#NoteGate Update: came home from gigging with the wedding band in Aberdeen last night to this. Current response. Other neighbours have now started leaving notes. Noteception. It's EastEnders for Piershill. I'm kinda sad I'm going to Germany tomorrow because then I can't see how this plays out. I wanna see this cunt ripping their hair out in fury.

Okay, so we have a new update on #NoteGate. Woke up this morning to a new note which essentially was almost EXACTLY the same and my Twitter is going crazy. People are gunning for a progression on #NoteGate. Here is my current reply. It's sitting in a frame in my front garden. I may have went a little bit too extra on the addition of the frame.

coll-Aja at #Studio54
#AllStars3 “Obviously, you weren’t here for a lot of history of humans on this planet."

I am many things when it comes to being myself!

Today is @challengemtv day for an ALL-NEW #TheChallengeVendettas tonight at 9!

I'm wearing my @realjohnnybananas T-shirt for the occasion!

I wanna get over the #Notegate thing to find out #WhoWroteTheNote so I can move on....... (It's definitely Kam who's the culprit.) This T-shirt represents the strong bond of friendship I have with Johnny, @kennysantucci, @themarklong & @themightyduckworth.

I'll be ready in 5 months away. Back to training I go!

Time to go to work!

They hired us to be the event managers, we asked to be models!!! Brand believers! @sparzim
#brandambassador #teamnotegate #Noteworthy #Notegate #sparzimbabwe #SPAR #zimbabwe #bestofzimbabwe

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