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Girlfriend's lip gloss be poppin' & her duck lips be quackin'! And in case you were wondering, she is indeed just as sassy in person! 😘😘

This park, this city, this family of mine...I love them so so much. Oh and Shake Shack, where we had such a good din din that pretty much ended up on this dress. The kids used me as a napkin but hey the floral print hid all the ketchup, cheese sauce and chocolate shake, so I'm good ☺️ pic by my sweet @mtsoffe

Right after this photo was taken, someone let out some gas, which the camera captured, swipe left to see our reaction. I won't tell you who it was, I would never bring dishonor to my family member like that, especially someone twice as big as me. Nope, never, just call me Mulan already! .
I love making new friends on here, hello!👋🏼 Thank you so much for following along, it means so much to me! Recently I was featured on Little Things & Tip Hero(they have 10-20 million FB followers😱) among numerous other sites but none excited me as much as when I just found out by my sweet friend @allhalemama that @tamrajudge posted about me on her FP page and said "She's really good at this!" My mouth went 😮😲😵, she's my favorite Real Housewife! 💃🏻💃🏻.
People.com will do a segment on me this week, I'll keep you updated on the time, I'm just so taken aback & humbled by all the response. Last Thurs. when my video was due but once again, I had to put my kids schedule first over mine, I got angry at God.🙊I yelled out loud, "Really? My needs are met ONLY IF everyone else's needs and wants are met first! I'm so tired of trying to do this & then being so angry & resenting my husband & motherhood every Thurs!" Then I heard a voice inside my head, "I will make it so that it's as if you're putting your sewing as your highest priority. Every time you have to sacrifice your career for your family, I will make it so that your success will be just the same as if you were putting your career first." .
So this past week, my video wasn't published on Thurs., it was published on Friday evening. But I didn't stress about it. And look at all the success God has shown me already, he never breaks his promise. I am so humbled and grateful. Every time we sacrifice our wants & needs for others, God blesses us with what we just sacrificed plus more by a 100 fold. I'll share more on that epiphany I had this coming week. Hope you're having a great Sunday!❤️
Link to dress in bio.

I adore this smart, talented, and hard working dear of mine. She surprises me everyday. Yesterday she made a chocolate/ cherry cake and it was so good ( it' s all gone). To tell you the truth I've never made a cake myself. 🙊🙉🙈. Sure I've made dessert but never a fancy cake. She wants to open up a bakery/tea house when she grows up. She's doing so great at age 11. ❤❤❤✌

The Greecy side of Jeju

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Sunrises are early this time of year, but with warmer weather it's a little easier to hop out of bed to enjoy the colors.
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when i was a little girl, i dreamt of having a large family, being a wife, being a mama. when i got together with my friends, we played M.A.S.H. (anyone else)?! i was just a young girl with some big dreams, not knowing how quickly that stage of my life would pass me by. today, right now, i am living that dream. i am a wife, a mama, a stay at home wife/mom, and hope to grow a large family. isn't that crazy? i am literally living the dream. somedays, i often take that dream for granted and i want to do better. some days are so hard, but isn't that with any job you have? i have found that taking the time to reflect back on the positive of the day is so good for the soul. so today, i am just thankful for my family. they really are my world and i can't believe they are mine and i am living the dream. pretty crazy to think about 😏 #holdthemoments

Love this patriotic photo of our door and hardware! And did you hear we're offering 20% your full purchase? Sale ends mañana so run quickly If you're needing somethin' special for your home! And Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!


Back to work after an amazing four days break with my boys, our dogs, at home, enjoying the garden and some good homemade meals. Hope your weekend was as good as mine, simply living • 29/05/17 •
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En el pais del cielo gris llevamos unos dias de mucho mucho sol, y mis monstruitos son bombones del norte que no llevan nada bien el calorcete!! 😬😬
Ains lo bien que dormia el otro dia monstruito2 en los brazos del Tato y lo mal que hemos dormido esta noche.
Y esta foto me pone al dia, mi hermano peque no es tan peque, esas manos son de todo un caballero!! 😍😊😍 Y monstruito2, que ultimamente esta muy mayor, en sus brazos sigue siendo mi bebe.
Buenos y calurosos dias!! #elTato #siblinglove #hands #slowlife #magicofchildhood #hellofamilyjessica #capturandolaluzhc #sogreatisthepowerofbeauty #it_mayoderetratos #acozyspring

Het aankleedkussen in het nieuwste kleurtje en printje van @witlofforkids ❤️binnenkort ook in onze webshop minipop.nl te vinden! De schoentjes van @angulus_official en het broekpakje van @marmarcopenhagen vind je er ook.
Happy monday!
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Our beach hut tester Millie. She likes to make sure they are all spick and span before we formally open any beach hut for guests.  That or she's just hunting for more treats ;0) 
Beach Hut - Sunnysands 

Awas! Tegangan tinggi⚡️

Fun weekend at the European Festival 🇵🇹

One of my favorite corners to people watch in the Beaubourg. Le Station Rambuteau. This server has been there every year I have. I guess the beard is there to stay. They make one of the best cassoulets and I will partake very soon! Even in this merciless heat!
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addicted to champagne 🥂

The only photo I took today. 😁 #365

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