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Ghost likes to kiss and then bite me.. kitsisters are sooo annoying 🐱🐶 #staffy #staffies #staffordshirebullterrier #staffylover #staffylovers #animallover #kitten #kittens #lovernotafighter #notadangerousbreed

Our handsome boy Kilobe loves to make friends with EVERYONE, isn’t judgemental toward anyone, he sees the good side of people and is super loyal!
Makes me sad that people who meet him think he’s great and such a beautiful lab, but soon as you say he’s a Lab Rottweiler attitudes change. You were happy to clap, talk, play and praise him for being so well behaved for 5minutes till we said he was a lab/Rottweiler, like we’ve set off a bomb and suddenly people need to back off and can’t be near him. #rottador #faceoflove #loyaldog #happydog #jugdementalpeople #notadangerousbreed #dogloveseveryone #bigsofty #proudofmydog

@thedoubledealer and I got an adorable lil doggy ❤

Tilly is so freaking adorable 😍😭❤

Our adorable pain in the butt 💕

My smiley girl and yes her bed is an old drawer and she loves it 💕

A quick and easy way to keep your pup entertained for hours 😂💕

My dopey dog ❤

Happy pup 💞

I have never know a weirder dog 😂

My beautiful pup 💕

My silly little pup ft my amazing star wars boxers 😂

Today at the "dog beach" I decided to 💩 as soon as we got there 😒 (unlike me so mum thinks I was trying to preoccupy her...)
as mum was cleaning up I saw a little girl, just like mine, playing with a stuffed toy, just like my humans, and i thought she'd like to play toy chasey, just like I do with my girl humans which I'm constantly getting told off for, 😣 so I sneakily snatched it up and attempted to run away, as the girl screamed her father yelled and mum told me to stop and drop, and I did straight away! While Mum grabbed my lead and was about to apologise this man butted in "THOSE kind of DOGS should ALWAYS be on a lead!" 😮 Geez I was just trying to play at the "dog beach" you kind of humans with no dogs should not go to the "dog beach" with cute, furry, precious and oh so tempting stuffed toys and dictate who should be on a lead! Oh well we had fun today besides that incident.
P.S no damages to the stuffed toy and mum explained my family situation, training and breed while apologising 🐾🐕 #imsorry #imstilllearning #ilovestuffedanimals #bigsillygirl #holdenthedog #dogsofinstagram #australianamericanbulldog #americanbulldogaustralia #notadangerousbreed #notrestricted

❤️ cuddled up with Blue watching Super Vet. Blue seems to be giving Em a proper, full on cuddle. #softstaffy #beautifulblue #staffordshirebullterrier #dogcuddles #staffordshirebullterriersofinstagram #doglover #notadangerousbreed #❤️

She's so clumsy 😑😬😱

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