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En we zijn vertrokken! Go @wimenizer, let's talk about sex! 👏🏼 #mannenmythes #letstalkaboutsex #gent #gaatlekker #notaboos

@jesusacostx inspired me to write this long post, thank you for making the world a better place, I love you❤️ Pt:1
Whenever I post something you just see "katiabada" the girl who's always traveling the world, occasionally modeling, and sharing happy moments. Well, the people who truly know me , know I've come a long way.
I'm so tired of seeing how people continue to commit suicide and people posting things about it...and yet being the first ones to judge one another!!! Its time to make a change and do something about this messed up world.
When I was 16 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. And ever since then, I have never been able to fully recover. It's been a very very difficult path, I have lost SEVERAL meaningful relationships, countless courses, career opportunities due to this crippling disease. Mental health is NOT a game. I honestly never took away my life because it would be hypocrite of my part, as I know I would consequently cause the same pain to my loved ones. My close friends now exactly what I'm talking about. Depression is very very hard to comprehend, and therefore people don't really get it. I don't really get it. People tell me go do exercise go do the stuff you like.. but you know what? I don't have the energy nor the will to do it.. I prefered to spend my days doing absolutely NOTHING. Literally just staring at a wall. People tell me go make plans with friends. I do that, but guess what? I never come through. I always get this desire to stay in my bed and just literally start overthinking everyfuckingthing. People say why don't you go to school? Why don't you do your work? It's because every time I tried I would suffer from severe anxiety attacks. My lowest point came when I called a suicide hotline and I realized what I was doing. My point with this is that MENTAL HEALTH IS NOT A GAME.YOU MUST TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Pt.2 ⬇️

BAD Thinking GOOD Vibes in Greyhouse #brooklynchronicles #enterthegrey #notaboos

Inspiring #guest lecturer Dániel Csángó gave an insight to arts students about life in a #wheelchair.
#notaboos #letsgoout #visibility #visibility

Final #VagBadge shot of the week. This one's Wesley's favourite... We love that he's on board with the #It'sJustAVagina message. Badge created by our very own @karen_hobbs who is new to the @eveappeal team.
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Gli idoli di ogni donna femminista, libera dai taboo, innamorata, un po' fashionista ma soprattutto ironica e aperta. Carrie e co hanno dimostrato come si possano combattere i pregiudizi che subiscono le donne nel nuovo millennio, e che farlo sui tacchi 12 non è una contraddizione.
19 anni di Sex and the city ❤💄🏙

A kid at her school got suspended so she's had a lot of questions...
Selah: Is there suspension in college?
Me: No. More like probation.
Selah: Did you and daddy ever get probation?
Me thinking, "Oh. Ok. Here we go. That talk is now." Yes, baby. We went to a strict school where kissing wasn't allowed...
Proceeded to tell her all about getting pregnant at school before marriage and the timeline of when she came. She was surprised. She had questions. Then more questions for Jon later. We've had several sex talks prior so that book was already open. It was awesome. It also helps to have a partner who isn't afraid to dive in to these conversations with them as well. I'm learning as a parent I have not an ounce of perfection to offer them. What I do have is golden nuggets of life experience I can share. As they grow and these conversations happen more often, I'm less afraid and more excited to share my life with them. #parenting #kindascary #letlovelead #stayopen #notaboos @jfinknfink

Crecer es también cambiar. Quién pretende ser el mismo toda su vida ha fracasado, porque se cierra a las mil oportunidades que la vida le da para ser feliz... #goodvibes #notaboos #imawoman 🔥🔥


The Other Woman: We don't like her. We, automatically, think she's the one, at fault. Would it help to see her side, too? Because, maybe, there's also her side of the story. Perhaps, we can also try to listen; before we crucify her.

This one is my contribution to Mohit Srivastava's #collabwithmks challenge re #NoTaboos . Thank you for the invite.

#keptwoman #woman #yqbaba
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Met iets minder spiermassa door een buitenlands virus waardoor ik een aantal weken goed ziek was geworden maar desalniettemin tevreden over deze fotoshoot die Live on stage was bij EAHP Masters of Experience door Gert Jan van Noorden tijdens Loversland te Rotterdam.

With a slighty bit of less muscle mass thanks to a exotic virus by wich I had te recover for weeks but despite that i'm pretty satisfied with the result by this photoshoot wich was Live on stage presented by EAHP Masters of Experience by none other than Gert Jan van Noorden as the photographer during the erotic event Loversland at Rotterdam.
#eroticlifestyle #eroticmodel #shoot #strippers #nathasjaless #ahoyrotterdam #pornogirl #notaboos #sexy #fun #openminded #beauty #bobbieden #kimholland #sexappeal #hustler #privatespice #spicy #hot #steamy #hotties

Без фильтров. Без лимитов. Без сожалений... Make up by 🌟@vladachesnokova #nofilter #noregrets #noworries #nolimits #notaboos #absolutelyfree 💕 #yslbeautyclub #yslendlessnight

Here we go ... ♥️ Our RedNotebook (planner 2018 for healthy and brave women without taboos) + RedWombook (revealing women secrets) - finally in our hands. ♥️
The schedule planner helps a Woman to perform the right actions at the right time. The important day for all 🌹Eves🌹 around the globe. 🍷🍷 Can't wait to tell you how to order this special planner. Join our mailing list (link in bio) and stay informed. 😉

BAD Thinking GOOD Vibes in Greyhouse #brooklynchronicles #enterthegrey #notaboos

Je ne suis pas du genre à avoir des tabous et l'émancipation sexuelle des femmes ne devrait en être un pour personne ! 💓C'est la mission que @smilemakerscollection s'est donné !
Le + ? 1 T-shirt acheté = une femme Indienne parrainée pour intégrer un programme de planning familial ✌🏻
Retrouvez les autres modèles sur smilemakerscollection.com
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"The sexual act is a celebration of life. It is at the same time an act of giving and receiving. It is a completion of opposites, of two sexes, of two different life forms. Out of this union, life, in all its dimensions, is born – in the world of minerals, vegetation, animals, and humans (Fani Okič)." 💕 from Red Wombook, coming on Kickstarter on the 20th of November, together with paper planner RedNotebook - for healthy and brave women without taboos 💕

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