The #holocaustmemorial in #berlin - it’s made up of horizontal and vertical concrete monoliths. It’s eery, peaceful and thought provoking all at the same time. The inside exhibits are utterly heartbreaking. #neveragain #peace #tolerance #notofacism #notohate #germany

ای خیال کودکی
بوی جوی رودکی

ای خراسان خراب
شعر تلخ انوری

وه که ویران گشته ای
بت بامیان گشته ای

درد انسان میکشی
رنج بودا می بری

زنده یاد #قهارعاصی

A few colleagues questioned why I felt the need to go to an anti-trump protest on friday. I think this picture summarises the point. The scars of fascism are seen far and wide through Europe. Here in Budapest, a memorial to 3500 people (including 800 Jews) who were shot into the Danube by the facist red arrow malitiamen. Yet, a few metres up from here, parilament sits on the Danube in Hungary, peddling a new form of anti-jewish rhetoric. #notofacism #notinmyname

How do you expect to make a difference if all you do is sit at home and retweet? We took the time out of our day to go protest not only for our familes but for everyone elses as well. #AbolishIce #AbolishDHS #AbolishCBP #NoToFacism #NoToTrump #FamilisBelongTogether

“I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya...” #TrumpNotWelcome

Football didn’t come home... But HE IS GOING HOME 😂 #TrumpNotWelcomeHere

250,000 strong

Where do I start...

Welcome to London...not 🖕

Photo of the day

Today was a good day... 250,000 of us in the streets of London. No, you are not welcome here 🖕

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