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I'm a nasty woman. #TuckFrump #NotMyCheeto

I used to be one of those "But protests don't do anything! They don't need me out there! There are more effective ways to bleebleebloop!" people.
Then I realized I was saying that while sitting on my ass, enjoying deez freedomz, not doing shit about shit with the rest of 'em.
Turns out: People who give a shit are way better company.
#womensmarch #womensmarchsf #notmycheeto #resist 👊🏾

today will go down in my mind's history as the day I got a sea of hundreds of people to chant, "not my cheeto." maybe someday I won't post photos like this anymore, but for now, here's another A+ protest shot by the fab danesh. #notmypresident #notmycheeto

Does he bathe in the dust of Cheetos, or is he a Cheeto in a discount human suit? Also, Yesterday's march was amazing.

#notmytower #notmycheeto are you shocked this is our most photographed moment in Chicago? #persist #laresistencia @annierosest @slibs63

We know signs. We make the best signs. They're terrific. Everyone agrees.

Cash me outside calling you out

Today gave me hope #womensmarch #notmycheeto


#notmytower #notmycheeto are you shocked this is our most photographed moment in Chicago? #persist #laresistencia @annierosest @slibs63

The Australian government is currently forming a new Foreign Policy White Paper. Essentially (from what I understand) this means to be a 'philosophical framework to guide Australia's engagement, regardless of international events'. I have spent the last few hours reading submissions from individuals and organisations from all over Australia. It is important for us to take into account the interests of other countries who may be affected or damaged by our pursuit of actions that maximize Australian interests, regardless of others. We need to align our ends and means, and engage in practical, tough-minded diplomacy directed at making a difference. I think we all have the potential to send an email regarding what you consider to be an important aspect of Australian Foreign Policy.

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