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Angeblich sollen diese Nosestrips Wunder bewirken 😁 Jetzt seh ich aus wie son SuperSadomasoSnickers 😂

#Nosestrips #YouTubedeutschland

Von #Balea gibt es neue #Nosestrips mit #Aktivkohle für #Mischhaut👍🦄

Ich habe die @dm_balea #nosestrips getestet. Was soll ich sagen, es war die Hölle auf Erden. Das einzige was sie gemacht haben war mir die Härchen mit der Wurzel raus zu ziehen. Keine kaufempfempfehlung!

CK Wake Up Call - Day #4 - Bedtime Routine

Here's what I do at night before bed to get motivated to wake up excited in the morning. What else do you do the night before to help you get up? Below is my bedtime routine. Remember - your tomorrow starts tonight. If you want to win the day, prepare the night before. And the more prepared you are for sleep, by doing the same routine every night, the more prepared your mind and body are to "shut off" and get purposeful sleep!

I'm giving away 5 copies of The Miracle Morning to the first five people that comment today...whether you want one or not! 🤠 #miraclemorning
My bedtime routine:

1. Intend to be consistent with sleep time
2. Cool shower
3. Glass of water
4. #nosestrip
5. Write out my work to dos and work notes in my portfolio
6. Write in my journal - gratitude for the day, recap of day, lessons learned. Anything I can go back to later and benefit from. And my schedule for the next morning along with Tracking section for SAVERS/4:00/D. Morning routine/wake up time/Did i drink today
7. Write down any thoughts I have so I can worry about them in the morning and sleep soundly knowing they're there for me in the morning. Worrying at night is so incredibly counter productive.
8. Read my bedtime affirmations
9. Read my book. Usually a book I'm reading for pleasure. I have three books on the go at all times. Morning is for technical/learning/business books. Night is bios, science, or self improvement. Stuff I enjoy reading. And then I have a audio book usually going in the car.
10. When I lay my head down, it's less than a minute and I'm out cold. No joke.
My morning today:

4:00am Wake up - no kick today!
4:15 do this video.
4:45 Work Out
5:00 Meditate
5:15 Get ready
5:45 Leave for 9:00 meeting with Lisa
6:00 Listen to audio book together during drive
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Old times with these old bitches #nosestrips

Taking the blackheads off my nose like me taking out the haterz in my life. Jk I don't have haters. Or friends for that matter hehe ex dee

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Need a deep clean after the weekend? Our Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips are here to help! They're formulated with tea tree oil, witch hazel, and menthol, they lock onto deep-down dirt and oil that can cause blackheads.

Time to relax, pamper night💆🏻🌙
I can't wait to let you know my thoughts on these Primark nose strips✨
Review of @quickfixfacials face masks on my blog, link in bio!

@biore your #nosestrips fucked my nose up. I have a horrible chemical burn I've spent 2 weeks healing from. I try calling the # on the box and nobody seems to want to help me. Make up can't even conceal this shit. And it hurts SO BAD!!! 😵😭😭

I received a box of Stuffy Nose Strips from @stuffynosestrips free for testing, and welcomed it with open arms. I have constant sinus problems, and increased airflow is something I really do need.
When I first opened one, it reminded me of a band-aid. However, these strips are very stretchy. They are also bigger than I expected, and go from my nose to about 2/3 width of my cheek. I apply the strips starting beside my nose, then gently stretch towards my ear and stick to my cheeks. They provide with only a gentle pull, and feel very comfortable. I wore them for a full day for testing, and almost didn't feel that I'm wearing them. Same when worn during the night - I fell asleep easily and the strips didn't seem to bug me. They only do look a big unsightly, so I wouldn't wear them out. .
These nose strips are better than the usual brand I'm using, especially during a cold. Whenever I get sick my nose gets very raw, because I cannot stand any moisture on my nose and keep wiping it. The strips I am usually using go on the nose, and sometimes pull on the already damaged skin. These nose strips go on the cheeks, so they don't touch the nose at all. .
The downside is that the Stuffy Nose Strips provide only some additional airflow, less than the other brand. I still didn't try them during a cold, so not sure how much would they help, but I like increased airflow they provide, especially with my constant sinus pressure. These strips are easy to remove, they don't hurt or pull on skin, and they leave no residue, unlike the other brand.
You can purchase these strips, as well as their other versions from the website: www.stuffynosestrips.com There are various versions: Original, Kids, Yoga and Performance, and a box with 30 strips retails for 11.99-12.99 USD (order goes through Amazon.com). You can use 1 or two strips at a time.
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Kleiner #rossmannhaul von heute ❤❤ Jemand schon Erfahrung mit einem der Produkte?
#hipp #feuchttücher für Mini und auch für mich denn man kann sich super damit abschminken:)
#carefree einfach weil ich sie immer kaufe :)
#milupa #milumil #pre denn Mini brauch es noch zum einschlafen:)
#elvital #loreal #ölmagique zum testen:)
#tasse zum Geburtstag einer Freundin:)
#enerbio #kokosöl gegen die lästigen mücken denn morgen geht's zum strandfest:)
#doppelherz #cranberry und Kürbis für die Gesundheit meiner blase .
#isanayoung #nosestrips mit #aktivkohle. Mal testen:)
#kiss #wimpern weil ich sie auch als Brillenträger tragen kann:)
#kiss #wimpernkleber 😊❤ #rossmann #haul #instaphoto #instapicture #instapic #picoftheday #photooftheday #cosmeticlover #kosmetik

Zrobienie tego zdjecia bylo wyzwaniem, Bo wiatr probowal mi porwac saszetki, ale udalo sie 😅
Maseczka do twarzy Bielenda ogorek I limonka. Pierwszy krok to maseczka oczyszczajaca o bardzo swiezym zapachu. Moje wrazliwe oczy na poczatku troche szczypaly, ale szybko przestaly I wszystko bylo ok. Pierwsze wrazenie po tym kroku to ladnie oczyszczona, rozswietlona cera. Krok drugi to maseczka intensywnie nawilzajaca. Jest jej bardzo duzo, wiec wsmarowalam ja tez w szyje I dekolt. Miala srednio przyjemny zapach niestety, ale po chwili sie ulotnil. Maseczka wchlonela sie dosc szybko, ale czy rzeczywiscie jest intensywnie nawilzajaca to nie wiem, nie sadze 😉 mimo wszystko jestem na tak 😊 lubie maseczki, ktore pozostawia sie na twarzy (w moim przypadku na cala Noc). Kupilam ja w Kauflandzie, ceny nie pamietam 😔
Plasterki weglowe na nos 7th heaven. W opakowaniu sa 3 sztuki, kazdy osobno zapakowany w bardzo ladna saszetke 😄 plasterki sa dosc spore, a moj nos stosunkowo maly, wiec mialam je przy okazji przyklejone do policzkow 😅 dzialanie normalne, bez szalu, ale po parowce wyciagaja z porow dosc duzo zanieczyszczen. U mnie sprawdzily sie lepiej niz plasterki Dermo Pharma. Dostepne sa w Hebe za ok 8 zl. Jestem na tak, ale szukam czegos lepszego 😊

No wlasnie, mozecie polecic mi jakies dobre plasterki? Niestety mam duzo wagrow na nosie 😣

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...try something new...😱
Nose Strips Aktiv Kohle...für die Nase...mit Powerformel...effektiv
gegen Pickel & Mitesser
Na mal schauen ob das auch so funktioniert 🤗😜
@mein_rossmann @isanayoung
#nosestrips #aktivkohle #isana

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