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Happy b-day to my little brother #Emmanuel love u lil bro and miss u so much.. but I know u will be home soon! #nothingIsImpossibleforgod

No matter how dried and wasted your life may be, God can still use you for a greater good #camonc9 #nothingisimpossibleforGod

Lord, I'm amazed by you! #GodIsGood #nothingisimpossibleforgod

Need lots of prayers tonight for sweet Ben! He's 3 yrs old, been in the hospital for over a month, had open heart surgery, & this is the 5th surgery needed within this month because of complications. This little boy needs a miracle! Thanks for praying for him and believing this is the last surgery needed...complete healing in Jesus' name! #nothingisimpossibleforGod #miracleisontheway
From his momma & daddy:

Poor Ben, after a fun afternoon playing with Joey, Daniel, Daddy & Mommy, he had to go back to the OR for the fifth time. This time his chest has swollen up and some blood numbers were not looking good. They believe he has a hematoma so they are going in to clean the area out and place several more drains. Please pray, I will try to update this evening when he comes back up to his room.

"It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it. My own hands stretched out the heavens, I marshaled their starry hosts." Is 45:12
#nothingisimpossibleforgod #thebeautyofbroken #seekhim #seasonofbrokenness #beautyfromashes


PRAYER FOR WHEN I'M FRUSTRATED AKA MONDAY! 🙇🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🏽.... Can I get an AMEN! 🙆🏽

Sending some Sunday night motivation for the week ahead. #youvegotthis

Bye bye burden! My Lord has it!
#beanxiousfornothing #nothingisimpossibleforgod

"You heal the broken hearted,
You set the captive free,
You lift the heavy burden,
And even now You are lifting me
There is no healer like the Lord our maker,
There is no equal to the King of kings,
Our God is with us, we will fear no evil,
'Cause You do, impossible things 'Cause You do, impossible things."

Such a great song, "Impossible Things" by Chris Tomlin. Lately, I find myself coming back to this song when I need some encouragement in my day!

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