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Menstrual health and hygiene is so important and usually is not properly addressed due to the stigma around menstruation, the whole "shhh don't talk about it" i mean how are people supposed to know about menstrual health and hygiene if no one talks about it, even MY mom,who works in an MNC an educated woman from an urban area, gave me such an awkward talk when i first got my period and had me completely disgusted by the entire concept, and from that moment onwards began a circus of events, whether it was hiding my pads from my brother or tucking it deep in a packet after buying it from the store or standing embarrassed in the line at the store holding the pads, thankfully i had the means of social media where i was actually able to read up about period shaming and over time became well versed with it and i carry my pad packets in my hand while walking home from the store because i don't give a fuck, i even gave my brother a little talk about what it is because he used to be disgusted by the pads lying in the cupboards but unfortunately women in such areas cannot educate themselves to get over this period stigma or actually afford hygienic products or maybe even be aware of such products since availability of pads/tampons is not exactly on the to do list of the government (they're still taxed out here in India)

Literally came into this store and started taking pictures here and there πŸ˜‚ #vain #noshame

It's sundress weather again in PA πŸ˜β˜€οΈπŸ‘— I realize I just posted a workout selfie very similar to this earlier today πŸ€” but I only have access to these amazing selfie mirrors in my apartment for like three more weeks so #noshame πŸ’πŸΌπŸ€³πŸ»πŸ™ˆ 80 degrees out today, can't wait for some sun and drinks for happy hour in Philly later 😎

Behind the scenes of my recent anti body shaming shoot! So nervous about doing it but glad I did! Images owed by @caroline_l_watt #postpartumbody #noshame #antibodyshaming #baby #untouched

When you're trying to be extra with the puppy filter but you just end up looking extra basic πŸΆπŸ™ˆ
#NoShame #HappyThursday


Onto the next adventure! 🏜

And yah, I take selfies with video games. #noshame

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the lightπŸ€ - Buddha #quoteoftheday #snapchatfun #selfie #noshame

The traditional "Hairies By Clairies" post βœŒπŸ»β˜€οΈ#TooCoolForSchool #AllllNatURAL #Myfriend> #NoShame

Yep. πŸ“¦πŸ·#noshame #boxedwine #stayclassy


UPS literally just dropped this off while I'm washing me car. 🀣

I was too chicken to play the first one myself and ended up watching Let's Plays on YouTube so I know what happens. #noshame I'll get around to playing Outlast II once I'm done with Persona 5! Yeah I'm still 80+ hours in... πŸ˜–

PS Thanks Australia for being a whiny ass about what ADULTS can play.
#Outlast #OutlastII #OutlastTrinity #OutlastWhisleblower #Whistleblower #PlayStation4 #PS4 #Sony #RedBarrels #WB #horrorgame #horror #scary #spoopy

You can take the boy outta Pennsylvania but it doesn't change him. First time back home since December and mandatory first stop was for my ghetto non labeled Curry Donut coffee ❀️ home is where the coffee is β˜•οΈπŸ‘πŸ» #pennsylvania #pennsyltucky #currydonuts #coffee #thebest #noshame

When you get your hair did by yours truly and make it and pink. Because why not! Thank you @100procentjacq for the 'dye'. I really wanted a West Side Story inspired outfit. I sort of nailed it, if I may say so! And the .. no gains needed. It's just there! πŸ’πŸ» #sorrynotsorry #day35

We don't have to succumb to overload. We can repurpose and rethink the categories and challenge the accepted norms. β €
-β €
Truth is, overload doesn't just happen to us, it's birthed and developed from assumptions, tyranny of all-things-urgent, insatiability around us in our culture and insatiability in our false self (the old self).β €
-β €
Also, we have a tendency to pursue something before we've given our character time to adequately develop discernment and wisdom. β €
-β €
When boundaries are absent and our good desires and good intentions outgrow our character, we easily get lured away... drive develops into overdrive, excellence develops into perfectionism, information develops into information overload, and activity develops into a frenzy grind. β €
-β €
The many default mindsets of the false self are unrelenting, which is why the renewal of the mind is essential. But transformation is moment by moment. β €
-β € There's no shame in drive, but overdrive will shame you every time. β €
-β €
There's no shame in excellence, but perfectionism will incessantly exploit you. β €
-β €
There's no shame in information, but information overload will instigate a merciless cycle of feeling overwhelmed, stupid and disqualified.β €
-β €
There's no shame in activity or even being busy, but frenzy and grind will keep you in a hurry and will never allow you to deserve enough pause and rest, before hurling you into the next To-Do. β €
-β €
The good news and hope for us all is that Jesus has already fully factored in all of these shadowy places and more. His love shepherds our wrestling and our true self, the new self, into unencumbered truth. There's no scoreboard. β €
-β €
As a matter of fact, where the wrestle is the most intense is the most unlikely place for us to harness our mess and become a redemptive messenger to the world. β €
-β €
Just show up for the transformation within the confines of weaknesses/limitations/imperfections. God delights to remove our overload and repurpose our shortcomings into assets and gateways for His glory and abundance in the depths of our soul. β €
#soulcare #overload #transformation #noshameβ €
β €

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