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Celebrating my lil sis on her 2nd born baby @lu3ngil3 ,I love you and your new baby 💙💙proud of the woman you have grown to be and I'm sure our parents are looking down from heaven and smiling and uBaba ngabe uthi "Usebenzile ntombi" 👏 😘😘#newcar #bmw #sisterslove #levels #nothingisimpossiblewithgod

Insightful article about my journey back by @marcjspears on TheUndefeated.com #nothingisimpossiblewithgod

Part 2 to the swirly centers. Hope you guys have a great Friday 🤗🤗. #swirlycenters #paperflowertutorials #nevergiveuponyourdreams #nothingisimpossiblewithgod

Jesus, you are my healer ❤️ Just had a worship service here at home since my mom can't go out. Thank you Kuya Louie, Sis. Irish, Bro. Paulo for going here 2 sundays in a row already and making this possible 🙂 #NothingisimpossiblewithGod

الحياة مليئة بالحجارة، فلا تتعثر بها👌بل اجمعها و ابني بهما سلما تصعد به نحو النجاح❤️🙏👍 #ambitious #nothingisimpossiblewithgod #الحياةحلوة

They said she wouldn't, but she did... They said she couldn't, but she can... They said she won't, but SHE WILL... never let anyone tell you what your child will or won't accomplish. You gotta look fear and disappointments in the eyes and declare the VICTORY is yours. Don't allow people or statistics to plant negative seeds. #NothingIsImpossibleWithGod #PaigesCpJourney #CpMom💚

Момент, когда ты счастлив не от того, что у тебя есть сейчас, а от того, Кто Есть Твой Бог, Которому Ты веришь и Которого Ты любишь! #GodIsGood #goodday #nothingisimpossiblewithgod

PLEASEEEEE take a minute to P R A Y for my friends @kelchez and @jsanchez4 as they're believing in faith that God will save there child Ezra. This past Saturday they got a call while at a wedding there son was face down in a pool unresponsive. As I'm believing in faith with them they have been staying in the hospital at the PICU praying that God will heal there son. I picked this song in dedication to Ezra because they play this song for him every night 😭. I've never posted on social media me playing music much less singing, but I'm doing it for #teamezra. God can do the impossible and I KNOW He's going to do a miracle for this family. Please pray for them and agree that as Ezra is going through all the chaos, he will come out of this victorious with no complications, healed, and be a testimony of Gods miracles! #teamezra #youarysunshine #prayforezra #miracles #nothingisimpossiblewithgod


Faith and prayer make all things possible! #faithandprayerworks #nothingisimpossiblewithgod

I dont know what you may be going through but the fact that you're still alive means Gods not done with you just yet! Its not over!

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYBODY! #TrustJesus #KeepFightingForYourDreams #NothingIsImpossibleWithGod

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