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Nice morning at the #randyjonesrun , running in memory of our good friend Travis, with his family and friends! Last year Travis did this run in preparation for his half marathon.
#nothingfortheswimback #nobodycaresgoharder #riptravis

Arm bar press. Good variant for those looking to add support to your over head position and want to coordinate the shoulder to reduce shoulder pain improve your #kettlebell windmill. Pair this with the metronome and you'll be resilient as all get out in your shoulder! #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

These are some of the finest people I know...#TeamTravAss #nothingfortheswimback

Well @kaylor.hasbargen the hays in the barn buddy.

I've been lucky enough to work with Kaylor for awhile now. And while I've had some Jerry Maquire "Help me, Help you" moments when I get texts like "I did 100 Thrusters for time yesterday, almost got it unbroken" and I shake my head. I wouldn't trade workin with him for anything.

Kaylor is easily the hardest working and humblest athlete I've ever trained with. And the other great part is I also get to call him a friend. See you down in Portland boss, just about show time.

#WhatsKaylorDoing #WestRegionals #SlangIron #PoundSand #ChugPoundWater #NothingForTheSwimBack

I'm neither here nor there #nothingfortheswimback

Awesome to see more and more Bench Cleans showing up out there, this ones a keeper for sure.
Repost: @weightlifting_doc ・・・
KB Bench Cleans for improved dynamic mobility. It's not a barbell however it's helping me become better at the sport that I love. Vary your training when you're burnt or when you want to get better!
Thank you @ironclubathletics for the pointers and throwing some gasoline on my fire.

Take it for a ride @s_my_fit
@cowan.nicholas and @mayhem_syndicate
#CrossFitKettlebell #slangiron #agogestrength #embracethesuck #breakyourchains #goku #doyourbest #nothingfortheswimback  #prepareforglory #maximumeffort #olympiclifting #weightlifting #strongman #uwschiro #milwaukiespineandsport
#sportchiropractor #pdx #portland #bridgecity

I know I have struggled with this little by little in my life. Performing actions or becoming bogged down due to the little voice in my head saying "what would people think?" Now, I have become better at letting that voice speak while I listen. I let the thoughts and feelings pass over me and out of me. Realizing that those thoughts and feelings do to serve purpose in my life. It is not a matter to total abolition of these feelings. Freedom comes from being in the moment that you are in. Worry about the future or what my come takes you from the moment. Reaction to the moment will bring you freedom. Allowing life to happen while you experience all that will.
I choose my course. Aiming for the horizon. While never casting worry toward controlling the waves, the tides, or the surf. I simply surf!
#nothingfortheswimback #maximumeffort

TEAM TRAV-ASS rocking the Team Parker run this morning...I know you're always with us Trav but seeing your fav TMNT Raphael at the end proved it! 🏅💚 #nothingfortheswimback #TNT


I'll be stopping by @crossfittriplecity for some athletic enhancement and Injury prevention screens this Friday at 5 pm. If you have questions or a desire to improve come by and say hello! Thank you @crossfittriplecity for allowing me to help an awesome community! #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

#Repost @weightlifting_doc (@get_repost)

Arm bar press. Good variant for those looking to add support to your over head position and want to coordinate the shoulder to reduce shoulder pain improve your #kettlebell windmill. Pair this with the metronome and you'll be resilient as all get out in your shoulder! #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

What's in your battle kit? I've rolled many different set ups and found benefits in all of them! However, now I've found the set up that accomplishes exactly what I need!
3x rolls of Elastikon for taping the thumbs.
2x rolls of miscellaneous tape.
2x sets of webbing straps for pulls.
1x light band for pre-workout priming.
1x roll of floss for prepping the body.
Feel free to ask and tell what you like in your training bag! What's in your MOVEkIT!? #MOVEkIT #SlangIron #kitisset #grabyourgear #bootsaretiedon

See you this afternoom @crossfitpe to work with anyone wanting to move to their potential!
To Milwaukie via 99. Directions from @crossfitpe to @milwaukiespine to work with providers dedicated to helping you move and feel better! #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

See you bright an early at 8 am this coming Saturday as the team @strengthfarmpdx gets you stronger! I'll be there to help with any movement and lifting questions or issues you might have! #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

When reading other trainers, providers, doctors, and 'gurus' talk about superiority of themselves or how one way is worse than another. We are all ready to help those who ask of us! So we can be better providers by filtering those we cannot help to those who can! #evidencebasedpractice #donotbeadouche #theinterview #jamesfranco

Head coach of @vulkanweightlifting feeling the intensity of the current cycle! If you want to improve your lifting and join an awesome community of strength athletes come on by!

Supplemental work with #kettlebells and rack walks. I want to be better so I do the #slangiron programming by @ironclubathletics up in SODO Seattle! #sodolife #seatown

Rolling some bench #kettlebell cleans for better positions in my barbell front rack. Then walking it out for more front rack support! #slangiron
@crossfit503 @vulkanweightlifting

I'll see you @crossfittriplecity this afternoon after 430pm!
Just a short hop up to downtown Milwaukie you can work with some dedicated providers ready to support you and prevent injury! #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

If you do not learn about shoulder coordination from this video...maybe you learn how to position a camera better! Using a bottoms up #kettlebell press can decrease pain in the shoulder by coordinating motion and use of shoulder girdle motions. Reference @cowan.nicholas for reminding me the importance to getting the shoulder at 45 degrees or in the scapular plane! #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

#kettlebell work because I want to be better with my sport by diversification of my portfolio. Go follow @ironclubathletics for more diversity in your program! #anoldoldwoodenship #slangiron

Step up and be counted among the herd to help those of us willing to ask for it! #allforoneandoneforall
#Repost @ashleyckay14 (@get_repost)
Friends and Family, In support of a dear friend and client, @xanhk , I am participating in PurpleStride Portland, a walk/fundraiser for pancreatic cancer. It would be wonderful if you could donate to this cause and help continue to increase the survivor odds. As said by Xan's wife @sara.harwood : "This year we celebrate almost 3 years since Xan's pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Because of people like you in just those three years we have changed the survivor odds from close to 5% to 9%. That may seem small, but that is a huge deal!!! If you can't walk with us, feel free to make a donation, but we would love to see as many of you as possible." Donation link in bio. #noonefightsalone #fuckcancer

Alternative angle for the bell hike. This is great for readying the shoulder for activity! #somanymoreactivities #movebetter #liftbetter #livebetter

Give the ole bottoms up #kettlebell press a go if you have shoulder pains with pressing overhead. Gripping the hell out of the horns and controlling the motion allows for your shoulder girdle or complex to coordinate itself without excess cuing! Your major movers are the big muscles and your postural support or fine tuning muscles are the small ones! #slangiron #agogestrength

@nwstrengthandperformance solo representative at the #bestofthewest competition in Bend, OR over the weekend! After crushing it at Pipe hitters last weekend he overcame the environment to place 18th as an individual! Good on ya Hammer! @ironclubathletics @nwlincfit @adriannakara @heavyweightspinestraight

Doc's enjoying the sun while one of us takes care of the athletes here at the Best of the West competition. #sportchiropractor #oregoncity

Beyond proud to be apart of @nohipsnicole story of athletic glory! Stay tuned for more amazing performances from her in October and this year's Nationals. #usawnationals2017 #killinit

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