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The truth is, you live in an infinitely kind and unspeakably wise Universe that you are a part of, not apart from; where you, yourself, are a creator. And of your countless creations, your life is one. You chose to be here. And infinitely benign and intelligent yourself, your choice was impeccable.

In this greatest adventure of all adventures, whatever you wish for is my command. I am your most faithful servant and constant companion. Whatever you once dreamed of for yourself, can still come to pass. It's never too late to come from behind, and things can literally change for the better in the twinkling of an eye.
You are a supernatural being whose thoughts become things and for whom all things are possible. This, being a creation amongst your own creations, is as good as it gets, because whenever you don't like what's before you, you can simply recreate it... without hindrance from the past or so-called contracts you no longer remember. There are no other rules. There are no hidden agendas. And there are no unknown variables working against you in this paradise you call home, where manifesting change most certainly couldn't be any easier than getting what you think about.~~~~🔮~~~~ #notesfromtheuniverse *****PHOTO CRED-📷 @daveedbenito ******

Test pilot in paradise 👩🏽‍✈️💛🌊💙🏝💚☀️💖✨ Love that I get to pilot my own life's adventures, but for now I'll leave the helicopter piloting to @astrumheli 🚁 #Belize

I always find notes my mom left me at just the right time. Going through boxes, packing up new things and came across this note. I don't remember when or why she originally wrote this but regardless I think I was meant to find it right now. I love you mom. #momnotes #notesfromtheuniverse #imissyou #newchapter #mommysboy

"Your mere presence has always been enough, for the birds to sing, the waves to roll, and the sun to shine. Honestly, it's not even possible to be more than you are, in the eyes of love." A gentle reminder to love yourself as much as the universe does. #happyvday #notesfromtheuniverse

Thoughts become things! I got to check off one of the items on my bucket list today! #mikedooley #tut #notesfromtheuniverse #hayhouse

The things you find on an EasyJet flight... 😂

"I've arranged for all the right players to appear at all the right times - big shots, little shots, and some absolute angels. You aren't even going to believe who you'll soon be schmoozing with, or where. I've lined up the necessary phone calls, emails, and chance encounters so that you'll be disposed to waves of loving, inspired thoughts precisely when you most need them. I've calculated, literally to the billionth degree, the pivotal coincidences, happy accidents, and clutch plays that will blast you to heights previously unimagined. I even took care of happily ever after.

Ain't life grand? - The Universe
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Check out my new article about the power of intuition on Mike Dooley's TUT blog! http://www.tut.com/article/details/498-3-ways-intuition-can-make-all-the-difference/?articleId=498

A lot of the times, I leave notes for other's to be #InspiredBy
Other times I find notes meant, to #inspire me


Canmore, Alberta by Al Thompson

My note from the Universe this morning. How appropriate...off to @delmarracing 🏁 for @jimbo_james' birthday! 🐎🎉💛 #notesfromtheuniverse

Sauntering through this week knowing I will be surrounded by my best friends ALL in Colorado in just 8 sleeps! Meegs and I cannot even wait! ❤

#mybestpeople #sisters #cttoco #danielleandashleydocolorado #8sleeps

Love my note from the universe that drops in my email each day today especially. Good thing I already have the saunter down #notesfromtheuniverse #spiritjunkie #visualization #allineed ✨🕺🏻😏

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