Come on now, hair?? What's next? What if one of these children had a condition (alopecia, premature hair loss, etc), that caused then to wear a weave, wig or faux braids? You'd think after the scandal that the Catholic church finds itself embroiled in that it wouldn't be willing to step into another one.
Faith Fennidy can be seen crying as she is forced to leave school grounds for having braids, a hairstyle the school said didn’t comply with uniform policy.
The 11-year- girl, who goes to Christ the King Middle School, in Louisiana, is captured on video by her brother, crying as a school administrator informs them that braids are not a part of the school policy, and she would have to remove them or leave.
Fennidy’s brother Steven initially posted it on Facebook, writing: "Extensions make the hair easier to maintain. It allows my sister to have access to the swimming pool without having to get her hair Re-done every night." _____
The family told WWL-TV that they are considering suing the school for discrimination, and her mother is looking for a new school for Faith. #discrimination #notdiversity #toostrict #school #education #bigotry #blackhair #igers #ig #insta

Beach rehearsal dinner. @casual_anatomist - if you look closely you’ll see an old, old wooden ship behind us. #anchorman #notdiversity #noonegotthejoke #destinationwedding #justinandruthie

Shout out to the Brits for giving #gays #equality before us Americans did! Regardless, im PROUD AF! #pride #lgbt #loveislove #equality #notdiversity

Greetings from Portugal! 🇵🇹
Our dear participants Ruggero Carlo (Campania), Giovanni Deriu (Sardegna), Chiara Scialdone (Umbria), Redy Shehu (Lombardia) e Filly Fodaro (Calabria) these days are attending the youth exchange “Beauty lies in Diversity” which takes place in the charming frame of Evora. 😮

Main aim of this project is promoting equality and non-discrimination between young people. No-one is born with prejudice but rather has the potential to develop it over time. It is crucial to foster the values of equality and non-discrimination. Among children and youth, this must be done from an early age through formal and non-formal education. Project through several workshops intends to bring and spread different methods of non-formal learning for non-discrimination work with young people in order to strengthen their daily work, raise awareness of rights, empowering them to recognize and stand up against discrimination and address the relevant institutions to seek legal or other appropriate remedies. At the end of project, participants will prepare one Booklet for promotion non-discrimination and tolerance.

Project topic covered following:
• What is discrimination and intolerance?
• Tools for non-discrimination and tolerance • Stereotypes and prejudices
• Forms of discrimination and intolerance
• Good practice models of tolerance and understanding from participants' experience
• Self-Assessments revisited
• Creative thinking
• Positive affirmation • Problem solving

Discrimination is very sensitive topic and unfortunately, different types of discriminations, every day, affected a large number of people all around world. For this aspect, project activities and project results have equal impact at all levels: local, regional, national and international. In last few years, all European countries, due to migrant crisis and strong migration flows as never earlier, are facing with crisis of intercultural tolerance and awareness, so spreading and empowering non-discrimination and intercultural values through different activities is very important and necessary for whole European society and particularly for young people who are main drivers of our future.

È una questione di cuore non di diversità! it's a matter of the heart, it is a question of the heart, not of diversity! #heart❤️#cuore#nodiversita#notdiversity

After a exhausted day, many pictures and reporting done sat outside the #welshassembly with loads of supporters/protesters. We done 9 hours fighting injustices from cardiff local authorities and family courts. We met new people from all walks of life. 2 days recovery with back pain. But it's worth pain. We're calling for a investigation into forced adoption/long term foster care,and uk government to be investigated on criminal charges. A we want the secret family courts open so the truth will be allowed to be heard from the people.. #judges #cafcass #guardians #familycourt #injustice #socialservices #welshassembly #government #currupt #localauthority #statue #humanrights #childrenrights #childsact #againstchildabuse #fightforlove #familyfirst #nevergiveup #staystrong #together #unitedtogether #notdiversity

!Amo a todos¡ 😍😍 ask around town 🌍🌃right now 📚+💪= #perfectPeace #notDiversity #Humanity we all is one 👳👷👮💂👶👵👦😻🙉👾💁👰💇👪💪💪💑

Dear @starbucks : Thanks for the random 8 pages on race relations but after reading the whole thing together, these two, and Mama, suggest you rethink your approach. Ask us how. #blackandbrownallover #diversitywoes #raceinAmerica @usatoday #whoareyouengaging #whoreadsUSAtoday #whodrinksstarbucks #rhetoricalquestions #notdiversity #normalizing

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