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The Paris I love—people strewn like so many spent cigarettes sur le pavé along the banks of the Seine. A lens flare dream where I'm 17 and not broken or hurt or wise and I have nothing to lose. Where I'm cheap and silly, and I think every path I see might be the one for me, every back alley narrative prismatic. Now I can't even be bothered to look down most paths. I don't know if I'm any wiser or if exhaustion and boredom masquerade as wisdom. I don't even know if I'm exhausted or bored. A little, but not entirely. I'm less romantic, more practical. But still hopeless. And sometimes I can see my own face on a girl laid out on the sidewalk in a short skirt, smoking cigarettes as if they weren't vile and drinking cheap wine with no concept of time or responsibility or holding on to anything other than now. I don't miss it. I miss it. Being a mother and wife, being a woman, is interesting. But being a girl is in its own way too what with all of its nicks and bruises. To be the same thing ones whole life would be boring. And so we change and barely notice our own ghost on the bench next to us. As it should be. Because this is time, and it is golden. #localmilkparis #theartofslowliving

My nickname is "Mommy" but my full name is "Mama! Mommy!! Maammaa! MOMMMYYYY!"

Feeling like a princess in this dress by @fabrique_mz 💕💕 Vidimo se u 16:30 na @balkantubefest girl Q&A-ju

Matcha 🍦 📸 @suyeon_foodie - Want Matcha. Click link in bio.

On the train back to Newcastle, after a quick catch-up with friends in Manchester. I'm really excited to be heading home. That's not to say I wouldn't have minded having a little while longer in Italy, mind you. Because, well, I'm head over heels for the place. Here's me flouncing about in @lineacarta's hotel room. 📸: @lineacarta.

Saturday's mad house.

Lia Miljian, 9 months old today 🌻 - [Ok. 9 months in, 9 months out and I have the impression that she was born yesterday. My tiny baby has become a little lady. That's crazy. Time flies too fast. Can I cry now? 😭🙈]
Lia Miljian, 9 mesi oggi 🌻
e quel cerchio, con il tempo fatto da mele, foglie d'autunno, rami di Natale, mandarini, limoni, fragole, carote e ciliegie diventa sempre, ed inesorabilmente, sempre più grande. 9 mesi in, 9 mesi out. Si avvicina sempre più il giorno del soffio sulla prima candelina, dall'altra parte del mondo. Pain au chocolat con le fragole, é un piacere vederti crescere 💘 [ed io, ovviamente, non posso che sentire il rumore delle lancette che scorrono, scorrono, a volte facendomi saltare un po' come saltava Capitan Uncino vedendo il coccodrillo. La mia bambina ha già nove mesi, sta in piedi da sola, ha cominciato a dormire nel suo letto. E a me quella calda notte piena di stelle, quando ho sentito la sua voce per la prima volta, sdraiata sotto quella mappa del mondo che ancora non sapevo a quale punto sarebbe stata importante per noi, sembra ieri ✨]
Lia's dress is from @greenberrykids 💐
With a Lot of Love 💘 - #likemiljian

This pretty much sums up their personalities - one's glued to my side, one's as independent as they come, wanting to sit all by himself a few steps up from us. 👧🏼👦🏼
Are your kids pretty similar or polar opposites like mine?
(Also: Nicky has started doing a "cheese" face when the camera is out and it's the cutest thing ever.)

Summit snoozin'


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Cozy Saturday mornings c/o @_iolani #wokeuplikethis

"why are white girls are always talking about grain bowls?" (except no grain for me because i'm extra 💁🏼)

A close look at Katwalk Kimberleys’ wellies 👢 fully funding the work in supporting recovering addicts - More info at gmanUK.com #nothingisordinary #livethelittlethings #iamgman

Coffee strolls along white houses and black shutters at the Falmouth Village Green for some timeless and charming Cape Cod vibes this Saturday morning 🚲

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