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!! ART BY @i_saao !!
Time to introduce you to my OC Thayer, who is the partner of @i_saao's OC Aeneas.

Their relationship can be described as a Master/Servant Relationship.
LITTLE INFO: They are going to a school that is all about abilities. Students are ranked from Class C to S depending on their level of Skill.

Students in Class S are the most skilled people and Students in Class C the worst. Every student in Class S has the right to choose someone from Class C as their servant/right hand etc etc.

And no, they are not BNHA OCs LMAO
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Raven is still my WCW! SWIPE 🔙 to see the rest 🔥💙💕
Out of all these which is your favorite?

NOT MY ART! Check out these awesome artists!! Top @leighellexson middle @greenmaggot and bottom @jennifercharlee they deserve more followers so please check them out! I want to promote more artist and spread more love in the community! 💖💖💖 So please show them some love! #notmyart #greatartist #cuteart #watercolor #drawings #illustration

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I'm The Shoujo Finish
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Always blown away when I get these things. Just received these goodies in the mail from @luisgadea...volume 2 of Más Que Solo Ellas with some prints and custom dedication sketch!! Thanks buddy!!! Go give him a follow for amazing art and tutorials! His IG stories alone are more than inspiring, even to an old veteran like me! And he's such a nice guy to boot! Go follow him! NOW!! #NOTMYART #sketchbook


Sometimes you gotta treat yourself, especially when things aren't too good like at the moment. I'm kind of unmotivated to do art stuff because it sometimes feels like I'm not good enough or something. Don't know.
Anyway, gifting myself something nice is just what I needed, and that's what I got myself: prints and the second book from the beautiful and incredible talented @majasbok 😍 I'm so in love with her art and look at the lovely packaging, did you see the cats inside the envelope? That really makes me happy ❤️
Manchmal muss man sich was gönnen, gerade wenn es nicht so gut läuft. Irgendwie fehlt mir gerade ein bisschen Motivation für Kunstsachen und das Gefühl nicht gut genug zu sein macht mir ein bisschen zu schaffen... Keine Ahnung. Naja, jedenfalls hab ich mich deswegen selbst beschenkt, und zwar mit ein paar Prints der unglaublich talentierten @majasbok 😍 Ich liebe ihre Illustrationen und die hübsche Verpackung, habt ihr die Katzen im Briefumschlag gesehen? Ich bin glücklich ❤️

I'm in love w/ the colors on this {Art; FriendlyCloudGuy} {Source; Tumblr} {Tags}
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i am an orange #NOTMYART

Ok so Splatfest is next weekend i think lol
I'm not Team Mayo but this is fucking Gold -
Artist: @capt.pineapple

Y'all don't mind that Beautiful Profile pic
It's Jesus Reborn @capt.pineapple (Go follow her for some good ass art and bird memes) ;)
Artist: (@ ningukt) [Twitter]
(I'll probably change that beauty of a profile pic later)

I haven't posted something sad in awhile so here is a gorgeous fanart that will somewhat play with your feels
Not my art
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