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When I stop crying for this hair that I used to have (please find me all the hair growing magic tricks) I will start crying about this chubby little baby with a solar system-sized bow balancing on her head. Oh all the feels!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #HappilyEvaAfter #TBT #Family #Momlife #MarloweMae #ThatBowLife (📷: @lovexlemonade )

Thought it would be fun to scrolled back to see what I posted a year ago today...yeah it wasn't fun 😭😭 #andofcourseikeptscrolling 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙅🏻🥃🍷😩😭#imaypostanothertotortutemyself #tbt

spelt baked donuts with dark & caramel chocolate glaze topped with chia raspberry jam, matcha powder, cacao nibs, rose petals + coconut sugar! RECIPE is over on the G&F site... perfect for some weekend baking! happy friday friends! ash x #gatherandfeast

There's been something on my mind for the last 4 years that I've not been able to share until now. *Disclaimer - PLEASE DO NOT PITY ME I AM NOT SAD.* But I am sick. And have been for a very long time. And as the months have gone on, I have only gotten worse. It has effected me in ways I cannot explain unless you share my pain. Currently I am diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases and in April I may tack on another two, totaling in 4. I've not wanted to talk much about it out of fear and confusion. Lack of knowledge of what's happening to my body.
But over the last few weeks I have had the most incredible experience of meeting other women who share this. If not for @iamblaireporter, I would still continue to suffer, probably for years and years until i went insane. This women is filled with strength and wisdom and her brain blows me away. She has helped me in a way I can never properly thank her for and still continues to guide me. Blaire you're fucking amazing and I love you. @moonbodysoul and I also share this pain and have been working together as a support system. And @amarisland, who also shares this pain has given me the actual strength to make this post. It's really hard for me to share something like this. I know you must know just how much your words effected me tonight. Nearly brought me to tears to be able to take this journey with you.
If any one of you following here has it, you are not alone. Please take care of yourself. Put yourself first because you are worth it.
And for anyone who has seen the drama on my other page and the attacks and claims made on me that I'm a terrible person who treats their customers like garbage because my prices went up. MAKERS KNOW YOUR WORTH AND BE CONFIDENT IN IT. Thank you @marymcmillanjewellery for reminding me of that. The makers community is unreal!

so many emotions as this was nearly a year ago. my two boys: one barely two years old and the other brand new. oh spring, you bring me so many emotions. happy, joyous, giddy, and then there's these two boys' birthdays. birthdays as a mama are bittersweet. with each new season comes more new and fun stages, but these throw back photos sure give me all the emotional feels. i cried holding benz in his room this week all because i am so thankful to call these boys my sons. cheers to new seasons and old ones too 💕

She wants a cell phone, is getting particular about what she wears and is asking for me to take a picture of her in her "cute new jumper". My girl is becoming more like an independent teenager and my boy is becoming an emotional + sensitive mess. What. Is. Happening!? 😂


We've nearly made it to the weekend! But first I need to make it to London. Trains have been quite messed up this morning so I'm running late. But I'm looking forward to a hopefully productive and fun weekend!

Cups and saucers when you want afternoon tea to be special.

Little Eve minis! 🙊💕🐰 8pm tonight ladies! Xx

Happy Red Nose Day!

Happy Friday!
The kids are so excited about going to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend and truth be told I'm pretty excited too! Who else is looking forward to seeing it?.
Our Polar Bear sitting pretty, waiting for you to take him home 📫 Check previous post for a sneaky discount 😉
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L'ho fatto !!! Ho guidato!! Confesso che ora ho un gran mal di testa e il collo indolenzito ma e' andata benissimo. Ho preferito farlo oggi che è venerdì con strade libere, sono stata in giro un'ora. Come dice la Mia amica @elisaverrazzo il battesimo alla guida in #kuwait resta un momento indimenticabile! Comunque ora sono a casa, potete uscire ! 😂😂😂. Mimma #mammeneldeserto


I wanna know, do you feel anything as you go on your way? #wanderlust #vscophile #feelings

Sometimes you just need champagne for breakfast 🥂

Где бы я ни находилась какое-то более-менее продолжительное время, я так или иначе "бросаю якорь". Это, конечно, фигура речи, но именно слово "якорь" наиболее точно описывает то, что я чувствую. Эмоциональные зацепки -- якори живут отдельной от меня жизнью практически во всех городах, которые мне довелось посетить. А в истории со Стамбулом, в отдельных его районах. Мы живем в Азии уже четвертый год, но каждый приезд в мой "старый" район вскрывает все мои внутренние якори, и я чувствую себя путешественником во времени.

Siempre me he sentido atraída por la manzana de Blancanieves 😍🍎 así que cuando vi ésta en @maisonsdumonde en rosa tuvo que venirse conmigo!😍💘 ¿He oído viernes?🤔👂🏻 seeeeeee 😎😂💃🏻


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