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Goldie has been asking to cut his hair for a week now so I asked @aubreymoffitphoto to take some photos before we do and now these will be treasured forever. Aubs, you captured him perfectly. Thank you ❤️ (ps if anyone wants a holiday ornament made out of curl let me know! #notcreepy)

Whenever I dream of sugar plums I hire a crew to film me sleeping. #HKA is less than a week away now. #notcreepy

I keep getting older, and they keep getting younger!! #creepy #notcreepy

Fall is so fun. This weather is so great! Had to sneak a peek during yesterday's ceremony. #notcreepy #bride #weddingday #barnweddings

The ghost of #Jimi watching over our boy Derek. #NotCreepy

Oh! Hello! Don't forget that we offer walk in tattoos every Sat and Sun 2-8pm. It books up fast, so get here early and maybe pick one of these fun designs by @scottwhitearmy and our pal @heatherlawtattooer. What? Nothing weird here. #riseabovefl #orlandotattoos #clowntattoo #notcreepy

My Halloween workshop. Muahahahaha 👻 #halloween #notcreepy

That time I had very dirty hair and got to meet @jenhatmaker!
Verbatim transcript of what I said: "I'm a huge fan!" [i started crying so she hugged me because how else do you get a person to stop crying?]
"I snuck in here illegally because I'm an Instagram stalker. We did the @Whole30 at the same time! We're comrades! Congrats on your trip, that looked so fun." [ran away as to make myself stop saying nonsense]
Meanwhile she was so present, so gracious, and so very kind. Also she told me her trip was very fun and congratulated me on the W30. So basically the perfect beginning of a beautiful friendship. #notcreepy
Location and event and my way in remaining a secret to protect the fabulous, but let's just say I am super grateful.

Lady Britannia I sculpted and baked for the bakeoff promo, made from delicious salt dough #britishbakeoff #notcreepy


Some pics I took tonight with the new camera. Enjoy. #fall #notcreepy #wheaton #dupageforest #herricklake #shibainu #photography #canonrebelt6 #picture

Fall is so fun. This weather is so great! Had to sneak a peek during yesterday's ceremony. #notcreepy #bride #weddingday #barnweddings

When you're going to stay in a Victorian Naval Fort in November, need to dress for it. #submariners #notcreepy #tweedledumandtweedledummer

The military adds so much to our area. Today they gave me a rare opportunity for silhouettes as they were about to play some sand soccer and enjoying the colors like me. #military #colors #beach #morning #notcreepy #identityprotected 😜

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