Friends come in different sizes; 6'6" to 5'4". #tomosushi #atlmemories #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater

“Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.” See you later, @livedadventures ...Can’t wait to visit you up north. #chosenfamily #selfiequeens #beerfamily #teamsmartmouth #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #ladiesofcraftbeer

For the ones I have not told I person I got the job at Hillsdale Mac store as temp. 3rd key 🔑 which is exciting however the sad new is that today will be my last day in store, with a heavy heart I’m leaving one of the best teams I’ve been a part of. I am very proud to say I got to work at Southland with the best team ever what I call the money team cause we secured the bag every month!!! I’m very thankful for every single one of my team members for opening your hearts to this crazy spicy 🌶 Latina. All of our conversations and memories will be in my heart I know you guys will kill it I am amazed by the level of artistry that comes from Southland and to every costumer/associate who opened their heart to me thank you for making Southland a second home!! #moneyteam #southlandmall #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater

Tomorrow night is our last #WineDownWednesday for the year. Join us @chefspantrytruck and @thecoreyclark from 5pm to 8pm for wine, bites, and live music. #wine #livemusic #localeats #foodtruck #vineyardviews #winedown #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater

Aloha 'oe, aloha 'oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace,
A ho'i a'e au
Until we meet again
-Princess Kaʻiulani
#thanksforthememories #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #imnotcryingyourecrying

We said see ya later to our girl today! Rest assured we have found someone amazing to carry on the awesomeness that Jess left us with. Say goodbye to Jess and hello to Bri! #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #aspenchiropracticandwellness #workfamily

True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart❤️ #bestfriend #soulsisters #illbeseeingyou #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater

“You do not study to pass the test. You study to prepare for the day when you are the only thing between a patient and the grave.” ~Mark Reid, MD. And those that have stood in that position truly understand the magnitude of that quote. Over the past seven years I have found myself in that position countless times. I have stood next to some of the best doctors, nurses, ARNPs, PAs, paramedics, EMTs, and RTs, working as one unified body toward the same common goal. I have seen death, I’ve seen birth, I’ve seen resuscitation, and even those that have defied death. I’ve seen things that can’t be explained by science or medicine as we know it. I have been so so very blessed in my career with the experiences and people that have taught me so much, but I have reached a point in my career where the path laid before me has taken me a different direction. As of yesterday I officially resigned from my position in the emergency department. Even though I haven’t been in the ER full time since July, it’s very bitter sweet and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. The ER has been part of who I am for a long time now and I feel a tremendous sense of loss, but I know for my life right now that this is the best decision for me and my family. I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has guided me along the way, those that have taken the time to teach and mentor me, those that were there on the hard days, and for the lifelong friendships I have gained. There is something about ER family that is special and I’m so grateful to be a part of that. Love and peace to all ❤️. #erlife #erfamily #ARNP #emergencymedicine #ernurse #trauma #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater

Make sure to come by and say your farewells to Fit Coach Chrystal! Although we are all sad to see such a great coach and person inside out to leave us, we wish her and her family nothing but happiness and success on their new beginning in Colorado!! Chrystal's last shift is tomorrow 9/26 from 2-8pm!! #kokofamily #kokofitclub #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #strongwoman #inspirationalwomen

The last few months the four of us decided to make the most of our time together and have lunch every Wednesday. A chance for us to catch up, chill out and just enjoy ourselves until it was time to pick the kids up from school and get shoved back into reality. Yesterday, we had our last #winewednesday (yes, we know it was actually Monday lol) as a foursome. Our dear, sweet friend is moving away tomorrow and while we wish her all the happiness life can bring, we selfishly wish she was staying here where we feel she belongs! . Wednesday lunch won’t be the same without her laugh, her smile or her inappropriate sense of humor, lol.... love these women and feel so lucky to have them as friends. ...and yes, we have matching shirts that are completely inside jokes because we are “those”people. And we are totally precious, so get over it. 🤪😂#squadgoals #love #adorbs #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #simplythebest #wonderfulwomen #greatfriendships #friendsforlife #CoReneandBrownieandVanillaKatieandShoshana

Those we hold closest never leave us, they live on in the kindness they’ve shared and the love they brought into our lives.
This weekend was an emotionally tiring weekend. We celebrated with family and close friends the long wonderful life of Matt’s grandma but mourned the loss of a stubborn, and bossy yet kind and very loving woman!❤️Evelyn lived to be 94 1/2 years old (she would say it’s all thanks to her husband for taking such good care of her) and I knew her for 18 of those years. She was like a second mother to Matt and in my selfish ways I wish she was still here for him to share his life with her but she is now where she wanted to be, with her husband. •

Death is a great reminder of the fact that we don’t know how long we have on this beautiful earth so make each down count my friends!! #badhairdaydontcare #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #lifeisagift #grandmothersarethebest

Goodbye Finzean! Great memories even greater friends (mostly🤫)time for a new challenge. #newbeginnings #freshstart #viewfromtheoffice #deeside #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #seeyalateralligator

Who wants to say goodbye to such an important person in your life? I sure didn’t but I knew I had to represent grandmother’s #legacy well so I put on her #pearls ,a #fascinator , and a pearl #brooch ...grandma loved her hats and pearls 💐#diamondsandpearls
#notgoodbyebutseeyoulater 😇❤️

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Join our sweet Jess for one last practice, Tuesday at 5:30 pm, before she continues her journey in Ann Arbor. Jess is a @fusionyogafw OG and we are grateful for all she has taught us. To be present, to be thoughtful, to be authentic, to fully love. Stay after class and have a glass of wine to send our girl off - love you @jesskellenberger thank you for sharing your gifts we will miss you❤️.
#fusionyogafw #yogaheatbeats #yogaeverydamnday #fortwayneindiana #igersindiana #fortwayneyoga #igersfortwayne #midwest #midwestisbest #yogafortwayne #dtfw #urbanfortwayne #instagood #neipride #northeastindiana #love #thisgirl #fierce #strong #vibetribe #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #brightlight #sweetestsoul #thankyou #gratitude

Goodbyes are never easy. As I spent a few extra minutes with this lovely gal, I knew how much she was loved. I knew how sweet and soft her soul was. I knew how much Annie loved her, and just how deeply she will be missed. I found myself fighting back tears as I admired everything about her face, and that droopy, droopy lip. My thoughts are with you two today as I look through the pictures we took together 💕💕💕

Goodbye my beautiful sister, I will see u soon, I hope your move to USA is fulfilled and brings you and your family so many blessed opportunities ahead #verysad #happydaysahead #movingoverseas #notgoodbyebutseeyoulater #sisters #hardtosaygoodbye #willmissu #willmissuguys

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