone why they shouldn't "join in" in any animal exploitation, including rides. The petition is on the Peta website, they have approx 165,974 signatures, wouldn't YOU like to make that more?

My tribute to the hundreds of elephants who were killed, their tusks seized by Hong Kong customs officials a couple days ago in the largest Ivory haul ever. The sea container was labelled frozen fish from malaysia and contained 7200kg of Ivory. Hong Kong is in the process of banning the Ivory trade. Say no to Ivory see @wildaid to make the pledge. #notoivory #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingcantoo
#watercolourpainting #watercolour #bykatiegraham #aquarelle #aquabord #wildlifeart #wildlife #ampersand #aquabord

This seller was asking for $3,729 for an elaborate eight-inch high Buddhist statuette. More affordable are the ivory trinkets and jewellery. Ivory has long been a much sought-after commodity in East Asia and newly affluent Chinese buyers are now driving the market. I look at that pic, I don't see a statuette, I see an Elephants Carcass rotting, butchered for it's tusks, I see a distraught baby, dehydrated and frightened. And I think about the many photos and videos on here, of herds going to water, of a caring compassionate Mum helping her baby to stand for the first time, the baby Ele chasing birds, stumbling and running to his parent. People on safari that meet a big bull who is standing in the middle of the road, the beautiful babies @dswtfosterparents and the way they turn deep sadness into hope. Beautiful paintings of majestic Elephants, all incredible posts of the most gorgeous Animals for us all to admire and love. But my heart cries, I feel such incredible anger. I want to scream WHY? But we all know that answer, -dirty filthy blood money. I pray for help to protect them All 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
#notokilling #notoivory #notopoaching #elephantsmatter #savethemall #elephantvoices #shoutout4theelephant

Well done to Hawaii. Act 125 prohibits the sale, purchase, trade, possession with intent to sell or barter of endangered or critically-endangered species, sea turtles and monk seals among the many. The Senate bill passed in 2016, however, enforcement of the law was delayed until June 30. “Many may not be aware that globally, wildlife trafficking falls right behind, and often hand in hand with illegal drugs, weapons and human trafficking crimes,” said state Sen. Mike Gabbard, who sponsored the measure. “Act 125 now serves as a model for other states and nations to emulate.” Hawaii has the third largest ivory market in the U.S., trailing New York and California. “Wildlife trafficking remains a high priority for enforcement,” said state Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement Chief Robert Farrell. “We support any legislation that recognizes the importance of protecting species that are at risk of exploitation. Hawai’i is doing its part to be globally aware of this issue.” The new law has gained the support of national and international conservation groups, including the Humane Society of the United States, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and dozens more. 👏👏👏👏👏
#notohorn #notoivory #savebigcats #savemarinelife #protect

Throughout his 23 terms in Congress, Rep. Don Young has developed a reputation with animal rights activists and conservationists as one of the leading “villains.” In January 2017, Young introduced a bill that would scale back former President Barack Obama’s nearly total ivory ban, which was enacted in July 2016 and makes exceptions for “bona fide antiques and items with small amounts of ivory.” Young has introduced similar bills in the past under the false pretenses that his bill helps Elephants “without penalizing the millions of Americans who legally acquire or already own products containing ivory.” He states, “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s ban on moving ivory across international and state borders wrongfully penalizes countless Americans and institutions who have legally obtained musical instruments, firearms, jewelry, and pianos containing elephant ivory but does little to nothing to prevent the poaching of these animals. The impact of this ban, which affects Americans from all walks of life and destroys the value of countless family heirlooms, has already been significant.” Young provides no evidence that the ban negatively impacts anyone, and his argument assumes that permitting an ivory trade market will somehow help elephants??? Young offers no explanation how antique ivory will be differentiated from illegal, if an ivory trade was opened back up. Young also wants to relax regulations on importing sport-hunted African elephant trophies to the United States!! Nice man-NOT! And with the orange Presidents numpty family being trophy hunters, he won't help. "People" like young have the clout to do a lot to help wildlife, but they choose money, bribes by the rich, who want to get more rich out of Animals misery. WRONG!! #saveelephants #trophyhuntersarepricks #protectthemall #donyoung #notoivory #theyneedhelp #betheirvoice

Her name is Basanthi (if the memory center in my brain is functioning properly, that is). She is such a gentle giant. She lets people come near her and touch her trunk. She offers comfort amidst your anxiety (and excitement) in the presence of a regal species.

When I read news that these gentle giants are exploited for their ivory tusks, it makes me wonder how can humans stoop so low. Too consumed with consumerism that they choose to kill an innocent being. Tsk tsk tsk. Stop ivory trade. Live and let live.
📷 by the talented, @kahimngan 😊
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A VERY rare wild BLUE EYED elephant on my first safari in a Kruger National park, SabiSabi. A special moment indeed. Capturing his eyes was a challenge because he was eating with his head down while moving from tree to tree with his family of 20 other elephants . #southafrica #safari #elephant #notoivory #sabisabi #krugerthroughmyeyes #wildlifephotography #kruger #africa #lovenature #notoivory

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