When you deadlift so hard, your phone gets all Bronté sister and swoons. 215kg in the bag. Squats and bench tomorrow. #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #cavepower

Crotch Watch week 4.2: The last training session of this cycle. I forgot to film the bench, I was down for 2x 115, ended up doing four like the DL yesterday. Here's some incline dumbell press, using 35kg dumbells. Nearly on the bottom row of those now! #bench #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #cavepower

Crotch Watch week 4.1: slight change to the running order this week. Trap bar has been canned, the last heavy DL day moved to today, and bench tomorrow. Should let me test this weekend and start comp prep next week. Program said 2 singles @ 200. Changed it to 3, as it seemed too easy. Ended up pulling 4 (last one shown). #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #cavepower #competition

Crotch Watch week 3.3: Classic Crotch Watch angle for an epic deadlift session. 4x2 @ 190, nailed the lot. I'm assuming it's because I've recovered from night shaft, but that felt a lot easier than Saturdays 187.5 singles. Training to @abiminns dance classics was a bit of a challenge though 😉. #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #cavepower #competition

Crotch Watch week 3.2: Heavy squench! 4 singles @ 162.5 and 4 singles @ 110 for squats and bench, last ones shown. All this felt really easy, BUT, it's all stuff I've done before, and I just don't know if I'll get PBs on either one. Should be OK though. #squat #bench #squench #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #cavepower

Crotch Watch week 3.1: Top tip: don't pull a glute, unless you enjoy having this spiky blue son of a bitch in and around your arse. Pulled a 180 single, 210 went half way up my shins, as did 207.5. Repped 167.5 and managed 5/2/3. A really good effort considering I was almost completely crippled yesterday. #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #defecit #strongman #competition #cavepower #butthurt

Crotch Watch week 2.3: Had to skip squench day this week due to night shaft fatigue. Suffering still today, but just about getting through. 5 singles @ 187.5. Felt harder than they should. #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #competition #cavepower

Crotch Watch week 2.1: Head was really not in a good place today. Struggled out of my pit, just managed enough gym time to get the main movement done, then had to get away to work. Failed at 235 for a single, had to call it at 220 (which was relatively easy) then repped 3x5 @ 175 (last set shown). Timings are going to be tight for the comp. #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #cavepower #strongman

Went and signed up for this today. Hoping to enjoy it, but worried about competition putting me off (racing killed mountain biking for me). #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #competition

Crotch Watch week 1.3: Crotch Watch on Tour!! Usual gym closed for the bank holiday, and suffering from night shaft routine yesterday, means I'm on a day pass at the Health Hub. I suppose someone needs to show the little boys and fitness bunnies what @rob_murray_rmpt bought all these weights for. 😉 Really nice gym, just not my kind of atmosphere. Six easy doubles at 180kg today. #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #strongman #healthhub

Crotch Watch week 1.2: Good news: a cracking squench session after yesterday's deadlift. Bad news: I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN. Glutes, hamstrings, upper back, shoulders, that muscle in the back of your head that lets your ears wiggle? ALL PAIN ALL THE TIME. And, I'll have to cut short for work, and Holly Wilobooby has let us down. Hopefully we can get @iamkb do present the finale. Squats 3x5 @ 145, bench 6x2 @ 105. #squat #bench #squench #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #cavepower #strongman

Crotch Watch week 1.1: Crotch Watch is back for a second series. 12 episodes over four weeks, and we've got @hollywilloughby presenting the grand finale (TBC 😉). Pulled a really good, smooth and fast 210 single then repped 167.5 for 3x5 (last set shown). #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #cavepower #strongman

Transition phase finished (I'm now called Wendy). Looking forward to starting the intensification phase (which I assume will be like sex on a camp site: fuckin in tents). It's kind of cool to be training with some of the strongest men in Yorkshire. As my sets/weight/reps are coming up, they're using them for program adjustment, or coming back from injury. Picking up some knowledge from really good lifters, before they shoot off in to numbers I'll never even dream of again. #strongman #deadlift #squats #bench #notjustaregularfatguy #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #cavepower

A cheeky PB on deficits this morning, followed by a pulled glute on the last set. Should be OK for squats on Thursday though. #deadlift, #comewithmeifyouwanttolift, #notjustaregularfatguy #defecit

I was just hoping @scott_chippy, @daniellewilkinson_strength or @rmpersonaltraining could just do me a quick sanity check on RDL form? I've been slowly adding weight (+2.5kg/week) and 120kg finally feels like my château booté is finally putting some effort in. This is the last set of 3x8, so any form issues should show. I don't get any pain, but do feel "The Burn"/DOMS like sensation in my lower back. A little wary of this movement, just want to be sure. #deadlift #romainiandeadlifts #chateauboote #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy

The latest batch of GET MASSIVE powder has arrived from my old school friend @bencoomber. A little bit more money than I'd usually spend, but apparently it's "awesome". Wondering if the daily dose of creatine will be worth it, over having it in with the the protein shake. #notjustaregularfatguy #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #awesomesupplements #getmassive #neverforgetbogofpizzainsouthafrica

AC/DC and deadlift after a crap weekend of day shift. Because therapy is for tossbags and Americans. Pulled 210 to the knees, failed at 205 (thanks for that shift pattern) so based the rep weight on 210: working at 167.5 #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #cavepower #notallowedtokillpeopleatwork

That's the last of the "accumulation phase" finished today. Starting the "transition phase" next week. Apparently it'll involve winning £4 million on a scratch card and having my every bowel movement reported in the Hull Daily Mail. #deadlift #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy #cavepower

Used a trap bar for the first time since I was training with @rmpersonaltraining. Did OK I suppose, 205 easy single, but failed at 225, then 215. Repped at 165. Gonna chit it down to post night shaft depression (coupled with the worst couple of weeks at work ever) that I'm not feeling it today. Think I got a PB for pull up reps though. 👍 #deadlift #trapbar #comewithmeifyouwanttolift #notjustaregularfatguy

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