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Taken from my Facebook page earlier today, quick background story, at work everyone thinks I’m Mexican but I’m actually British with Portuguese parents anyway I’m also the only foreigner where I work please don’t be offended or my behalf it’s not meant to be offensive just un pc #workbanter #banter #donkey #notfromhere #funny #truestory #lol anyway enjoy and for the record I’ve never owned a donkey 😂

City of Prague. View point from top of the Astronomical Clock in old city centre.
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"En permettant l’homme, la nature a commis beaucoup plus qu’une erreur de calcul : un attentat contre elle-même." #nofilter #paris #france #alien #ufo #sameshitdifferentday #notfromhere #todaywasagoodday

According to Gloria Anzaldúa, “borders are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish us from them” (Borderlands, 3). Al hablar de amor, necesitamos nosotres de esos bordes para cuidarnos? Us, who are “mita’ y mita’-neither one nor the other, but a strange doubling” (Borderlands, 19) Do we need those borders to love? Us––the new mestizxs that “can’t hold concepts, or ideas in rigid boundaries” (79)–––Why do we keep forcing ourselves to love in limiting ways?
AnaLouise Keating emphasizes that “we are interlinked in every way we can possibly imagine, as well as in ways that perhaps we cannot yet fathom” (44). In this sense, the notions of “Affective Borderlands” and “Borderland Affects” are theoretical tools that serve as a starting point to envisioning and embody forms of relationality yet to be created, explored, and named. ———-
Snapshot of the paper I presented today al #elmundozurdo
👩🏽‍🎨by Laura Aguilar

Latinx and Xicanx scholars, artists, and activists changing the world 💥

“Affective Borderlands” are those contradictory, complicated, and blurred emotional locations that we have been taught to fear––to avoid like minefields. They are the residue of the unnatural boundaries established among the ways in which we love each other. We enter those borderlands when we start to reject hierarchical modes of relationality. We decide to explore the complexities of our feelings by alienating ourselves from traditional codes of loving, and taking the risk of creating our own. It is in that emotional Nepantla––that space of creative disruption and transformation–– where we can access our Erotic power as a community
Snapshot of the paper I presented today at #elmundozurdo 👩🏽‍🎨 La Nepantlera by Celia Herrera Rodriguez


Una ofrenda para Gloria #elmundozurdo

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