You honestly don't realize how many people do coke until you start selling it to pay for ur college tuition. SMH. You'll have a variety of ppl hitting u up, like the usual young party ppl who wanna stay up all weekend, the addicts who spend their whole check, but then there's also church goers, coaches, clerical workers, teachers, managers, business owners, lawyers, nurses, car salespeople, ur neighbor, bank tellers, counselors, tech ppl, like bruh the list is endless... D.A.R.E. had me thinking it was just druggies or bad ppl who do blow but nah homie. It's EVERYONE! If it one of those people who say "oh I've never done it" shhhh it's ok I won't tell🤐

P.s. I do not, or have ever, sold drugs of any kind... I don't even know what drugs are🤔

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Look what you did. You lot took so much effing cocaine you went and got all the eels high. NICE ONE.
So even though National Geographic has decided it is Nu-Buzzfeed and is getting it's clickbait on, and there's obvs a difference between "traces of cocaine in the water" and "all eels keep asking for numbers and telling boring stories to each other at 4am" there's a serious message here; why do people take cocaine?
Have you ever woken up and thought "last night was great! Really glad I bought all that gak! Really would have struggled to smoke all 47 of those cigarettes and drink all those shots I didn't want otherwise". No? Thought not.
In the bar trade "house white" is used as a £70, 11pm alcohol reset button. People get too smashed, worry they'll miss the rest of the party and instead of maybe having a glass of water, start conspiratorially whispering to each other about calling "the guy". A call is placed, and the least wasted one gets to go sit in a blacked out BMW and share awks chat and ill-advised fist bumps with some go getter; "Safe dude, peace" you hear yourself say, never feeling more middle class 🤜🤛 :
You now will spend the rest of the night constantly worrying which one of you has the bag, while you all sit around someone's flat talking shit, playing the same 5 songs on Spotify and not listening to each other. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! For the LOW LOW PRICE of £70 you also get a massive comedown, along with crippling shame and creeping paranoia about what a twat you made of yourself! DON'T DELAY, CALL TODAY! 📞
Cocaine is pretty much lol free in its execution; it doesn't make giggly, or euphoric, or see music, or hear colours, or make you and that girl want to touch each other's faces. At least if you smoke 🌲🌲 or dab mandy you kinda get a buzz, gak makes you anxious, arrogant, shit at sex and determined to tell WoT lies about that time you had a threesome. Course you did.
So to save the poor eels we recommend a different "house white" - Aldi Exquisite 2017 riesling. It's delicious, so much so we've had 2 bottles already. Actually we're quite pissed. In fact, balls to the eels, shall we make a call?
#gak #nosebeers #housewhite #waronterroir

Tag your girl if she does this 😑




Happy Father’s Day boys! And a special shout out the man @kellyslater himself, sorry buddy, I’ve been informed that I was the #goat long before you and #thehoff we’re slanging game at #pamelaanderson! Wishing all the love to the fathers out there, stay away from the #nosebeers and just crack a few collies for the dads out there or the ones far far away! Cheers! 🍻 ps thanks boogs @savggs I love you and your mother @jkg_11 more than you’ll ever know.

Kai Moody, The Cage - MAY, 2018. #cbrbmx #ausbmx #brendanboeckphotography #cultcrew #nosebeers

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White nosed coati, just finished a crab meal #coati #rainforest #costarica #neusbeer #nosebeers #whitenose #reallife

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One of these things is not like the others... Dammit @cnfuegos @jhulud and I told you to wear camo #behemoth #anthrax #log #testament #slayer #metal #kvltaf #nosebeers #belieber #yup

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