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My crazy kids....trying not to get sick and catch a cold before they leave for Iceland next week 😂😂#masks#nosickness#crazy#funtimes#memories

Sometimes you have to share a coke with yourself. #kyle #coke #selfish #nosickness #keepittoyourself

Everyone's posting about being sick, and we're over here taking double scoops of greens!!! #aintnobodygottimeforthat #NoSickness #GiveMeAllTheGreens #AlkalineBody

Make your own and save money!!! They charge too much for alkaline water in the store. #alkalinewater #alkalinebody #noacidic #nosickness

sometimes i feel like giving up, but then i remember i have a lot of cunts to prove wrong 📈 #nosickness #findaway #nolimits

Great workshop today at the Effingham YMCA about gut health and your immune system. Had a great time! Thanks everyone who attended 😄 #healthyliving #guthealth #immunity #foodismedicine #nosickness

Yikes! We went through 6 boxes of tissues and all our hand sanitizer this week! Sickness go away!!! Taking vitamin C and heading to bed early tonight! #teacherlife #nosickness #teacherproblems #teachersfollowteachers

Feel sick but i need to stand up for work hindi ako sanay sa walang ginagawa. Lol.
#standup #nosickness #coldgoaway #HanggatKayaPaMagwork


There's an up side to everything! 😂😂 #rapturetime #nosickness #ilovemykids❤️

I'm telling you guys Just Breathe really does work!! It worked on Layla and could work on you!!! Remember flu and cold season is upon us:( this weather doesn't help!!!
#sickness #beingsicksucks #scentsy #flu #cold #coldseason #nosickness #scentsyconsultant #scentsygirlssmellthebest

Everyone around me has some sort of illness so I am loading up on tea and honey and all the natural remedies. Sickness stay away!! #ihavesomeleaves #ha #nosickness #ugh

I woke up not feeling the best today 😒 Keep clearing my throat, hurts to swallow, all the wonderful things 🤧
So I want to put a stop to it before it gets any worse! And I pull out my big guns. I'm diffusing thieves to boost my immune system and keep me healthy, and I'll also rub a drop or 2 on my throat to help soothe. Gotta kick it to the curb quickly! 👊🏻 #aintgottimeforsickness #allthethieves #boostingmyimmunesystem

Before doing any research, I thought probiotics were just another fad diet thing too. I gotta tell you though, probiotics are the truth. 80% of our immune system is located in our gut. Maintaining an efficient digestive system is crucial to being healthy and staying healthy. High cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, candida, skin problems including eczema, reduced immunity, infections, other autoimmune problems, even food poisoning, and so much more.....can all occur from poor gut flora.
Ok so how do you know if you possibly have a gut flora imbalance? You're most likely included in the "Poor Gut Flora Club" if:
📌a doctor told you (hello, Captain Obvious)
📌you've been on any type of antibiotics in the last two years. Yeahhhh, TWO years. that's how long it can take to restore your gut after one single round.
📌if you have gas or an upset stomach often
📌if you have bad breath often
📌if you take supplements!
Now before you run to the store...
Be careful in selecting your probiotic; most on the store shelves are worthless. There are a few good ones out there... and this is what's working best for my family:
Florify has 10 billion colonies of flora from 7 important bacteria strains. Each strand focuses on something different, so finding the right strands are super important. Florify also has fructooligosaccharides(FOS) as a prebiotic. All bacteria, good and bad, need a food source. The problem is, if there are too many sugars in the digestive system the bad bacteria can outgrow the good. This can lead to any of the problems I mentioned above. FOS is the solution there. They push your probiotics into action.
A probiotic is a super easy way to keep your digestive system in tip-top condition and get more nutrition our of your food and supplements. Our immune systems are stronger than ever! #gettingreadyforwinter #nosickness #healthygut

Starting this Monday by getting back into routine and unpacking from our "hurrication" last week, beginning with these beauties. Jon picked this case up from Home Depot and it was perfect for taking our oils with us - no way were we leaving those behind! We absolutely used them on the road, too, especially for the kids' sleep at night (their familiar bedtime blends)! Of course, I didn't look through them when I hurriedly packed them and have since found about five empty bottles since unpacking. 😂 Oh, a week on the road in several different places and not one trace of sickness or feeling yucky 💪🏻 #essentialoils #YLEO #nosickness #easytocarry #packtheessentials #askmehowIgotseveralforFREE #happyoiler #oilylife #oilykids #oilymama #dontleavehomewithoutthem #homedepot #husbandgenius #storagehack #takealltheoils #andtheextras #youngliving

Preemie Parent Cold/Flu season prep starts early! #VeganGutHealth #NoSickness #FamilyHealth

I am excited to say that I have not been sick in over 2 years. I know that it is because I have been faithful with my It Works! Products.
I was always sick every fu season and would end up at the doctors office getting steroid shots and feeling like crap.
After being on my It Works! Products for the last 2 years, I can say, I feel a lot better and my body is in a lot better shape.
I not only believe in our products, but after witnessing all the great things they help people with I just can't wait to for new people to try them.
I have posted a graphic with a few common ailments and if you have 1 or more of them, I have what can help you.

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