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Damn @gothsdoingthings! Your girl Wednesday musta had a rough Wednesday. (@gothsdoingthings)

Let’s be honest, the gym sucks. I only go as an excuse to wear cute @stronger sets ✌🏼🙆🏼❤️ #ihatethegym #cutesetthough #activelifestyle #nothanks #goingtobedinmyactivewear #gymlife #workout #fitness

Nach meinem kleinen Gefühlsausbruch heute morgen (siehe Story wen es interessiert), sitze ich jetzt gerade auf dem Friseurstuhl und lasse mir meine erste #afterchemofrisur vom @novahairstudiohamburg verpassen (ich deklariere das mal als Werbung weil ich lieberweise eingeladen wurde🙈😍) 💇🏼 Wie ihr euch sicher vorstellen könnt, hab ich mich ewig auf genau diesen (!) Moment gefreut und jetzt ist er da!🙊💆🏼 Ansonsten war mein zweites Highlight des Tages, dass ich eher durch Zufall an diese wunderschönen #Overknees geraten bin. @winter.hood hatte einfach mal 12 Paar zum anprobieren bestellt und Zack war auch eins für mich dabei🙋🏼 Ihr müsst wissen, für eine 1,80 große Frau ist es fast so kompliziert passende Overknees zu finden, wie den Da Vinci Code zu knacken🙄 Die enden nämlich meistens an den Waden und nicht überm Knie😅 Es sollte also so sein #einfachmalschönredenkannich😋 Ne ohne Spaß, eigentlich muss ich echt mal wieder ein sparen #nomoneyindahouse, aber wenn dann schonmal so eine Fügung passiert, kann ich halt auch nicht einfach #nothanks sagen🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 Wie steht ihr so zu Overknees?😎 #linkzudenbootshabichinmeinestorygepackt #magdievoll #ggmarmont #blackandgrey #lieblingsfarben #autumnlover #winterhude #olympuspenepl7

Made to order keychain 🌸 It will be shipped today. Hope you like it. 💕💕
#decoden #charm #keychain #madetoorder #etsyshop #etsyfinds #etsycanada #etsy #nothanks #customized #accessories

The suspected ingredients 🤔 and they flat out don’t work #nothanks#vitamind#flushot#vaccines

Seeing Hamilton - the shittiest and most overrated show on Broadway ever- with the best friend ever !!! #nothanks #fuckoff #waisted$1000 #friends

Skirts or sweats?? 😂😂
@lmfao_literally -


Eat Liver! 😮🤐😅🤗 The #superfood that's not #green #vegetables . It is one of the most nutrient dense foods available. Packed full of #iron, #zinc, B12 and other B vitamins, vitamin A, C and folate! It's also high in #protein and low #calories for those wanting to trim the waist line!

Can’t even imagine the noise levels these multimillion dollar houses would have to endure between the beach and a highway of cars speeding behind them. .
#vaillens #travelandleisure #latergram #visitcalifornia #losangeles #socal #beachview #milliondollarhomes #nothanks

The difference between me and what you're use to!....I thank God for blessing me with a brilliant mind and some hustling hands bcuz I've NEVER had to kiss ass, lie, tolerate disrespect, or pacify an insecure mf over the fear of me and mine not eating. It's a lot females taking meat they don't really want from a mf they don't even like, just to have shit. 😩🤣🤣 #NoThanks #ImGood 🙅🏽👋🏾✌🏾I'll take the bag without the BS attached please and thank you. #LibertyOfHavingYourOwn #ImNotIntendedForTheWeak #ThatsOnDonna #OhYeahAnd #KissesFromTheQueen 😘👑✌🏾

Why yes, this is a terrible quality picture taken through my window of a raccoon on my porch eating dog food, thanks for asking! #surprisevisit #nothanks #reallife #hungryanimal

I absolutely love spider webs! Except when there is a spider on it... #nothanks! And now I have a new hate for black widows.. I reached in and got a piece of wood out of a pile and saw a big black widow right next to my hand.. 🕷

How would you like to make friends with these? #Nothanks

The enemy will always try to tempt us with discouraging thoughts that are contrary to God's. However, it's up to us whether we take the bait or not. Be aggressive about your freedom and take inventory on your thought life. Does that thought reflect His truth? Jesus longs to helps us and bring us into freedom. Even if it means coming back to Him over and over, keep coming. In Christ, take authority over what the enemy is seeking to weigh you with and choose God's truth, even if that means you keep choosing until your heart believes. Ask Him to fill you up and root your heart in His thoughts. When the enemy throws that dart, tell him, no thanks. 🙅🏼
"The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace." (Romans 8:6)

To the unfortunate female who just texted me:
1. Wrong number.
2. Don’t prostitute yourself on Craigslist.
3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
4. No ‘mam. You are NOT easy on MY eyes.
5. Try real relationships. Yes, they are much more difficult initially, yet much more rewarding on the back end.

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