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If you or someone you know is victim of #HumanTrafficking, call NHTRC at 1-888-373-7888, text 233733, TTY 711, or submit a tip online at https://t.co/uUHQJKb18b #EndTrafficking #ModernSlavery #Not4Sale https://t.co/WQtfh8F7d5

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Deads for Dolla$ is coming up quick!On Saturday, January 27th we will be deadlifting, doughnuting, and raising money for survivors of human trafficking here in San Diego.
We are focused on supporting ministries fighting against human sex trafficking in the US.
What is sex trafficking?
Sex trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. Sex traffickers use violence, threats, bondage, and other forms of coercion to compel kids and adults to work in the commercial sex industry against their will. With your help we can end exploitation of women and children.
Make sure you register online, spots are filling up fast! I will be announcing the event schedule this week on @badgalsbarbellclub so stay tuned!
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Take a stand and join our fight to end Sex Trafficking! www.faithfullbydesign.com #survivor #not4sale #stoptrafficking @veronicas_voice

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Story time 🤗 I had a chat with a friend yesterday about how we find our true purpose in life. We kept coming back to the word servitude. All humans are crafted to serve others. Everyone just has different ways of going about it.
When you find what you are created for you just know. It’s the “ah-ha” moment that happens (and it’s a beautiful thing). There are all these little points in time that lead you to your destiny so to speak.
I’m the type of person who kind of just fell into the life I have now. No it’s not glamours, but it is what God has created me for. I never planned on owning a gym( with my bestie @iamcoachdom), or becoming a nutritionist, or even having a clothing brand. But I live my life passionately and those little urges and nudges brought me to this place.
When I created @badgalsbarbellclub I knew the purpose of the brand had to be more than just buy my clothes if you lift kind of deal. I needed to give back and positively impact society.
If you don’t know my mission for the brand is to advocate for women’s freedom through empowering strong gals to rise up and be voice for victims of human trafficking. This particular topic has repeatedly come up throughout my life since high school, it just took a little while to put all the pieces together.
Your purpose is always tied to your passion whatever that may be. Do not fear the unknown, dive in with your nose wide open (lol) and see all that God has created you for. “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created” Esther 4:14 ——————————————————————————
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Don’t be sad Christmas is over.
#TheChristmasMan is here 🤣🎄 #not4sale #dontpmmeforxmastrees #MinePineCoins

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