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2 years ago I was introduced to a program that was a game changer for me with my relationship food. I stopped viewing food as good or bad and realised there are no diets or quick fixes that will give long lasting weight loss or health results but only lifestyle changes that are deprivation free can be sustainable. Any kind of Transformational journey I truely believe is 80% mindset, 20% action. If we change our mindset around the way we view food, exercise and most importantly ourselves we will be well on the way to achieving our goals. The program I offer does everything! Not only are there 100s of delicious whole food recipes so you never get bored, there is a life coach who gives value around shifting mindset, there is a 30 days of gratitude challenge a self love challenge, exercise guides for those who just want to exercise in the comfort of their own homes & there are also holiday recipe books for Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Easter so you don’t have to miss out on your old favourites! They’ve just been cleaned up a bit!
If long term results are what you crave and you are tired of diets, quick fixes and fads that leave you feeling hungry and depressed! I can help 😍

Day 61/80
People ask if I always like to work out. Truthfully, the answer is NO. Some days I'm so freakin' tired of waking up in the morning when the alarm goes off that I wish I could throw it against the wall and go back to sleep. However, I won't. I know myself, and if I don't get up when I'm supposed to, that workout will never happen "later". The hours ahead will start consuming my day, and I'll make every excuse for not having the time.
Since we're headed to Disney for spring break, we doubled up on our workouts today not knowing what will happen while we're away (ie. time constraints, being too tired). The double workouts will happen tomorrow too. We are SOOO close to the end, that we're trying not to fall too far behind on the program. Sometimes you just have to make the sacrifice and do what you gotta do to GET IT DONE.
Extra workouts = EXTRA FOOD
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Where r my dads at? From Dad Bod to Bad Bod 🔥Our next group starts soon: 👉 Private Group Support 👉 Personalized coaching 👉 Accountability
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What will you do today
to make someone else life
a little bit better? 😃🙏

I’m still on it! Struggling a bit. My head hurts and I’m probably having more coffee as I should. 😬 but I’m doing it and next week is already week 4 😱breakfast after workout: omellet stuffed with chicken mince bolognese, avocado and rocket salad, chia coconut pudding with strawberries and green apple with almond butter. Didn’t need any food till 3 pm.
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Every time I see transformation photos people post in the test group - I am incredibly encouraged and amazed!

Encouraged because I know that this program can help a lot of people to develop a healthy relationship with food, lose weight, get stronger, and become a confident person!

Amazed, because I see where people start and how they progress and in every single case, all it takes to get such results is committment! You don't need to be strong or fit to do it, you just need to set your mindset right!

Look at these transformations! Aren't they incredible?? We only have 3 weeks to go and this last phase - is a shredding phase, I can't wait to see what results we will get then!! :D
If you want to try these workouts yourself, join me in my free group called "A Little Obsessed". We start Monday, March 26th!
I will give you:
💪 Workout access (and you’ll be able to check out other programs too for up to 14 days!)
👨‍🍳 A meal plan that practices and teaches you timed nutrition
📖 Meal prepping resources
🌸 Accountability community within the awesome tracker app I use in my monthly groups
💕 Fun giveaways and challenges throughout
So does it sound like just the thing to help you see if 80 Day Obsession program could be for you?! Great! Then join me!
Leave a comment below or send me a message to get yourself into this group and try out this program. 😃

Total Body Core (shown just a part of it) 😃
Works all of your body from head to toes, literally! 💪

Cherry deliciousness! 🍒

Today’s @cleantreats_ja lunch hit all the spots #sweetandsavory. Loaded veggies (spinach, kale, arugula, red pinions, red peppers, olives, jalapeños, sweet corn, purple cabbage) topped with raspberry cinnamon fish and house blend citrus raspberry beetroot dressing. 😋😋😋🙌🏾🙌🏾👌🏾 .
#MealPrep #NewFastFood #EatClean #HealthyDelicious #NoStarvation #NoDeprivation #CountNutrition #NoEmptyCalories#FoodMatters

Today’s @cleantreats_ja lunch hit all the spots #sweetandsavory. Loaded veggies (spinach, kale, arugula, red pinions, red peppers, olives, jalapeños, sweet corn, purple cabbage) topped with raspberry cinnamon fish and house blend citrus raspberry beetroot dressing. 😋😋😋🙌🏾🙌🏾👌🏾 .
#MealPrep #NewFastFood #EatClean #HealthyDelicious #NoStarvation #NoDeprivation #CountNutrition #NoEmptyCalories#FoodMatters

In life it is all about your mindset and attitude you have. Change your attitude and you will see that the world around you changes, too!

Refeed day was great but I'm ready for my usual breakfast/pre-workout. #fixate banana oat pancakes w/pb and raspberries, 2 eggs over sauteed greens. #nostarvation #notadietalifestyle

Evening snack.
Pomegranate is a very underrated superfood. Best way is to have the seeds. Juices are a no no for me any day !
#snackigideas #eathealthy #nostarvation #weightlossjourney

Are you happy with who you are?
If not, take charge of your life! 🙌

We can all remain silent on what’s taking place in Ethiopia but those who lost their lives by standing up for what is right have not died in vain 💔
Oppression isn’t pleasant and just because you are not amongst those who are suffering it doesn’t mean you can’t stand with them 💚💛❤️ {PS I really don’t care how controversial this video or this group is so don’t comment with nonsense because I will pay NO MIND}

This video speaks volumes to me , it is by the youth of Qero (Oromo region) here are the words :

Ye Amara dem , demachin new
Ye Somali dem, demachin new
Ye Debob dem, demachin new
Ye Afar dem, demachin new
Igna Qero
Ashebari aydelenim

Igna Qero, Ethiopia le maqwaqwam new inji, Ethiopia lemegentel aydelem ✊🏾🇪🇹✊🏾🇪🇹✊🏾🇪🇹✊🏾🇪🇹✊🏾 The blood of the Amahara is our blood
The blood of the Somali is our blood
The blood of the Southern peoples is our blood
The blood of the Afar is our blood

Us Oromo
Us Qero
We are not terrorists
Us Qero, we want to establish/ support Ethiopia and not separate/ divide it.
#ethiopia #love #dividedwefall #africaunite #peace #nowar #nofamine #nostarvation #nohunger

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