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If she finds a new best friend, I'm gonna kill her 🙄 #NotAGoodBye #SeeYaSoonMyBumbleBee 🐝

So thankful for yall! From sleeping at 4am playing munchkin to playing "Oh Noes" and "Viking" to waking up to 400 messages on our group chat to sneaking out of class to get Chipotle to karaoke walking to class to 1am dance parties in my room and to the spontaneous trips to the "vending machine," I'm very grateful for all of you guys and for the great memories we made! Just by being with u guys for two weeks I've learned what it means to be a good friend and I'm thankful for that. I hope you guys have a great rest of the summer and a great school year and I know I'll see you guys soon:)
#notagoodbye #nanolab2016
#imissUCLAfood #OhNoes

Even though today is your last day mama Danielle we'll always visit you! Thank you for being such a great manager but not only that, thank you for being there for me like a big sister! You're such a ball of energy and I'll definitely miss you but I can't wait to see how big and successful you will be after this place! Best of luck to you ate! I laaaaaaaaaab you so much 💕💋 #notagoodbye #seeyoulater

we didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun #notagoodbye #justaseeyalater

I'm so grateful for the friendships I've made here in New York. I'm going to miss these gals dearly 💓🙏🏽 #NotAGoodbye #SeeYouSoon

"You will never be completely at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere . That is the price you pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place. " 🌿❤️ #straya #notagoodbye

More adventure awaits!! ❤️ #tbt #notagoodbye #sf2020 📷: probably @quoguer

•8-2-17• To the strongest person I know #grazienonna#notagoodbye 🔐❤

So thankful for all of my friends that are making leaving San Diego so hard. I love you all💕 #blessedwiththebest #mifamilia #rideordie #notagoodbye #louisianabound


Sad to be finishing up with my Next family today after working this past year with them! But onwards and upwards to new beginnings! Thanks to everyone at work who made long shifts just a tad bit easier especially during the sales! Excited to be working in Galway and starting my masters! #newbeginnings #notagoodbye #seeyouagain

The #BerkleeVocalSummit program was definitely an AMAZING experience in which much was learned, relationships were built, and the commencement of a new stepping in my life was created. I am undoubtedly greatful for the opportunity to have come this summer and leave with memories that will last me a lifetime. Can't believe everything that occured. #berkleecollegeofmusic #berkleesummer #berkleeperformaningartscenter #berkleesummerprogram #blessup #countingmyblessing #blessed #experiencestolastforalifetime #goodvibes #notagoodbye #goodmood #thisisjustthebeginning

Har i dag haft min sidste dag i AKT1, og hvor er det dog sørgeligt! Det er vildt så hurtigt man kan komme til, at holde af de skønne unger. Det halve år er gået alt for stærkt - derfor håber jeg på et "på gensyn" og ikke et "farvel" ❤️ Derudover var jeg så heldigt at få denne fine vase, et minde og nogle søde ord med på vejen. 🍀 #notagoodbye#thanksfortime#gift#thelastday#wellbeintouch

Dear iyus... .
Baik2 di dunia lain berikutnya ya non... be brave, be tougher, be toughtful, and LOVE YOURSELF! .
Semoga di dunia lain berikutnya lo bisa menemukan sesuatu yang lebih baik dan bermanfaat buat hidup lo jangka panjang.
Semoga di dunia lain yang hari ini terakhir bisa lo tarik hal2 bermanfaatnya saja, buang yang gak bermanfaat. .
I'll be here kalo lo perlu di keramas tanpa bilas, perlu pundak yang agak asem buat ngeluh, perlu temen untuk ngakak buang kepenatan, tapi jangan klo perlu duit karena gua baru mau minta ke elo nantinya 😝
Remind that we love you always! 😘😘😘 .
Stay struggle to success 💪 bukan pake keluhan yang hanya makan waktu dan energi lo 😉😊
#colleague #lastday #friends #friendship #notagoodbye #seeyousoon #officemate #buddy #newchapter #family

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