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Ahhh breakfast 😜#notfactoryfarming

When Corporate America tries to take your town....we rally!! #notysonintongie #keepitrural #familyfarming #notfactoryfarming #chokeyourchickensonewhereelse

Cuteness level off the chart , to give an idea of how tiny she is that's a 500 ml sprite bottle she's drinking out of !And the other piglet isn't dead , it's in a deep deep sleep 😴 #notfactoryfarming

OMFG even a hard arsed grumpy farmer like me gets ❤️ melt when confronted with this level of cuteness. Meet ickle Pip , a teeny tiny runt in Petal pigs new litter , she's doing well so 🤞🏻#pigs# #notfactoryfarming

Intensive industrial livestock production or factory farming became one of the biggest and ugliest ethical crisis of our time.This system structured to transform animals to meat and grow creatures who have no relations with nature, have never been under the sun, have never walked on the earth or have swam in the sea. To protest the political, economical, cultural and ecological disaster made by this system of production, I decided to take a timeless action and start "meat fast". #factoryfarming #industrialfarming #vegeterian #vegeterianlife #notfactoryfarming #nomeat #meatfast

Super Mona does it again , her second litter of 21 in a row !!!!! Same result as last time 18 alive and 3 still born ,and Mona is up and eating so all good , now to keep em all alive 😳#notfactoryfarming #pigs#gotmyhandsfullwiththislot

Nice litter of 10 for Sylvia 👌🏻#notfactoryfarming

Happy hens , we added another 30 hens to our flock t'other day and got the run finished for them except for the gate , still got that to do ! They will stay in the run for a week before I let them out into the full paddock ,I know the run looks like I haven't cleaned it out but the pallet and breeze blocks are meant to be there ,it encourages insects which the hens love to eat ! #notfactoryfarming#freerange

The photo doesn't do it justice , been on some steep land today working it up with the spring tyne cultivators ready for going over with the power harrow , one or two buttock clenching moments where I was thinking "why am I doing this " but all good fun , it looks nowt in the picture 🙄#farming#notfactoryfarming #whydoigetthesejobs?

A rare moment of peace and quiet in the farrowing shed , may's babies all fast asleep on their heat mat #notfactoryfarming

Pigging live , Mavis is giving birth right now #notfactoryfarming

Possibly the cutest lamb i have ever seen , ickle #4 ❤️#notfactoryfarming

Basil the boar enjoying some hay , if anyone ever tells you that you eat like a pig this is what they mean 😳#notfactoryfarming

New Year's Day baby 😊.Had a sow due to farrow on New Year's Eve but she held off and waited until 5 pm on New Year's Day .Good way to start the year ,8 solid piglets from Susie the sow .Happy New Year everyone ,here's hoping for a good year to all ,I have a long list of things I hope happens this year but I will shorten it down to hoping the world sorts itself out this year , far too many innocents died last year in the name of religion and greed , why can't we all just get along ? #notfactoryfarming #letsalljustgetslong

All snuggled up with bellies full of milk , in a cat bed 😂oh yeah, there's two of em now 🙄#pigs#notfactoryfarming

New bottle baby ! The sow had stood on him and cut his leg and he was half dead this morning ,I have treated his injury and placed him in the TLC pen (tender loving care) and he's already up and about and shouting for milk ,I will keep him in TLC and hand rear him , he's my baby now ❤️#pigs#notfactoryfarming

Big tough farmer that I am , here I am bottle feeding a little baby 😍#pigs#notfactoryfarming #bigsoftie

Including this little fighter , thats Timmy the cat sharing body heat with it(or maybe he just likes the hot water bottle ?)#pigs #notfactoryfarming #cats

Mona the sow had 21 piglets last night ,18 alive and 3 still born #pigs#notfactoryfarming #gotmyworkcutoutfeedingthese

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