I don’t know if Lindsey Vonn is back training for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics yet but Lindsey Baughn is coming for you. 😹🤟🏼#nosleeptill2022 #beijing2022 #eatsleepskirepeat #protein @lindseyvonn @beijing2022

Dr. Jake Taylor, MD, MPH! A committed man who has been working hard towards his #dream of helping others! "Over 10 years in the making!" "#NoSleepTill2022!" Ladies and gentleman, look to people like Dr. Taylor for #inspiration ! @doctor.jake is the epitome of #perseverance ! You're one step closer, sir! #health #doctor #nurse #passion #helpingothers

Dr. Taylor here, how can I help 👨🏼‍⚕️?! Over 10 years in the making, it was very surreal completing my first shift with #doctor in front of my name. And it was exactly how I drew it out, taking care of some of the most vulnerable patients, completing procedures on my own, and working with senior physicians to care for patients in the surgical ICU. After all the feelings of inadequacy and fear of knowing little, my only thought as I leave the hospital is - Holy Cow did I just learn a ton! Excited to be starting this new chapter 💉, wishing all the other interns the best as we embark on the wildest portion of our lives! #Resident #OnCall #NoSleepTill2022

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