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Hope you’re happy knowing you are a second option #NOTFIRST

what happened when I saw Jenn's new selfie #LoveScars
#notfirst 🚫دور از اشیاء برنده به پروفایل جنیفر لوپز بروید🚫

Whatever you do there will be people to criticize you, but don't mind as long as your​ intentions are good,
#Extraction #notfirst #clinics #uppermolar #randomclicks

😉⚾️ #NotFirst

Nothing like racing for 4.5 hours in a 140 degree car only to total it with 5 minutes left #notfirst #last

I am sooo #thankful for this place and for all of the people who have impacted my life here. I love my church and am proud to call it my second home #family #doinglifetogether #iamsecond #notfirst :)

Looking at your runner ups🤤 #notfirst #notlast #notlapped #ferda #nolongervarsity


Hope you’re happy knowing you are a second option #NOTFIRST

I am so grateful to not be the first to board the plane. I usually get the cheapest flights/seats available, but yesterday was different and for the first time in years I realized I was "A1" - the first in line. But actually first is "preboarding" - people with special situations - and I watched four people being pushed in wheelchairs past me. A fifth person carefully got out of their wheelchair and walked slowly and with difficulty down the ramp. Of course I don't know these people, I have no idea what their situation is, or what caused it, but I do know what it's like to not be able to walk. I remember years ago throwing my back out, after ignoring all the warning signs, and then spending days horizontal. I remember struggling to find a position that didn't hurt, and dreading the next painful time I'd need to use the bathroom. I've learned now that I am my own primary care physician. Yes I have others I can call upon when needed, many of which have letters after their names, but I have the ultimate responsibility for and direct control of my own health. I put conscious effort into this every day. Yes, I make mistakes, such as a poor choice in food at a meal last weekend, which my body let me know hours later was a bad idea. But I usually eat well, I stretch often, walk often, drink lots of water, do yoga, etc (these work for me - I encourage you to explore and find what works for you). Every day that I make wise choices (and put in effort) it gets a little easier; every day that I make poor choices (or do nothing) it gets a little harder. Multiply by years. I am so grateful to feel really good, and I encourage everyone to take ownership of their own health - what can you do today to make you feel better tomorrow? <3
#first #healthychoices #selfresponsibility #health #wellbeing #selfcare #exercise #gratitude #flight #notfirst #boarding

You & The 6.

At IKEA In Dartmouth Halifax looking for inspirational patterns and fabrics. 😍 #notfirst #ikeahalifax #patterns #inspiration

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