My approach to leg press lately has been moderate to heavy weight but as deep as I can (without allowing my glutes to round up)! This could be a game changer for me! We will see! It is waaaay too tempting to keep throwing weight on and getting quarter reps! But I did like adding partial reps on the tail end to exhaustion! 😭😭😭

Get “GEARED UP” in our NEW Patriot Collection for these HOT summer months! NSG is stocked and READY TO SHIP!!! #REDWHITEBLUE #AMERICA

Ended my 30 set workout with heavy military press! I love hitting my heaviest weights DEEP in my set count! Endurance!! Felt so good, we went one more to tie my heaviest weight! Don’t you love those days that just feel GOOD! Thanks @cuttingedge_lawncare_llc and @brentrich423 !!! 😬💥💪🏽

I can’t help but to be motivated by my last prep photos! @nikkis.angels took over as my coach like 16 weeks out!!! And I remember vividly our phone conversation that she really wanted a PROGRESSION SEASON with me!! However, she accepted me into her “angel flock” and we headed STRAIGHT INTO PREP!
I was one of the fortunate ones! It took Nikki just one prep with me...to obtain the ULTIMATE goal for this small town girl in her 50’s!!! ————————————————-
Fast forward➡️ Little did she know at the time, I would have three surgeries following my WIN! But let me tell you, this gal isn’t deterred by ANYTHING! I truly believe she takes all of our challenges and obstacles in stride! She is an amazing coach, mentor, and friend! How does she know which HAT to wear? I really don’t know, but she has a firm foundation setting the example for all of her angels! I thank God I have someone in my circle whom I can count on to be there for me whenever I need her!
Can’t wait to see what she has in store for me, but right now I am to be patient and lean on her guidance! ————————————————
I urge you gals to find a coach that suits you BEST! You all know if your coach has HIS/HER goals as top priority or YOURS! Keep searching, there are good coaches out there! I am sick and tired of listening to all the TRASH TALK quite frankly!!! ————————————————-
Stay MOTIVATED! #nikkisangels #nikkisims #godisfirmfoundation

I believe @mountaindog1 teaches that “you should LISTEN to your body”, right? Well when your LOW back is SCREAMING at ya on LEG day, we pulled the workout back and stuck to the basics! ...all machines, no single leg movements, keeping weight challenging but manageable!
Today I needed to LISTEN and not be so BULL-HEADED!!! #canyourelate

We all have our beginnings....the beautiful Cory was IT for me!!! I had EVERY poster, EVERY exercise tape, (all of which I knew by heart) and every book written! A true fitness goddess in my eyes! And looking back, it strikes me funny as I NEVER in a million years thought I could ever achieve any thing even remotely CLOSE to her “shape and look”! Fast forward ahead 30+years and I am so grateful for her influence in my life at such a young age! No regrets!! #corinna”Cory”everson

Certainly nothing new here, but is always FUN to reacquaint yourself with certain machines and/or movements! I have been loving this little gem and it is paying off! Don’t forget the old classics!!! #tricepexplosion

Well Well...peel off some layers and see what ya get!!! #twoyearsago #nikkisangels #preplife

NoSurrender Survival Games is SUPER excited about @markshomemade ice cream truck committing to our venue Aug 11th!!! Can you think of anything better on a HOT August day??? #homemade #icecreamgalore @the.survival.games

Every day just putting in the WORK! One arm low row (hammer strength) pretty much finished this back off today! #lowrow #hammerstrength #tmlb

Looking for a new move to fire up those front delts? Here ya go! Use an underhand grip on the bar for a reverse overhead press.
FYI- After about the 3rd set, my hands were hurting because of the STRAIGHT bar. So for sets 4-5 I set up the cable machine to mimic this movement using a curl bar! Voila! No hand pain, just tremendous front delt discomfort!!! Haha!!! Give it a try!

BTH presses to get those shoulders fired up mid workout! Be careful when you don’t have a back support during this movement! I brace my core like CRAZY! #militarypress

Monday’s are chest days right? Haha well it is for me! Dumbbell presses were on the agenda today!
First video- no problem, felt great
Second video- felt great on the beginning and got heavy in a hurry! Thanks to @jcloud92 who gave me a perfect spot! #nationalchestday

Here ya go, Sandy being vulnerable, that doesn’t happen too often! But hey, try having an emotional day on LEG DAY! Ugh😫😳😕
Want to hear about it?
Three weeks ago, I completed a 1000 rep leg workout and it demolished me! And for some reason, I decided to REPEAT it today! ——————-
Needless to say, half way in, I felt FEARFUL! Why? I don’t know! Fearful..... I may wake up some day and NOT have this DRIVE and competitive SPIRIT within myself! What will I do? I asked myself...How long can I keep working this hard? Why am I working this hard at the age of 53? Why am I completing a 1000rep leg day in an EMPTY gym? And the questions kept coming, and the tears started mixing in with an already sweaty face! ———————
And then in a song I heard...Don’t let your fears destroy you! @nfrealmusic
So I enjoy today! I am thankful for what the Lord has given me! I rejoice in the fact I can do what I love everyday! And I can NOT FEAR tomorrow! I can not WONDER how long I can HOLD ON! ———————
#nofear #getagripsandy

Hit the gym EARLY and have a GREAT weekend!!! LEG DAY anybody? #legday #fridays #flexfriday

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