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Just thought you guys should know what I really look like without all the makeup, filters and edits 😅#justbeingreal #noshame #straightouttabedfeels

I’ll never inspire anyone with perfection, and I’ll never claim it.
My ‘flaws’ are perfect for the man that loves me.
My ‘imperfections’ are my bodies written story.
I have loose skin that represents the fucking amazing things I am capable of accomplishing when I put my mind to it.
I have stretch marks to remind me if I ever feel without purpose, it was this body that created the sweetest, most beautiful human life.
There are people in this world who find my imperfections especially insulting 🙄 I would say it’s unfortunate, but really it’s just none of my business 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m a firm believer that the harsh things you speak to others are a direct reflection of your own insecurities.
Love yourself now. Exactly as you are. You know that unconditional love you give to your children or spouse or family? YOU DESERVE THAT. And I don’t mean you deserve that from anyone else. I mean you owe yourself that shit.
You deserve grace. You deserve forgiveness and endless chances to start over and be better. You are uniquely and intricately made by perfect design, embrace it all ❤️

PUT DOWN THE INJECTABLES and DBL down on your #lunges #squats and #deadlifts
@barrysbootcamp Tuesday is your favorite day!!! #bootyfordays w/ me at
12/6:40 #miamibeach! I’m passing out backsides like #oprah passes out vacation getaways!
@danielrosenthalnyc 📸
#fitfam #peach #preach #miami

We'll finally made it to the gym tonight so that's something to brag about on social media 😂 (I try to go every day but usually it ends up being 2/7 LOL) now having a little spa night in the sauna cause that's how I reward myself for going 😉💆🏽✨ #noshame

Really awkward to take a selfie with the whole beach watching but #noshame

A lot of my clients ask what I personally do for my skin to slow down the ageing process. I wanted to post this to show people that there is no need to be afraid or ashamed of cosmetic medicine, and when things are done properly you will not look fake or over done. I am a firm believer that prevention is 🔑 It's never too early to start taking care of your skin 💕 So here goes....sorry about the novel.
1️⃣First and foremost, let's state the obvious....lip filler is a girls best friend 😆 💋
2️⃣I stopped tanning- and I limit my sun exposure. In fact a few months after the first photo was taken, I was diagnosed with my first basal cell carcinoma(skin cancer) I obviously learned a big lesson, and realized just how bad the sun(and tanning beds🤦🏼‍♀️)are not only for depleting collagen in the skin and ageing you faster, but also for your health! Spray tans only now! 👙
3️⃣ #Botox 💉 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Regular injections to my frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet
4️⃣ #juvederm to my cheeks, not necessarily for an augmentation, more so to restore the loss of volume that naturally occurs over time.
5️⃣ #BroadBandLight (IPL) twice a year to my full face and chest to minimize sundamage and redness and improve the overall quality of the skin.
6️⃣&7️⃣&8️⃣- I alternate between #Chemicalspeels, #Microneedling and #Silkpeel at least once every 2 months. This keeps my skin exfoliated, bright and smooth and keeps the cells turning over quickly.
9️⃣ #Microblading to add fullness and give structure to my eyebrows 👀 Thanks @highbrowlife. 🔟Last but certainly not least- Pharmaceutical grade skin care and makeup 💄 I specifically use @vivierskincare And @gloskinbeauty
So there are some of my secrets! #noshame #ittakesavillage


I wrote more about the very important #metoo theme on my blog focusing on the shame perspective. Pupulandia.fi 👉🏻 #noshame

Fast Times in the 80s. Are you signed up for my 80s theme ride Saturday morning at 930? #noshame

Turned the heat on. #iwascold #noshame #iamawhimp

Starting the morning off right.. #batman #noshame #goodmorning


I will no longer repent for things that others believe I have done. I will place it on their backs every so gently and continue with my journey. It's time my load becomes lighter. #thejourney #maryoliver #poems #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #mentalillness #poetry #instainspiration #inspirationalpoems #inspiration #poets #instapoem #noshame #bekind

Day 2 Level 2 lunch break at Panera Bread. This is my fav meal there: 1/2 Napa chicken salad sandwich and my guilty pleasure lol cheese pastry with strawberry and Passion papaya green tea #panerabread #lunch #guiltypleasure #noshame

"To my big girls, if you've ever felt bad about your body, Sir Mix-a-lot has never released a song called "Baby got hip bones"" 👌🏼😂😋😁💋🤗👸 Hi Boo,
I ain't sharing my bum with anyone else. It's yours to keep. 😅😋😉 🍑Bootyful!
#pickaboo #booty #🍑
#loveyourbody #squats #shakeyourbooty #be #happy #love #life #befit #noshame #porky #themthighs ! Lol #tribefit #dubai #ilovedubai #mydubai #whatever #ass #bum #shutup 😂

As the days get shorter, as the leaves fall, as the nip gets sharper in the air, I sink beneath the bubbling mud of life.
Therefore, therapy light. Every morning.
Because I'm a fighter, a warrior. There may be days I lose the battle but I'm not going to lose the war. #SAD #therapylight #seasonalaffectivedisorder #nostigma #noshame

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