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Run Streak Day 199, YTD mileage 597.22 - There's nothing funny about running up the Highway 90 "hill" in New Mexico "wind". This was supposed to be an easy shakeout taper run and it was essentially a sprint into oblivion. I'll tell you one thing I'm excited about - mustard-fartin' #TacoTuesday ! Yeah, that's right. 🌮🥗🌮🥗

Run Streak Day 192, YTD mileage 573.3 - Accidentally ran twice today. #Oops #SorryNotSorry Since I'm not doing any speedwork, I just don't mind extra easy miles. Earnin' tacos on a #tiedyetuesday. Please note that Dan has been practicing smiling for #runfies . Which made me laugh 😂 so pardon my goofy face. 🌮🥗🕰

Run Streak Day 111, YTD mileage 243.49 - Another #MustangFriday !!! Other than that I'm feeling pretty worn out. Two weeks of phone tag with local authorities over the poorly behaved dog that keeps chasing me on my Saturday long runs really stressed me out. I very much look forward to my long runs so it sucks that this week I'm going a different route. Next week I'll try again, and the Animal Control Officer said he will make sure he is in the area during the time frame that I will be. First time in a while that I haven't heard, "just find a new route". Anyway, feeling bummed today but it's probably just that it's cloudy. ☁️☁️☁️🌥

When your favorite park and your favorite hobby team up its pretty awesome #nycmarathon #nycmarathontraining #giantsrace #pickitupgiants #nothalfofanything

@skirtsports virtual 13er complete! Plus two extra miles! Hot & humid but with good company the miles flew by. Wish I could be in Denver...but as least I didn't have any hills today! #SkirtSports #REALwomenmove #running #13er #halfmarathon #NotHalfofAnything #training #runwiththemarines #mcm40

No discipline seems pleasant at the time. Later on it produces good fruit though. I was thinking up lots of clever words and hashtags while I was running. I've forgotten them all as they've been replaced by more important things like sore muscles. I'm really grateful for the way the race played out. I felt good throughout the whole thing. I had quite a bit left in the tank so I made the last three miles the fastest three. Total time 1:55:00. Even if you're not a "fill in the blank" why aren't you? If you want to be you can. Your past doesn't dictate your ability to take steps towards a new future. In fact that's your daily commandment. Plan your course and the Lord will determine your steps. #halfmarathon #nothalfofanything #exceptamarathon

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