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Is not bad for a guy to package well and look dapped up. I'm not as cute as you think dats why I do more of editing on ma pics. Don't 've 💰 like it seems,still the packaging so you all can view ma snap and hit the like button on fb.

Life is not to be lived based on other people's terms, protect ur happiness and turn a deaf ear to the critics .......there are 4 very important things in life Love, honesty, truth and respect if u don't have them then u have nothing. #notfaking #alwaysreal

Happy girl ! 😊
It was a sudden click! 💛
Pc @libinbalan007 thank you 😀
#shoot #happy #notfaking

so happy i found such a sick person to call a friend this year 👯 #genuinelylaughing #notfaking

My skin at its best.. (and the eye bags also)
I have this terrible breakouts recently and Im at my lowest level of my self esteem. Feeling so..repulsive. But hey days could get better. Got a dinner tomorrow, werking and officially invited (way too excited!) #yay #lotstoconceal #notfaking #beingconfident #canIskipacne

Ohh photo courtesy goes to @irfanibrahim23 he's amazing! Thanks fr the shot!

Having fun and getting it done. Love ya bro. 19 years of pissing other people off and doing burnouts has been tits. Glad to share a birthday with you.
#twinning #actuallytwinning #notposers #notfaking

Were you wondering if Slinky is still cute? You be the judge.. #ithinkhescute #notfaking #catsofinstagram #catsofasgard #slinkythecat


In honour of #InvisibleDisabilitiesWeek, I’m going to post something every day related to my disability. This is a photo of me after crying. Why? Because I’m sick of RUDE bus drivers who won’t tie my #wheelchair down properly. Now I’m stuck between the local transit and my DME. When we worked on the order form, the DME manager said he only puts the tie downs on kids’ chairs and they cost $400. That’s why I didn’t get them. I called @tilite.official and got two different answers on two different days. First I was told they can’t be retrofitted and today I was told they can be ordered and installed by a Tilite dealer. Another bus driver told me they were trained not to use the camber tube and the #Tilite rep agreed. I can admit when I’m wrong, but there’s no excuse for the attitude. It’s a widespread issue but they’ll only address individual trips and drivers. 😡 I’m sooo ready for a car! #tourettes #tourettesyndrome #invisibledisability #notfaking #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicpain #endometriosis #wheelchairproblems

Were you wondering if Slinky is still cute? You be the judge.. #ithinkhescute #notfaking #catsofinstagram #catsofasgard #slinkythecat

Red boots, mans shirt and a piece of cloth to clean your room. 🕷🕸Your wish is my command Dr.Chris ✔️😘 #genieinabottle #whateveryoulike #ladyinred

I got Chinese food again tonight 😊👍🏻😀😁 our future’s look good 🙌🏼 leave me a comment what’s your dearest wishes???? Can you guess mine??? #hopesandwishes #myfortuneisyourfortune #wishes #loveyou #notfaking #realfortunes #sharehappines

This one's for that damned snooze button
Press it again and again cause my eyes are shuttin'
I'm too depressed to get out of bed
I'm too depressed
To get dressed
It was 10 am and now it's 12
Go back to sleep again, can't face my mental health
Guess what? It's 1:45
Try and get up but I take a dive
Back into the land of dreams
Or nightmares, who cares?
2pm, I'm sleeping less
I think I'm not tired now
but sleep sounds good, I guess..
So it's 5:33 and night's looking at me
You're losing daylight, it screams
I'm pretty thirsty, have been since about 2
I never do the things I should do
So press that snooze, nobody cares
If you get your "lazy" ass down the stairs
I can promise I'm not
I'm really not well.
you wouldn't give someone with a broken leg this much hell
So tell me, if the brain is the most important out of anything
Why do people think you're making excuses when it's broken?
And why don't they when you've broken something else?

#notfaking #notlazy #brokenbrain #notmakingexcuses #judgingme #nooneunderstands #snooze #sleep #procrastination #bed #struggletowakeup #losingtime #poetry #poem #writer #writing #creativewriting #potd #photooftheday #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #psychosis #psychotic #schizophrenia #sad #hurt #jackthelaughingboy #mentalhealthstigma

Who what's for money hahaha #notfaking

I hate to hear "you look fine so, what's the problem?" Just because I smile doesn't mean I'm not in pain. And because of my accident I will never be the same. Pain is my daily constant, but I try to smile and I make my way through each day. Please be kind to someone who looks like they're fine but they're really not. Look well enough. You can tell. .
#chronicpain #painwarrior #fibromyalgia #notfaking #thestruggleisreal #pain #warriors #fibro #invisibleillness

Day 26/84 completed
Who’s counting down with me? Are you checking IG on your couch? Have you worked out today? .
You won’t get results by sitting on your butt and making excuses.....that is what I use to do!! I made excuse after excuse for sooo many years....I could have been fit and healthier a LONG time ago if I had stopped all those excuses but it took me this long, it took being tired of hating myself, it took crying almost everyday, it took me getting to 2 digit size, it took me hating what I saw in the mirror everyday, it took me being jealous of so many women out there being skinny/fit, and it took me being depressed to force me to FINALLY do something about it!!!
It was NOT easy at all.....but it took all of that to push me and even though it took me this long....within 5 short hard working months I’m on my way to being fit, strong, confident, happy with myself and loving myself!!! .
I no longer have excuses of why I can’t be healthy and better myself.....I have a million excuses of why I CAN do this and keep going!!!!!! .
What are your excuses of why you CAN’T workout??? Then what are the reasons of why you want to workout???? Make those wants into reality because if I can....YOU CAN!!!

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